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A new friend

February 28th 2011 7:13 am
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I have a new friend to play with in the morning at the dog park. Ace, the little husky who won't take no for an answer.

My person is very picky about whom I get to interact with and after watching Ace from the other side of the dog park, she thought he would be safe to play with.

She was right! At first, I was sort of annoyed by his shenanigans. I just wanted to chase my ball. But then he won me with his sunny personality and invitations to chase him.

He can't run super fast -- he has a couple of pins in a hip from being hit by a car before he was adopted by his person -- so he jumps up on the picnic table whenever he wants some space.

I may not jump up on the picnic table, even when off-duty, so I wait for him to stop teasing me and jump back down so that we can wrestle some more.

My person is not doing the best, but we're getting through our days. She's still doing that boring thing where she uses a handful of sticks to tangle yarn together into socks (not for ME thank goodness). We're taking lots of walks, too. She doesn't bring her sticks and yarn on walks, so she pays a lot of attention to me.


It's been a difficult time, but we're here still

December 8th 2010 6:47 am
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My person hasn't felt up to updating my diary and I didn't whine.

We have been busy. We've been on BART and CalTrain to go run errands and visit others, but we've been staying home a lot, too. My person has taken up something that involves two sticks and a bunch of string she manipulates into rows of snarls.

She calls it knitting and I call it boring! The good thing about it is that I usually get a nice bully stick to chew on while she does this.

An update on my person's father. After some scary moments, he made an excellent recovery. Hooray!

My friend Ollie and his people came over to our den the other day, but we didn't get to lie next to each other. The people knitted or worked on the computer for hours. A solo down-stay is hard when my friend is just a few feet away, but I got better at it.

Regardless of the weather, my person takes me to the dog park next door every day first thing in the morning for a long game of fetch. We have glow-in-the-dark balls now, so it is a whole new game.

Tomorrow we take CalTrain to our tdoc appointment and I'm probably going to get a bath before. I've been running through mud this morning. Ugh. I'm going to insist that my person take a bath, too, just to be fair. Then we can both smell like nothing interesting has been going on.


I had to work extra hard last night

November 17th 2010 5:07 am
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My person had a very difficult night. Her father was helicoptered to a hospital last night in Michigan because he is having heart attacks.

She wants to rush to be by his side, but cannot because she is too ill herself. It is too bad, because I am sure I would have a beneficial effect on everyone. I'm sort of magical, you know.

She had many nightmares and I interrupted every single one and warmed away her fears with my sweet silliness.

Now I'm getting a nap before it's time to go play fetch at the dog park next door. We have our first session Rally class this evening, so we both need to be rested.


My first Yoga class

November 17th 2010 4:57 am
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One of our SD friends invited us to go to a yoga class. Neither of our people had been to it, and needed to go together for courage, and of course, us pups went along.

While we were waiting for our friend to arrive, I saw our friend's husband hanging around the entrance and wanted to go say hello, but my person didn't recognize him and didn't let me. When she finally noticed that I recognized him, she recognized him, too! She needs to trust me more about people, I think.

And then our friend came! I was so happy to see my SD pal that I kept trying to lick her snout and sniff her butt, but we were on duty and it was time to go inside.

Off came everyone's shoes. Now, this was a tempting moment for me. Shoes and I have a special relationship. However, I sat as directed and did not retrieve a single shoe.

There were lots and lots of people and chairs being moved and my person was a bit disoriented at first. We snagged a spot near the exit just in case I was a monster (her words, not mine!).

I had my very own little sticky mat that I tried to play with before settling down.

We had to leave the class for a moment in the beginning during silent meditation, because I was restless and every little noise was too much. When we came back, class got started and I settled down between the wall and my person.

How curiously people behave. Standing and stretching up and then over and then up on toes and switching sides and leaning here and there--all in unison. Very fascinating.

I observed my person and everyone else until the end when my person lay flat on her back on the floor. Time to jump into action! I licked her face and nudged her shoulder, but she didn't get up, so I did it some more. Eventually, I heard her saying, "ack! stop trying to rescue me! I'm okay!" People laughed.

Well, fine then. I turned around and began to rescue our SD friend who was next to me. She giggled. Finally, I got the clue and just lay next to my person and watched everyone lay on their backs, motionless. I didn't know humans would do such a thing unless they were in their beds sleeping or needed help.

One woman was making a noise that made me focus on her and want to go rescue her, but my person wouldn't let me.

Suddenly, everyone was getting up and stretching and laughing and coming to pet me and say what a good job I did. My person allowed the petting to help create a positive association with the class.

We were invited back, so I guess I did pretty good for my first time. My person needs activity like this, so I'll make sure she goes back again.


The pdoc and then Playland Not at the Beach on Saturday

November 16th 2010 2:43 pm
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Saturday was a busy day. After playing fetch and having breakfast, we jumped into the traveling den to drive West to go see my person's pdoc. My person did a lot of checking of tires and frowning because of a light that was flashing on the dash. After airing up all four tires, the light was still flashing merrily, so she took a chance and we got on the road.

In about a mile, the pretty gold light went out and the ride was much more cheerful from that point.

The pdoc isn't happy with my person's progress. They had a serious talk about avoiding stress and they upped her meds once again. That's okay. I can help her when she's a zombie queen.

He completed more disability paperwork for her because she still can't work and we'll see him again in three weeks.

After a short break for a sniff fest, we jumped back into the traveling den and headed East toward Playland Not at the Beach, a museum of antique arcade cames with a maniacal Laughing Sal.

Our first stop was Ollie's house, where my person was grateful to have a chance to do a load of laundry. I liked the way her clothes were smelling, but she didn't. Perhaps she needs a longer nose to properly enjoy the world as I do.

Ollie and I took a quick walk around the block where I did not bark at two cats (yay me!) and then back into our respective traveling dens to go to Playland!

We met Uncle Brad's friend Brooke in the parking lot. She seemed like a fantastic person for a dog to play with, but I was in my harness and could not visit with her. I did sneak in a sniff when we walked past, though. The weirdest thing was that she did not have a SD... but she had dogs at home, I could tell.

Wow! It was bright and busy and noisy in Playland. Laughing Sal didn't get a second look -- boring! Our people played games and we pups watched. I wanted the skee balls to be mine, so my person did some distraction training with me. They played a bunch of games that we pups couldn't watch, so we napped or just stayed there and enjoyed the chaos.

After lunch at our people's favorite Thai restaurant, we returned to the hugest crowd of children running and having a blast! Ho-hum, I said. My person was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd, so the people played a ball game in a quieter section. Children kept running by and no one stepped on me.

When our people were tallying up their winnings to choose prizes, they didn't notice me becoming more and more focused on the skee ball game. I sat and watched people throw balls until I just couldn't stop a "hey, I wanna play too" bark, which startled everyone for a second.

My person took me into a quieter corner to make sure my tail had not been stepped on or something else. Nope, just me having passed my threshold of calm in the face of skee ball. After a few more minutes of walking around to try to fool me into thinking that we weren't leaving because of my bark, we all got into our cars and drove to a secret place where a bag of yarn was procured for the people.

Then back to Ollie's to pick up our laundry and sift through the magic bag.

Home was a short trip because I slept all the way. This gave me lots of energy to be mischievous all evening. I think I fetched every single thing I could reach to give to my person on the couch. She said thank for each thing I brought to her. I'm a big help!


A bath

November 10th 2010 12:32 pm
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Need I bark more?

We went to a Michael's before the bath to get some snaps and velcro for the patches on my new vest and on my seatbelt harness, so I was totally not expecting to walk into the pet store and get a bath.

As soon as I saw the towels put on the counter, I knew I was not going to have a good time. I did my best to show my disappointment all the way back to the bathing room. I had to pause in this to follow the treats up the steps and into the tub, but then I was all about following her with my doleful glance.

That is, until it was time to get toweled off, because I LOVE towels when I'm wet! That was fun! Baths and rain storms have the best endings.

My person needs a nap after working so hard this morning while she's still not feeling well, so I'll play along and take a nap in on my clean towels in my crate.

Now, I just need to give my person a bath...


My person is leaking and her nose keeps erupting

November 9th 2010 7:11 am
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We had a fun day scheduled yesterday but instead we stayed home and did absolutely nothing. My person wasn't feeling well.

Her nose was leaking and it kept erupting with an "Ha-CHOO" that was so loud I had to run to her and make sure nothing was broken or bleeding.

I helped out as best as I could by shredding all of the tissues I could find, used and unused. This makes them softer, you know. More comfortable for that tiny human nose.

We went to bed early and I was sleeping back to back with her when she woke us up with a mighty "ha-CHOOOO," followed by another and another.

She had to smooth out the worry lines from my brow before we went back to sleep. This is not typical behavior and I'm ready for it to be finished so that we can resume our adventures.


Baja Fresh and Ollie at my den on Friday!

November 6th 2010 8:55 am
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Wow, it was a great day! It started as usual with our early morning play session of fetch, followed by a lazy cool-down walk, and then finally my breakfast and a nap.

After my nap, my person put my gear on me and we were off in our traveling den to Baja Fresh, just down the street. We had fun practicing Rally moves and weaving through poles and exploring the water fountains (without getting wet, of course!)

Before long, Ollie was prancing on the other side of the parking lot! Yay! I was so happy to see him that I kept trying to sneak a lick on his muzzle, but I soon calmed down and we all went into the restaurant.

We didn't have an access challenge this time. In fact, our order taker seemed very happy to see us. Ollie's person gave her a flyer before she ordered.

I really wish we had sat at the table next to where a family of small children had eaten, because there were precious little surprises everywhere on the floor and I would have been wiling to help clean up. Alas, my person sat too far away for me to be tempted. Sigh. Boring.....

The people talked and ate and I remained in my down on my person's left, despite people running past me to get condiments.

After lunch, instead of saying good-bye, everyone got into their traveling dens and ended up at my den! I have NEVER had another dog in my den and it was so much fun I could hardly contain my joy.

It was Ollie's first time in an apartment, too, so I needed to be a good host and remain calm so that he could become accustomed to the new noises: the dogs barking next door at the dog park, people walking directly past the patio, the footsteps of the baby and parents above our heads.

And guess what our people did? Yep, talk talk talked and knitted knitted knitted.

It was so much fun to go outside to potty with a buddy. Ollie is a good pal.

Before they went home, I spent some time in Ollie's traveling den with Uncle Brad so that Auntie Veronica could help my person unload some stuff from our traveling den. I hardly noticed that my person was gone!

It was sad to say good-bye. We hope they'll come back and play sometime soon. My den is theirs.

I was frisky after I finished moping, and my person had to come up with some new games for me to conquer before I would settle in with my chew for the evening.


Seeing Dr. Teresa the tdoc for the first time since the- Spring

November 6th 2010 8:42 am
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My person and I have been so busy and scattered that we haven't made time to go see Dr. Teresa. Well, we finally made it on Thursday and just in time.

I was so happy to see her! We were in a new office with all sorts of fun smelling leaves on tables and tinkling fountains beside chairs. I was in top form and was able to focus on my person instead of yearning to explore our new surroundings.

My person is functioning at about 60% in life skills sorts of things. That's not good enough. Dr. Teresa set some rules, such as not going to S. Cal to rescue anyone. My person also bundled up all of her knives and gave them to Ollie's people for safekeeping.

If my person feels that dangerous sensation of needing to escape, she is to phone our friend, day or night. We are considering an intensive outpatient program, but it would be very expensive.

My person was comfortable so I was able to doze while they talk talk talked. We'll see Dr. Teresa again next week and the week after and the week after, so we are on the right track.

My person was very tired after the meeting, so we didn't visit with friends afterwards. We went home and took a nap.


Happy Tuesday, Voting Day!

November 3rd 2010 7:50 pm
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I had my usual fantastic morning with a session of fetch and a long walk to cool down. I had my breakfast in my kong and labored over it with love for a long time.

I was game when my person pulled out my working gear from the hall closet. Hooray! We were going somewhere!

I was surprised when she put it on me here in the apartment. Usually, she dresses me when we get to our destination. Not this time.

We walked through the complex doing some heeling exercises to keep her on her toes. Then we kept on walking under the bridge and down the street. I had a blast prancing up and down the sidewalk. We ran past the Tennis courts and then we were at the Recreation Center. It was voting day. This is the day when humans line up to sign up to push buttons in boothlets while wearing wrinkled brows.

We were welcomed by one of the teen volunteers, who told my person that I was "one sick dog." (translation: an awesome most fabulous beast). After the human had checked and double checked that my person was real, we stood in line to approach a boothlet.

When it was our turn, I automatically went into a down behind her, out of the way of the people coming and going on either side of us to other boothlets.

It took her a long time, but I didn't doze. She peeked every so often to see my calm gaze as I kept the space behind her safe with my regal GSD vibes.

After she finished pushing the buttons and mumbling to herself, we both got a sticker that said "I voted." Mine is still on my harness. The people had questions about SDs and I was complimented for my polite behavior and natural beauty.

Someone came in with a pet dog and we slipped out while the voting staff explained to the woman that pets were not allowed.

It was a lovely walk to the apartment complex management office, where my person wrote a piece of paper to pay the rent for our den for another month. I laid down and watched the landscaping folks while my person chatted with the staff. Talk talk talking.

Finally, after a million years, we were off once again. The air was full of new scents because a new family was moving in. The dragon boats were traveling the canals and the seagulls were taunting me.

When we got home, it was time for a nap for us both, but my person had some ongoing phone business about getting care for her mother. It was really bothering her, so I only dozed in case she needed me.

For a while, we dozed together on the bedroom floor.

My person was up late knitting and watching the election results online. I have to leave that sort of thing to her because I don't really get it. Finally, I leaned back on the laptop and it closed. Oh. Darn. Did I do that? ;)

She got the idea and turned out the lights. I fit myself to her back and we had a good night.

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