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April 18th 2005 8:59 pm
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The momma had been away from work for a while and I really liked it. We played all day... but now she goes to work... every day! Thats hard on a boy! I don't like it one bit and I fuss if I see her have to leave... I also watch out the window and announce her arrival.

She comes home smelling funny like other kids... but she wont let me sniff her work clothes so then I have to wait LONGER for her to change! And every day she is home the weather outside is yucky.

Next month I think the Momma is taking me to her work for some shots. I don't remember shots really... it was so long ago... and, remember, I am now a big boy! (One years oooold)

I hate stupid work... I know the momma would rather stay home with me and play fetch and tell me how good and smart I am. But the momma and gram tell me she has to go so she can buy me new toys. I sure love toys...


I'm one years oooold.

January 25th 2005 11:15 am
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The Momma and Gram took me to Petsmart on Sunday! They kept saying it was my birthday... and come to think of it, I like this birthday business! I had so much fun!

We walked around and I met this white dog my size and we played for a little bit before they had to go, then Gram bought me a ball! Ya see, my other one bounced really high and was really super fun, but I bit a hole in it and Momma had to throw it away. =( she said it was dangerous for boys like that. So Gram bought me a kong ball which is heavy, but I can't bite a hole in it.

After the fun toystore I was so tired! So many friends to meet, so much attention!!! We went home and I took a nap until 2:00 when my birthday party friends showed up! First it was Uncle Ben (Not the rice guy), then this guy named Bob came. I didn't know him but Momma did. He was a little scary, I didn't know about him... he was wearing a hat and took it off and it looked so weird!! Then Tristan and Darin came, I know them! They are fun! We took some pictures and Momma made me wear a hat... which I wasn't crazy about but she said it looked cute... then I got my birthday cookie! Momma put peanutbutter on it! There is nothing better than peanutbutter! My friends ate a cake the Momma made (which I wanted some of that too, but it was for people). Then my Friends James and Andrea came! We took more pictures and visited. I was so pooped after that. Slowly they went home and I finally got a nap before dinner.

To top it all off Momma brought me a peanutbutter retriever roll from the special food store (MY FAVORITE!!) and I happily munched the living daylights out of it before it was time for boys to go to bed!

I woke up and Momma had one more surprise for me! She got me this big cube that if you roll it around it gives you cookies! It's a lot of fun.

Yep, I really like birthdays now. I like being one years old and a big boy.


Dog Show

January 15th 2005 12:23 pm
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There is a lot of talk about the Dogshow on tv in the house... I don't really understand it, but I listen all the same. Momma said she was going to vote for the corgi, that she always does. I guess I will too. :)

Momma has also been whispering things behind my back. Stuff about me turning one year old, how I am almost one year old... I think somethings going to happen... I hope it's good. I like good things!!

After the Momma took a tumble down the stairs the other night, we haven't been going for long walks. This irks me because we were starting to do really well... walking like those kids in the dogshow commerical on the tv. I hope we can go out an walk like that soon! In other news, I have now made it so I can eat a whole chewie in a matter of hours. Momma and Gramm wont give me another, they say I get enough treats and snacks... Hogwash!! What ever that means...


White cold stuff

January 9th 2005 10:38 pm
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Well, lemme tell you. It all started yesterday morning. I woke up, momma took me out to go potty, just like every day. I love my routine... but this day was different. The ground was covered with this cold white kinda crunchy stuff I later learned was snow.

Momma and Gramm told me never eat yellow snow. Only losers eat yellow snow... and brown snow... So I only munched the white stuff... it was so much fun! I love the snow! I LOVE it!!

Momma took me out on the 30 foot leash to the baseball fields and we ran and ran and ran and played...

Then we came home. It was cold. Momma made me special snow treat, boys only get it when it snows... it's warm and yummy. And when it was time for boys to go to bed, I was so ready.

The snow melted today. I wonder if it will snow tomorrow... Momma and Gramm have had their fill, but I would love it to snow EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!


This Santa Guy

December 21st 2004 8:44 pm
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Well, Mommy signed me up for something on the internet. Not sure what it is...

Anyhoo, So Mommy and Gramm keep telling me about what happens on Saturday... Christmas. I don't know that this is, this will be my first time. Mommy says Santa comes in about 2 days and he will bring good boys presents. I LOVE presents! Especially if I can eat them or squeek them! That makes me happy. Anyway, if I am a bad boy, which I don't plan on, Santa will bring pecans. That's worse than coal! If I wont eat it, you know it's bad!! It's about the only thing I wont eat... oh yeah, poop too, that's just yucky.

I met Santa right after Thanksgiving (which was fun!) I got my picture taken with him, he was really nice and his helper gave me a treat.

It's bed time for boys. Gotta go.

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