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My good deed for the week

July 22nd 2010 10:27 am
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While we were on the cool down portion of my morning exercise, I saw something on the grass under the picnic table near the boat launch. It was a wallet, soaked from the sprinklers.

I've been learning to pick up my person's wallet if she drops it, so I knew just what to do. I picked up it and gave it to my person. I was very excited and happy to do it. I love picking things up and giving them to my person.

The police station is next to the library. After breakfast, my person put her library books into a shopping bag along with my vest and the wallet, and we walked to the police station.

A Sergeant going off duty asked to pet me, and my person said I could "visit." I'm beginning to learn that that means I can receive love directly from my fans.

My person had to make a fairly detailed report. It was her first time. I remained in a down while she and the Desk Sergeant worked through the report. He complimented me on my good behavior. I smiled up at him.

After the report was complete, we pawed it over to the library to drop off the books. Since it was only a quarter mile to the grocery store, we headed over there before going home. I was perfect! Yay me!!! I got to "visit" with one of the checkers.

I was off-duty on the way home. I was very curious when I found a dead rat, but my person wouldn't permit a decent sniff.

The phone rang when we got home. It was the Sergeant reporting that the wallet's owner had reclaimed his property and wanted the Sergeant to forward his thanks.

My person said she was happy it ended well. She's lost her wallet before and it is a dreadful situation to endure.

We're both ready for a nap, and then my person has some tasks to complete later this afternoon. Something do to with the secret plans for next month. I can't wait to find out what it is she's spending all of this time on!


A Diary Pick of the Day

July 21st 2010 9:08 am
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Thanks Dogster!

It's going to be a lazy day. I'll have my person complete writing about yesterday's public access training adventures after we both have a nap. It was a rough night. I had to wake her up three times from nightmares.

******** continued from Tuesday's BART/IKEA adventure

A recap from yesterday: our last scene was the four of us going through the cafeteria line at IKEA.

This was really challenging for me because it was my first time. The good smells were so close and we moved through the line so slowly. The seating area was very crowded with tables and chairs. Many kind people adjusted their seats to let us through. I didn't give ANY kisses in payment, which is a drag, though necessary.

I lay next to the table under a wall banner and Ollie curled up under the table on his mat that Dora's Mom made for him. Ollie's Mom dropped a french fry near his nose and told him to leave it. He did. Later, she put down a plate with a few french fries on it near his nose and told him to leave it. He did. Is he ready to graduate, or what?

My person tempted me for the very first time ever with a french fry about a foot from my nose. I did great! Don't tell her that I spent a moment calculating how fast I would have to be to get it before she could stop me. The important thing is that I left it as ordered. I rule!

Our people finished going through the store and we wiggled past the people in long lines to get to the exit. However, we did not exit. We went through the grocery section where there are cheeses and meats and chocolate. I was very interested so my person kept me a few feet away from the best stuff as we walked back and forth. Ollie went through all the aisles.

Instead of leaving, we went through a door that led us to the very beginning again! Ollie practiced with the escalator (and I with the elevator).

A woman with a head scarf and her little boy were in the elevator and my person was worried that they would be uncomfortable with me, but the woman was welcoming and the boy was unafraid. That made up a bit for my most embarrassing training moment posted previously.

We went through the children's section again and practiced walking past toys on the floor and navigating around children. Ollie practiced ignoring a child petting him and did great. I met children and loved on them with permission.

We returned to the restaurant and Ollie practiced navigating through the tables again. He heeled nicely the entire time.

Then we were done with IKEA. I got a potty break and then we walked down the street to await the Emeryville-Go-Round Shuttle back to BART.

The shuttle was really crowded, but it was full of really nice people who were interested in us dogs. Auntie Veronica answered questions asked by a kind young woman, but everyone listened and when she offered a pamphlet, many people wanted one.

Our BART trip was uneventful and then we were off duty! Yay! Auntie Veronica and Ollie walked us to our car and then I napped on the way home. We stopped at Safeway before heading to the apartment and I was practically perfect, even in the meat and dairy section!

Once home, my nap was interrupted only by dinner, a quick potty break and relocating to the bedroom for the night. A very good day, I would say.


Tuesday: BART, Emeryville-Go-Round Shuttle and IKEA

July 20th 2010 10:25 pm
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What a full day! We started as alaways: a super-fabulous play session first thing in the morning, followed by a cool-down walk before breakfast.

Today, my person belted me into the traveling den with my new Champion K9 seat belt harness. It is easier to put on and to take off, so I guess that should mean that I like it. I don't like any harness, but as far as restraints go, this has been the best.

We were late, so we hustled over to the BART station and met Auntie Veronica and Ollie. Yay! My person bought a ticket and a nice man helped us figure out again how to submit the ticket and get it back.

My person gets embarrassed when she's a ditz. It happens often, so you think she'd get used to it and go with the dog flow.

I was interested in the trains, but not afraid. I followed Ollie on and we had a comfy ride, above and below ground. After we got off and climbed down the stairs, we sat around until a 30 person shuttle arrived that would take us to IKEA. The stairs were steep to get in, but we pups made it just fine.

I'm an old paw at bus-like vehicles and took the bumping, swaying and jolts in stride.

Once at IKEA, we worked on distractions and such. Ollie took the high road (the escalator) and I took the low (the elevator). I did a bit of pulling in the beginning, but eventually calmed. It's been a long time since I was at IKEA.

At one point, I was having too much fun and began to frolic until my person calmed me by putting me in a down-stay and speaking to me quietly.

There were many children who wanted to pet me, and I was happy to visit! I never get to have kids love on me when I'm not in vest, because the parents are afraid.

Our people went through the cafeteria line and that was a challenge all by itself.

My person is falling asleep, so we are going to bed. I will dictate to her the rest of your adventure tomorrow.


Sunday with a Friend who has no SD

July 19th 2010 2:29 pm
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It's been a long time since my person hung out with a non-SD handler. Our friend Auntie Linda phoned and invited my person out to lunch.

We went to Max's Opera Cafe. I did great tucking myself under the booth. It's easier to make myself smaller when there is something to lean against like a wall.

They talked about me a bit, since I am my person's main focus these days, but then they started talking about stuff that had nothing to do with me, so I took a nap.

After they finished talk talk talking, we walked down the way to a clothes store because my person needed some blouses. I've never been inside a dressing room before, nor seen so many mirrors at one time, but I was game.

They tried on clothes and asked each other what they thought. At the end of the day, they each found something they liked. For me, it was "Sit, let's go, down, wait..." SO boring!

You know how much I love fabric? Well, I ignored the hanging and stacked clothes for nearly 45 minutes. And then I picked out a T-Shirt for my person. I chose a really ugly color, but it was the right size, thank dogness!

We went to the drug store afterwards and browsed a long time. It was boring for a dog, but I didn't try to shop for my person. She got some towelettes to put in my pack and to carry in our traveling den and in her purse. There were some kids screaming and running around and I watched them when they got close, but didn't try to join them in their games. I was so good!

Then our people went back to Max's and had dessert. We were in a different booth, but I had the idea and curled up against the wall and dozed. They talk talk talked and then finally, we got up to leave.

Auntie Linda wanted to buy an eclair for Uncle Joe, and while I was waiting with my person, a little boy came in and wanted to pet me. My person warned him that I was a licky dog, but he said that was okay by him! My person likes to give me as many chances as possible to accept love from kids, so she said "go visit."

That little boy knew just how to pet a dog like me and I tried to kiss him, but he didn't let me. Oh well. It was still fun, and his Dad thanked my person for allowing us to make friends.

Finally, we were outside. My harness came off and I got to really greet Auntie Linda. After that, we went home. I didn't nap in the traveling den because we were driving parallel to the CalTrain tracks and I like to watch the trains.

We should have gone to the grocery store, because we were out of milk and chocolate milk, but my person decided that my working day had been long enough. We went home and dozed and played.

We went to the grocery store this morning after playing fetch in the traveling den instead of walking. My person walked in without me! I couldn't believe it! Just because I had splashed through a mud puddle is no reason to deny me my place at her side!

I forgave her immediately and have been napping and chewing on my chews. I'm not going to be working today. My person says I get a day off after an intense weekend. We are playing and training and will take another walk later when it cools off a bit.


My new, most embarrassing training moment

July 19th 2010 1:11 pm
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So, we were in Costco looking for something called Q-Tips. Ollie went down one aisle and I went down another (with our people, of course)! My aisle had some ladies wearing what my person later told me is full hijab, which means that they cover up everything in drapes of cloth except their faces and hands.

My person didn't imagine I couldn't be trusted to continue walking at her side as she passed these women. You can guess what happened. I turned my head and sniffed near the feet of one of the women before my person could stop me.

The lady shrieked and jumped away. My person apologized most fervently and took me far away from the woman I frightened. My person was really upset and I'm not quite sure why... I've forgotten and turned my face and sniffed at people before, though I'm doing much better with that now.

My person said that her negligence had allowed me to be extremely rude. I guess I'll have to trust her on this one.


Saturday Agility and Freestyle and working in between

July 19th 2010 12:53 pm
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We packed up the car and took a long drive Saturday morning after my play session and breakfast. When I got out of the car, we were at a park and there were was Ollie and his Mom! Yay! And our trainer Miss Nancy! And Appletini's Dad! And dogs I never smelled before in my life.

All the dogs and people walked to a shed where they banged around and loaded a bunch of stuff on a cart. We dogs had to be tied down while the people did this. I was not happy, but at least I was next to Ollie and could see my person.

There was much chaos while Miss Nancy shouted directions and slowly, an agility course emerged from the stuff on the cart.

I don't quite get the idea of a jump yet. The bar is so low that I just walk over. The speed bumps was boring. I loved the open tunnel and had no fear going through the tire.

At first, I wasn't sure about the closed tunnel. Appletini's Dad held me while my person peeked at me through the draped end of the tunnel. Zip! No biggie.

After that, I had it down and my person could run on the outside while I ran through it.

There's a little black cocker spaniel with a big attitude that slipped its harness and charged Ollie while Ollie was working on jumps. It wasn't a very nice dog. It told Ollie that it was in charge. Ollie said, "Huh?" And the little dog said it again louder. Miss Nancy stopped that nonsense, but got bitten for her trouble when the Cocker redirected its aggression. And my person calls ME a little monster! Ha!

The only piece of equipment on which I was not confident was the wobble board, which is the precursor to the teeter totter. I walked across with three paws maximum. It is very small and narrow and I am the second largest dog in the class, so I think I might be excused for my hesitation. I'll get better at it.

After agility, Ollie and his Mom got in our car (aka the traveling den) and went to get Ollie's Dad. I love Ollie's people! Ollie and I sat in the back with Auntie Veronica in between us where we loved her up.

Uncle Brad is walking with some weird sticks, so he sat up front. First, we went to Costco for some bully sticks for me and some groceries for Ollie's people. I have a new, most embarrassing training moment. My person will post about it separately.

Why is it that the dog food aisle in every Costco I have been in has at least one bag that is torn and leaking tasty kibble? And why am I not allowed to help clean it up? It's a natural fit!

Our people got excited because there were free bags of dog food. Yum! That kibble is tasty! My person says that it is high quality but I don't care about that. My mouth and stomach lead my decisions.

After Costco, we jumped back into the traveling den. This time, my person didn't take off my working harness before she put on my seatbelt harness. We got out at a restaurant we visited before. It has metal stairs which are unlike any other stairs I have used. Good thing Ollie was there to lead the way!

The people got their lunches and we pups took naps. And would you believe that when we got back in the traveling den my person put on my seatbelt harness over my working harness AGAIN?

We got out at Ikea because the people needed to use the restroom before Freestyle with Miss Nancy. It was crowded and people were surprised to see me. I kept getting bumped around by people looking at their faces and hair in the mirror. Sigh. I need no mirror to tell me I am gorgeous. It's just a given.

Finally, the working vest came off and we drove to our freestyle class. It was HOT! We had a lot of fun dancing to Ollie's music and doing a routine that Auntie Veronica made up. But we were tired after a very long day, and class ended early.

We drove to Ollie's house and said good-bye to all. I got to give Auntie Veronica kisses through the window, and Ollie gave my person kisses outside.

I slept all the way home through very congested freeways and promptly took a nap that lasted all night with a break for dinner and to potty before my person went to bed. I slept with my head on her calves.


Diary of the Day, and learning to wear my booties

July 16th 2010 4:14 pm
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Thanks for making my diary one of the featured ones today! Yay! I love each and every one of my fans.

The morning was boring after our session of fetch and my cooldown walk. Breakfast, napping. My person was working on the computer most of the morning and talk talk talking on the phone.

This afternoon, we hopped in the car and when I got out, we were at the veterinarian's again. We were only there last week!

When the nice lady with the purple hair came into the waiting room, I knew what was up. Nail trimming!

Can you believe my person turned her back while the nice lady led me down hall to the room of doom? She says I need to be comfortable being handled by professionals without her there. I vote NO, if it makes any difference.

It was just a few minutes and I was back with my person. We stopped at a discount pet supply store and got some chews for me. I picked them out myself!

I was just settling in for a nice nap after a long chew when she called me over and started putting these things on my paws! It is very confusing to lose direct contact to the floor. I kept picking my feet up and putting them down and made my person laugh. Gee, thanks!

I got better at it and was willing to walk for the treats she held beyond my reach.

The truth is, they make me look silly! I'm already goofy. Wearing these booties will make me get all those coos and that squeaky num-num talk and no one will take my seriously!


My person assures me that I will find a use for these booties. The canine jury is out on that. I bark, "prove it."


Lazing about, Rally, and then lazing about again

July 15th 2010 7:43 pm
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My person has been really busy around the house. She calls it organizing. I call it silly. Why worry about where stuff is when you can just sniff it out wherever it is in one shake of a jack rabbit's tail?

Speaking of which, we've seen none the last couple of days. If I didn't know that I do not hallucinate, I would wonder if they were real. However, unlike my person, I do not see things that are not there which means I will meet those jack rabbits again. Someday.

When she gets busy, I get sleepy, so I have been napping a lot in my crate where it is safe and nothing can fall on my head.

We went to Rally class yesterday and I did pretty darned good. We got to give Ollie and his Mom a ride home. I love to have people and dogs in our car! It makes it smell more den-like.

I enjoyed giving Auntie Veronica kisses when we got to their house.

My person and I slept in this morning until at least 5:30AM! Wow! We went to the dog park and waited while a GSD and a Golden came out. The GSD growled at me. Can you believe that! Blood is not thicker than water...

We had been playing a long time when another dog came. A GSD/schipperke mix, or so his person told us. That must have been an interesting mating experience.

This dog was really nice. He is smaller than me, but very sturdy. We sniffed butts and then play bowed and then had a bit of chase. Before I was ready, my person called me to leave the park. Sigh. I hope I get to see that pup again to play some more!

We took a slow walk so that I could cool down before we went home to breakfast, and then the organizing started again, and lots of work on the computer.

It's time for a walk right now, and I'm lying on the floor with my chin on my person's foot. Every so often, I lick her toes and she squeals and says she's almost done.

And now she finally is!


Dogster Diary pick and how I discovered jackrabbits

July 13th 2010 6:33 am
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Thank you Dogster for choosing my diary to feature with the others!

This morning during our early morning post-fetch walk, I glanced over at the parking field next to the Jewish Community Center and ... something moved.

Hmmm... this was interesting. My ears and tail went up, and the suddenly, one - two - three - many somethings moved! Jack rabbits! And they wanted me to chase them, I could tell because they would run, and then stop to look at me, and then run a bit further.

I dropped the tennis ball I like to hold during our walk and leapt straight up several times. I'm not usually a barker, so I just huffed and puffed.

And then later around the corner, another jack rabbit was ambling in the flowers and shrubbery. Wow! They must be everywhere! I can't believe my person hasn't pointed them out to me before this! I spent the rest of our walk looking for more, but sadly, there weren't any.

I can't wait to walk by there again today when we walk to the library.


Lazy dog day, busy human day

July 12th 2010 7:55 pm
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Except for our early morning fetch and walk hour, and a slow walk this evening, I have done nothing but sleep and eat and goof off quietly at home.

My person, on the other paw, has been very busy on the computer all day long with only a very brief nap. Something surrounding a mysterious event that my person tells me I am going really enjoy, once I settle my puppy self down.

Whatever. I think she has forgotten that dogs don't care about the future as long as we are happy and content in the present.

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