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Sunday fun

November 1st 2010 8:06 am
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My person was doing way too much work on the computer this weekend, so I made her stop and take me to the East Bay to visit with my friend Ollie.

We were nutty when we saw each other! Ollie's Mom gave me a Halloween bandana so I was looking ever so cool and Halloweenish and so was Ollie.

We took a walk. I didn't really have a destination in mind, but I was pulling like a draft horse, so my person and Ollie's Mom did some no-pulling exercises. Ollie and his Mom would walk away from us and I got treated for paying attention to my person instead of fretting about being left behind. As soon as I was paying proper attention, Ollie and his person would swing around and come back!

Then we went to a restaurant where our people sat and knitted. I stayed on my person's left and poor Ollie was under the table.

After a million years, we got up and walked back to Ollie's den and had some water. Then we all piled into our red traveling den to go to Costco.

It was really crowded! Many people were not paying attention and bumped into me. I had a moment of fun when we passed a life-sized stuffed dog. My person is terribly embarrassed, so I'll just say that Ollie's person had to set it upright after my person made us walk away.

We passed by it a couple of times after that and I had to ignore it. Sigh.

Did I already mention how crowded it was? My person was having trouble seeing anything except what was in front of her. While I was leading her out, I almost got mashed by a guy pushing boxes behind us. The boxes were too high for the man to see in front of him.

My person spoke sharply and got everyone's attention EXCEPT for his. Ollie's person saved the day by tapping him on the shoulder. He gave my person a glare and she growled on the inside.

We stopped by Ollie's den and I got to get some love from Uncle Brad before we headed home.

I was frisky all evening! My person was tired. Not a great combination, but we compromised with a couple of play sessions and a stay in the crate for me.

This morning, my person hasn't been on the computer much. Instead, she's been piling things in the living room that she wants to sell or give away. I've been following her around and giving a good sniff to anything she wants to get rid of.

Sometimes, I don't agree with what she's putting in the pile, so I steal it and run into the bedroom with it.

My person said it's going to be a long day.


Saturday afternoon

October 30th 2010 3:58 pm
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My person has been on the computer all day long doing a project for someone. Enough! I decided.

I turned on Mischief mode #3 and started retrieving everything she had left on the floor in the apartment. Pretty soon, she had a pile of shoes and socks and cardboard boxes sitting behind her on the couch. I had cleared the space! Ta-dah!

Then she decided that since I had so much energy, I could go to work, so she suited me up and we found a local yarn store.

There was yarn everywhere and much of it I could reach! I chose a great color for the mat she suddenly decided she should knit for me. See how things tend to work out?

The people at the store were very nice and relaxed and no one tried to pet me. We might come back for a knitting or crocheting class.

Now if only I can get my person to take another break to go get more dog treats and chews. I'm sure I could cause plenty of mischief at the pet-store that will have her calling me her favorite little monster. That's a term of affection, you know.


Friday blues and confusing sights

October 30th 2010 7:43 am
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I think my person is being affected by the change of the season. She's struggling to keep bad thoughts from taking over her attention and to stop seeing things that aren't there.

Too bad she couldn't just blow the thoughts away the way I am blowing my coat!

We didn't do much yesterday... we played fetch in the rain in the morning, and then I napped and napped. I love my crate, especially when she's super busy around the apartment. I'm not in the way and things cannot fall on my head!

I slept with my head next to her face for most of the night. She woke up a few times and petted me and then went back to sleep.

Right now, I'm in Mischief Mode and in no mood to update my diary. There are too many fun things to get into! She won't have any time for the blues or to notice things except for me and my wicked, mischievous ways. BOL! Later, my friends!



October 29th 2010 6:03 am
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What a long and fun-filled day we had yesterday!

We started with a long play session at the dog park next door, where my friends Mason and Mischa the huskies popped in and then Jack came in just when I was finishing up my last run.


After my breakfast, my person put on those boring clean clothes and we were off in our traveling den to catch the BART train.

When the train came in, I frolicked just a bit. I like working!

There were lots and lots of people on the train and many of them wanted to be my friend... I could tell from their longing glances.

People were literally falling for me, at least one person did was wearing silly pointy shoes. She was hanging on to a little thing in her hands and not to the bar and fell right on me. She was wearing black so my fur showed up magnificently when she got up. I'm sure she wore it to work with pride.

Walking on the Greenway

When we got off the train, Ollie was there to meet me! Yay! I gamboled about quite a bit and did a great deal of pulling while we took a walk on the Ohlone Greenway before heading to where Ollie's traveling den is stored.

Auntie Veronica walked me for a while and that was so much fun! I could hardly contain myself, but I was very good and did what she asked me. I love Auntie Veronica.

The Ride to the Meetup

It was a bit crowded in the back of Ollie's traveling den, but Ollie, my person and I snuggled happily together while Uncle Brad drove us to our destination. Ollie napped with his snout near his mom.

Mr. Taco

When we got out of the car, there was Zeus and Kota!!!!!! Yay! I really wanted to touch noses with Zeus and to meet Kota, but I was on duty almost immediately so could not.

We walked around a bit and soon a traveling den pulled up and there was Rethy! I haven't seen Rethy since the Gathering!

Wow! This was fun and I suddenly had energy to burn so my person walked me around a bit before we all headed into Mr. Taco.

Pedro at Mr. Taco loves us. Soon we were all seated with us pups on our mats and it got really boring. Sigh. Our people were having a great time, though, talk talk talking and laughing.

The people brought out their crafts to work on. Knitting and beading and drawing and coloring and crocheting. Uncle Brad left to go on an errand, but everyone else stayed and talked a long time.

Pedro brought our people a present and we dogs were left out! How unfair is that? Working has its drawbacks for sure...

Kota had to leave, and then Rethy. I was not happy to see the pack split up. These are excellent dogs.

The people talked a long time at Mr. Taco. When Uncle Brad came back, they talked, ate and talked some more. My person was very relaxed and happy so I took a real nap instead of just dozing.

Going Home

We had to say good-bye to Zeus. I touched noses with him as he lay in his royal traveling den and then said gave a million good-bye kisses to Auntie Jeanne.

It was a sleepy ride back to the BART station. My person really enjoys being sandwiched between pups.

We were just in time to catch our train. It was very crowded like the morning train and many interesting smells... these people sure spend a lot of time walking on fascinating stuff... but no one fell on us this time and we got home without anything interesting happening to us.

I was very tired when we got home, but not too tired for my dinner!

It was a good day with good friends. My person slept very well and didn't need me to wake her up from any nightmares at all.


Catching up: busy, but not

October 27th 2010 8:49 am
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My person and I have been fairly busy. We've been to Dixon, CA to meet up with Zeus and Ollie. We had dinner with Ollie this past weekend, and we met another SD friend for coffee yesterday.

My person is struggling with symptoms and getting out is a good break from the struggle. However, whenever we return home, it starts again. Except when our friend phones, of course. He's magic, you know.

Tomorrow we get to see our pals Zeus and Kota and Rethy and Ollie in Dixon again for a meet-up. We're going to take BART to El Cerrito and catch a ride with Ollie's people to Dixon.

Before we can do that, though, we have to finish a load of laundry. My person is so picky about wearing clean clothes when we are going somewhere... silly person. If we are just hanging around our town, she'll wear clothes that smell more interesting and complex. I prefer that.


We've returned to our own den! And my first time on duty- without my vest

October 17th 2010 7:17 am
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We're home, home, home!!! We left my person's mother's den on Thursday and arrived at our den on Friday afternoon. We stopped overnight in Santa Maria, and I got to play in that most awesome dog park Friday morning before we got in our red traveling den to complete our trip home.

We've been doing a lot of napping. I have also been busy rediscovering my toys and the chews I forgot I'd hidden throughout our den.

My person hasn't been doing well, so we jumped into the traveling den on Saturday morning to visit the pdoc. Usually, my person vests me to go into the office, but not this time. At first, I thought that this meant I could visit and goof off. Whee!

She had me heel and do some tight turns in the parking lot before we went in. When the pdoc come into the waiting room to get us, I was ready to visit with him. He loves me, you know.

My person told me to watch her, and I did. She acted just like we were working and you know... I got it! She was so pleased! I heeled into the office and sprawled out at her feet and stayed in a down the entire visit. I didn't try to visit with the pdoc when we left, nor with the receptionist while we checked out.

My person's anti-psychotic has been greatly increased as well as one of her other meds. Ugh.

We went to the grocery store next, and my person vested me. She wanted to avoid questions and besides, why take the risk of ruining my fabulous success at the pdoc's office?

The rest of the day was full of napping, chewing and playing tug and fetch with my toys.

Today we are going to see Ollie and his people. I can't wait!


Visiting my person's people

October 6th 2010 11:18 am
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On Monday, my person loaded up my food, a couple of chews, the blanket I sleep on, and a toy into a bag. She snapped me into my seatbelt harness (ick) and off we drove in our traveling den.

We went further into the desert and when we stopped, we were at my person's sister's house. I adore my person's sister. It is unfortunate that she limits my love by not letting me lick her face, but I do my best to understand human oddities.

There were two new dogs for me to meet: Riley and Reed. Reed is younger and more exciting, so I barked appropriately. Riley is older so I rarely barked at him. We relaxed together and went outside a couple of times together to water the grass.

I got to play with those two most excellent boys I mentioned many many many days ago in my diary. The ones who are going to create skateboard and scooter tricks to name after me. I sat in the third seat in the SUV where they could easily pet me after we picked them up from school.

I got to go to school with them in the morning, too, after I washed their faces properly! I was sad to see them get out of their traveling den and walk away.

My person got a nice visit in with her sister and family and some needed rest in the guest room.

We returned to my person's mother's house after stopping by the pharmacy to pick up yet more meds. I thought my person took a lot. Her mother takes more.

Today, we had to modify our morning play because we were short one ball, but it was fun. I've been full of beans all day, as my person's mother calls it. My person calls it "looking for trouble." Whatever. I just have to spread Happy around as much as possible. It's who I am... it's what I do.

My person is slowly getting worse and plans on returning to our den next week. I have to stick with her a lot of the time. When I want to nap, I lie on her foot or where her hand can touch me. She needs extra fun playing, so I take care of that, too.


Missing my friend _____.

October 1st 2010 7:52 pm
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I miss my friend _____. I like to keep up with _____ and his person via _____'s Dogster Diary. I can't do that just now.

I might mention that _____'s diary has been diary of the day many many times.

I miss my friend _____.


A new friend!

September 29th 2010 12:35 pm
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We have a brand new friend! Yesterday, my person was disheartened and unhappy. Today, she is hopeful, and for once it isn't because of me! I didn't have to lift a paw.

My person's mother has been regressing and is unable to stand up on her own. This means my person has been working hard, picking her up and helping her get from one place to another in the house in addition to the other things she's doing.

One time it was really fun because my person sat her mother on the seat of an extra large walker and pushed her here and there. It's most fun when they came to a doorway, because the walker only fits in sideways.

Yesterday, my person felt that her mother's care was beyond her abilities to assist. Also, her own symptoms are really bothering her. She's hallucinating a lot and the noise in her head is confusing her more than usual. PLUS she has paperwork she must follow up on. And she is so, so tired.

My person spoke with her sister (with the fabulous boys) and they made a plan to try to get someone to help. And they did.

Her name is Bobbie and she's experienced and approved by the Office on Aging to assist with caring for people like my person's mother. Bobbie is even very experienced with people who have MS!

She came right over and I loved her. She obviously appreciates an excellent dog like myself. My person liked her, and most importantly, my person's mother liked her! She started immediately. My person got a brief nap snuggling with me, which renewed her spirit. I'm a truly magnificent cuddlier.

Bobbie is coming over again today and my person has a list of stuff she wants to work on while Bobbie takes care of her mother.

It's all the same to me whoever takes care of who. I know my job and I'm pretty happy, which makes my person smile.


Busy day ahead, and a Dogster Diary Pick of the Day!

September 28th 2010 6:17 am
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Thanks again, Dogster! I'm happy to have the chance to meet more pups.

We have a busy day ahead and need to get lots done before it gets too hot.

We need to go to the pharmacy and to the dry cleaner's and to the grocery store and somewhere else that my person is forgetting at the moment.

I'm wishing my person had invested in a service dog in training bandana, because it gets a little hot wearing my working harness.

My person's mother needs her, so this has to be short. I'll have my person write about today's adventures soon.

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