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Howling at the Wolf Moon!

Party?! Wiping Sleep from eyes...

August 2nd 2009 9:27 pm
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Yeah there was just zero chance of that with the crazy hours we've been working where we are! Didn't even see the email from you guys until it was almost too late and just drop dead tired with foster Dad in need of a good bath soak in the tub and then a shower -- feel like we've been working in a coal mine cause this last assignment is dirty just dirt in the air it seems and underfoot. I was dog tired too all puns intended and just about to drop and needed to catch up on my zzzz's so couldn't make it and sorry that we didn't get in touch and notice you didn't promise our presence and thanks for that & yeah you could have spoken for me but so glad that you didn't. We will have to start doing the prearranged meetings at groups again and if you make it, well great and if you can't, well maybe we'll meet up next time. Like August Max that will be a few minutes at a time & for us will be when we can do the regular lunch schedule & break thing which is not possible on all jobs. Looks like you had a good time from what little we've read so far but really surprised that so few of the angel cats made it! Noticed Arthur & Morgan of the earth cats at the Paw It Forward pool party and noticed Mouser so far as the only angel cat. Knew the angel dogs would make it and glad that Augie's particular Carolina Dog Project group are getting into the spirit of Dogster and better luck next time on fitting his fat heat and backside into swim trunks and a shirt (slapping paws to the ground in happy laughter!) and you know that's in the spirit of fun Augie but what a big head you have my friend! If a python or a boa constrictor could morph its head with a dog's that would be your head Augie! (riotous laughter!) but you're not an unattractive doggy just a bit or more than a bit rebellious and willful and need us to keep you in line so looking forward to seeing you again and meanwhile don't bite any of our people in the butt again as I heard that you did! Well on duty again and this is a short shift so time to say Good Night from me!


Marcus Maxx (Marc)


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