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I got the shakes

January 2nd 2010 3:23 pm
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Oh, Zoe says to tell you I got *some* shake. Don't let the diary title scare you.
The human sister needed to go to town and she brought back sacks of food and a cup holder with four cups. Zoe told me to pay attention to those cups. I had no idea what was going on but I obey Zoe. She is very bossy.
After the family ate the food that came out of those sacks Mom sat on the couch with her cup. Zoe told me to sit at Mom's feet and look cute. We waited, being cute.
I finally found out why we were waiting, being cute. Mom scooped a little bit of the shake and gave it to Zoe on a plastic spoon. The shake was on the spoon not Zoe. Then Mom scraped a little more of the shake and gave me the spoon. She did the same for Drover. We each got several little licks from the spoon. That shake stuff is super nom! Then something sad happened. Mom said the shake was all gone. She set the cup on the table. I figured I would still work the cute angle. I put my head on her knees and tilted my head to one side. She laughed. I tilted my head to the other side. She laughed again.
I didn't get anymore shake. I turned off the cute.
I hope I can get the shakes again someday!


The little dogs are home

December 31st 2009 2:15 pm
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Yippee! They are home! They have very short hair and Zoe has no ear hair.
They do smell funny! For some reason I am real interested in Drover's smell. We even got to playing with each other for a little while. That is something we just don't do.
But they are tired out now and want to nap. That is a good idea since I got to play with the Chuck-It for awhile with Mom while the Schnauzers were gone. I am resting by the warm woodstove.
Happy New Year to all of my wonderful pals!


Very quiet here

December 31st 2009 10:35 am
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Mom and Dad took the two Schnauzers out the door without me and Cindy. Mom and Dad came back home without the two Schnauzers.
It is very quiet here now. And, I don't mean to complain, it's boring.
The little Zoe dog keeps up the alert from the back of the couch. She barks, Cindy starts barking, we all head to the backdoor and go flying out to check things out.
Without Zoe, it is very quiet.
I hope they come back soon. I miss them.



December 22nd 2009 6:15 am
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Good news! Mom Did come and get me from the vet clinic yesterday! I will get to spend Christmas with my family! Thanks for the encouraging words you sent. I am just not very self confident and was kinda worried when we took that ride and Mom left me.
Anywho, I am a walking mystery! Let me tell you what I can.
The vet tech lady brought me out into the waiting area and there was Mom! I was happy to see her. Let's get outa here now! But I had to sit and wait while the vet talked to Mom.
He explained what he would have done to remove my bump. He would go in and kinda scoop it out. They shaved an area on my hip and found an old scar where I had work done before! And while he was scooping the bump out, he ran into something already in there! Without taking a "scope" he had to guess at what it was. He thinks I have a pin in my hip. I am not barking about what might have happened. If I ever have any trouble with my leg we will talk to the vet about it.
So we came home. I rode in the passenger side floor of the truck so I could be close to Mom. I got out of the truck when we pulled into the garage. I couldn't make it any farther than the fence. I had to go! And I went and went and went! Then I came into the yard. Luckily Drover was inside the house or he probably would've been mad at me. He was mad at me when I came into the house. I don't know what I do that gets him so mad.
In a little while we all went outside. I wanted to play fetch but Mom didn't want me to run! Later, I started getting stiff and it was hurty.
I have some little pink pills to ward off infection and Mom has given me some pain killer. It was a rough night because I sure wanted to lick my stitches. They sprayed on some yucky bitter stuff and Mom is probably going to get me a special collar today.
Mom is thinking the only way to find out about my mysterious previous "work" is to contact the shelter people and find out if they have my previous owner's name and phone number. She will probably do that after Christmas.
For now, we will live with my mystery!


I am at the vet

December 21st 2009 12:10 pm
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Through the mystery of wireless internet I am writing to you from the vet clinic.
Remember my bump that I got checked out last week? I am having it removed today.
I didn't get any breakfast this morning. Mom tightened my collar. Brother, Mom and I went out the door and out the gate. Our garage is a scary place so I didn't want to go in there. Mom went in and was calling me. I went around the front of the house and around to the other gate. I could see Mom by the garage. She was calling me. Then I heard her calling me and I came around the front. By then she was able to put the leash on me. My collar wasn't tight enough. I slipped out of it. We went into our yard. Mom tightened my collar more. Just enough so my eyes wouldn't bug out. Collar on, check. Leash on, check. Out the gate into the garage. I didn't want to get into the truck so Mom lifted me in. Off we went. I rode real well. I even went into the vet clinic without digging my claws into the sidewalk. I waited awhile while Mom filled out some paperwork. Then we visited with a big kitty cat in a cage. He was a stray cat and now he needs a good home. He was a very friendly cat.
Then the worker lady took my leash and I was forced into another room. Mom left. Very scary.
I will report more later. I hope Mom remembers to come and get me. I would like to spend Christmas with my family.


I'm a Deputy

December 21st 2009 6:04 am
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Mom just took an online behavior test for me. I'm a deputy.
This fits me pretty well!

Your Canine Behavior Type Index is
OGH - Deputy

Your dog is an Organized, Gamma and High Activity type which we call the Deputy. The Deputy is a submissive, mouldable, balanced character. It happily does the leader's bidding, is easily led and controlled but prefers an orderly environment. The Deputy conforms to its leader's wishes most readily. Deputies are easy to train, willing to conform socially and team spirited. They are everybody's friend.

Your pawrent can take the test for you too.




December 20th 2009 8:18 pm
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I messed up. Right before Christmas. Now Santa Paws will probably take back my Chuck-It.
We had been playing outside. Everything was good. Then it was time to come in. I guess I should have remembered to go outside.
A little while after being inside, I hiked my leg on the corner of our toy basket. Mom saw the whole thing. Mom told me to stop, I was a bad boy. I was rushed out the door.
I had to stay outside for awhile while Mom cleaned up the pee.

Why did I do that? I hope I don't loose my Chuck-It privileges.


I went to the vet

December 17th 2009 11:36 am
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I'm ok!
But I think I have mentioned that I have a bump thing on my left hip. The lady house call vet has looked at it. Told Mom to watch it. Mom has been watching it. She kinda thought it might be a little bigger. Mom is beginning to question some of the info from the house call vet so we went to a clinic in town. I rode fine in the back seat of the truck even though I didn't "load up". I went into the vet clinic ok. I shivered while we waited. They weighed me, I am 41 pounds. Didn't like getting in that corral thing, Mom had to shove me. Mom lifted me onto the exam table. They poked something in my rear. Mom told the lady when I had been neutered and had my shots.
The vet came in and squeezed my bump. He told my Mom it was some big long hema something or other. He didn't know what might have caused it but they could sure take it off. They could have it tested for anything bad. While the vet was sitting on his little stool talking to Mom, I tooted. It was a very potent toot. The vet moved away from my rear end.
So anywho, I go back to the vet on Monday. No breakfast! But I will be able to come home Monday afternoon.
I was in a hurry to get out of the clinic. I kinda got tangled around the porch stuff and I still didn't want to "load up" like Mom wanted me to. She had to stuff me in the truck again. I tooted again on the ride home.
Drover got really mad at me when I came into the yard. But I am safe and sound now.
I will let you know if I survive my next vet visit.


Chuck-It Again!

December 16th 2009 5:42 am
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I got to play with the Chuck-It again! This has got to be the greatest toy invented for a BO dog like me. If you have the space, I really recommend a Chuck-It.
Mom and I went out to our pasture place again. I quickly learned about the Chuck-It and headed to the yard gate when Mom had the Chuck-It in her hand. I raced around the garage and even found some kitty poop on the snow. Mom told me drop it though. Oh well, on to play!
We had just walked though the gate and Mom, well, chucked-it! bol
Then we went around the barn so that Drover couldn't see us so well. He barks up a storm when Mom and I are out there. Mom was having problems getting the tennis ball to fly very far. She wasn't getting the arm action needed. Then Brother came out to give it a try. I will tell you what, if you can get a teen-age boy to chuck-it, you have got it made! The ball was going farther, further, farther, whatever, than ever! Mom and Brother kept backing up so that the ball wouldn't go to the road it was going that far.
That was so much fun! Over and over he would let that Chuck-It do it's thing. I was running like the wind! Mom noticed my back legs were quivering like jelly. She didn't want me to overdo so we had a couple of more turns and then we came in. I got to carry the ball in my mouth until we got to the side of the garage.
Remember how Drover barks at us? Well, for some reason he gets very upset with me. He comes after me! He doesn't bite but he sure sounds tough. He is a Terrorier after all. Mom doesn't know what to do about Drover. She just tries to keep him off of me. I got myself wedged between Mom's legs for awhile so she could protect me from him.
Hmm, maybe Drover would like to play with a Chuck-It ball too. Mom has two arms. She could Chuck-It for me and Chuck-It for Drover. Hmm. Let me think on this. I may suggest it to Mom.


Chuck It!

December 13th 2009 4:10 pm
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Life if good! I got an early Christmas present today. This is a perfect toy for a BO (ball obsessed) dog like me.
Chuck-It is a toy that will lob a tennis ball for, well, a lot farther than Mom can usually throw. We went out into our rocky pasture place. Mom chucked the tennis ball with the Chuck-It and off I went to retrieve! Over and over and over. I didn't want to stop! But Mom calls the shots and she said we could go out tomorrow and play again. See, we can't even play with the Chuck-It in our yard because of how far the ball flys!
I highly recommend your pawrents check out the Chuck-It if you are a BO dog like me! It would make a perfect Christmas gift!

I forgot to mention that your person doesn't have to handle the slimy tennis ball. The Chuck-It picks up the ball and you are ready to go again!

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