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Chuck-It Again!

December 16th 2009 5:42 am
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I got to play with the Chuck-It again! This has got to be the greatest toy invented for a BO dog like me. If you have the space, I really recommend a Chuck-It.
Mom and I went out to our pasture place again. I quickly learned about the Chuck-It and headed to the yard gate when Mom had the Chuck-It in her hand. I raced around the garage and even found some kitty poop on the snow. Mom told me drop it though. Oh well, on to play!
We had just walked though the gate and Mom, well, chucked-it! bol
Then we went around the barn so that Drover couldn't see us so well. He barks up a storm when Mom and I are out there. Mom was having problems getting the tennis ball to fly very far. She wasn't getting the arm action needed. Then Brother came out to give it a try. I will tell you what, if you can get a teen-age boy to chuck-it, you have got it made! The ball was going farther, further, farther, whatever, than ever! Mom and Brother kept backing up so that the ball wouldn't go to the road it was going that far.
That was so much fun! Over and over he would let that Chuck-It do it's thing. I was running like the wind! Mom noticed my back legs were quivering like jelly. She didn't want me to overdo so we had a couple of more turns and then we came in. I got to carry the ball in my mouth until we got to the side of the garage.
Remember how Drover barks at us? Well, for some reason he gets very upset with me. He comes after me! He doesn't bite but he sure sounds tough. He is a Terrorier after all. Mom doesn't know what to do about Drover. She just tries to keep him off of me. I got myself wedged between Mom's legs for awhile so she could protect me from him.
Hmm, maybe Drover would like to play with a Chuck-It ball too. Mom has two arms. She could Chuck-It for me and Chuck-It for Drover. Hmm. Let me think on this. I may suggest it to Mom.

Barked by: ♥ Toby Girl ♥ (Dogster Member)

December 16th 2009 at 10:38 am

Hi Tux!! Boy that Chuck-It sure does sound like a lot of fun.. I dont have a pasture, but I do have a rather long yard.. It is long enough for me to get up a good run.. Where did your mom get the Chuck-IT? Maybe mom will buy me one too!!! I know what you mean about Drover's barking. We have a neighbor dog named Gus. I think he is a schnauser. I dont think I spelled that right, but anyways everytime we get out in our yard he barks.. Everytime!!! Every place in our backyard he can see us..The other day mom was out in our yard picking up my poop :O) and at first he did not see us and then when mom turned her back he started barking at her and he startled her. She actually jumped alittle bit.. Heehee it was so funny. glad you are enjoying your chuck-it.. maybe mom can find me one.. have a good day.. Oh I have a new video on my page. you should check it out.. It is me and the meter man.. heehee..
Barked by: Tux (Dogster Member)

December 16th 2009 at 10:46 am

Uh, Mom ordered my Chuck-It on line. We don't have much in the way of good shopping around here. You could google it to see what they look like.
Petco or Petsmart would probably have one.




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