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Happy Fall, Ya'll

September 19th 2011 4:07 pm
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Well, it's almost that time of year where there's a nip in the air and leaves start falling down. I love fall! It's still pretty hot here but I can't wait until it gets a tad cooler. My Grammy just visited me and Chloe. It was a nice visit. She brought us treats. I'm starting a "senior diet" now and I really like it. I still move like a puppy though. Bark at ya'll later. Happy fall!


Sum-Sum-Summer Time

June 28th 2011 3:22 pm
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Oh wow - it's summer already! These days I enjoy going outside and playing with the hose. I still love rolling in the grass and laying in front of the fans. I keep well hydrated and hope to go swimming soon. Keep cool, ya'all, and enjoy the summer!


Spring is here - yippee!

March 18th 2011 2:26 pm
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The birds are chirping outside and I stop and listen. I notice all the plants coming up in the yard. The weather is getting warm and the grass is getting greener. Spring is a fun time of year. I just have to roll in the grass and celebrate! Anyone want to join me?


Happy New Year

January 10th 2011 4:03 pm
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I kicked off the new year by rolling in the snow. Fun! I didn't make any new year's resolutions. If anything, I'd like to continue my multiple daily naps and my cuddle time with my parents. Hope you all have a wonderful new year!


I Love December

December 11th 2010 8:58 pm
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I just love the month of December. Mom and Dad get out the fleecy blankets and I love to curl up in them. I stare at the Christmas lights on the tree. I celebrate a birthday on the 21st (I'll be 7 years YOUNG). And then I celebrate Christmas with my family. My parents give me the job as being the official gift opener since I love it so much and I'm so good at it. Haha! I love to see the snow falling too. Rolling in the snow has always been fun for me. And December is our last month of the year - so I like to make it really fun and memorable. I hope you all do the same. Happy December everyone!!



November 22nd 2010 7:22 pm
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As Thanksgiving is almost here, I'm reflecting on all that I'm grateful for...

My loving parents, my little sister Chloe, my health, my friends, belly rubs, the awesome food I get twice a day and fresh, clean water, the backyard I get to run and play in, my safety, the warm, cozy bed I sleep in every night (yes, that's mom and dad's King sized bed I'm barking about - BOL!), my collection of cool bandanas, cuddles and kisses, my position as "office manager" of daddy's photo business, my grandparents who love me, and the occasional cup of coffee I share with my daddy.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings and pay them forward by blessing others.



May 23rd 2010 4:06 pm
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I'm tired out from all the excitement around here. I've had visits from both my Grandmas. They flew in just to see me!! Well, I suppose they wanted to see my lil' sister Chloe and my parents too, but you know. I'm the first grandchild. That has to count for something! I've been also helping my parents with some renovation projects around the house. Lots of busy work means lots of naps. BOL!! Looking forward to the summer.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

March 17th 2010 12:20 pm
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The Luck of the Irish is upon me. My Grammy sent me a gold coin today. I think she got it from a little leprechaun. I'm feeling lucky already.

Praying for all my friends to feel just as lucky. I'm thankful for my home, my parents, my little sister Chloe, and for feeling loved. I hope that those in shelters get lucky in finding their forever homes soon.

Wear green and celebrate with me! Kiss me, I'm Irish (my Grammy is so I guess I am too - BOL).


Waiting for Spring

February 21st 2010 6:25 pm
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I can't wait for Spring. I've already seen the signs of Spring while on my walks and in my own yard. There are blades of green grass popping up already, and plants starting to poke out of the ground. This is exciting! I don't know what to do with all my energy. While outside the other night, I started grabbing mouthfuls of dirt, dead grass and mud and shaking it all around. I loved it! Mom and Dad couldn't help but laugh. I taught Chloe how to do it too. BOL!

As much as I love the snow, I can't wait to go swimming again. When the weather gets warmer again, I'll get out my kiddie pool. I can also swim in the lake.

Hope all my friends have a happy St. Patty's Day. I'm part Irish (Mommy tells me that Grammy is Irish) and I have red tones in my hair. I'll wear green and find the pot of gold.


Love is in the air!

January 31st 2010 5:46 pm
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I just LOVE this day. I feel loved from my parents, grandparents, and sister Chloe. I feel loved by my friends on Dogster and for those who visit see me in person and play with me. Don't forget to dress to impress on Valentine's Day. I'll be wearing my favorite color-red. Show a little love to someone you care about.

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