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Adina's Diary

Hiking in the Catskills

August 25th 2009 5:21 pm
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I just want to let you all know that I had the BEST time hiking in the Catskills with Mommy and one of Mommy's friends. I was a great trail dog nearly the whole time. We had lots of fun, but I'm glad to be back home, and I was so happy to see Daddy! Now I like little day trips to the woods.


Another big day

July 4th 2009 5:02 pm
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Another big day for me! Good and bad things today. Mommy decided to give me a bath. I haven't had one since she first got me, and that one didn't go too well. This one went better and kind of actually felt good. I didn't love it, but at least I stayed in the tub until the soap was off! Then I soaked the bathroom, and Mommy dried me off. I smell different now!

Later she did more loose leash training with me, which was okay. I get lots of treats during that. Then she took me across town where it's flatter, and we walked and she rode on the bike with the Bikerdog! It was more fun than before, and I even pulled the bike forward sometimes. Mommy was concerned that I would get too thirsty, but I was fine. I love being with her.

Even later, she put me outside on the tether because Daddy doesn't like me underfoot at mealtimes, but I'm not good at staying away. I like being out there, but I don't like not seeing inside (the glass is mirrored). I stayed near the house, mostly because there were very noisy people playing a game in the next complex, and their noise made me nervous. In fact, I got so nervous that I started jumping up really high. Then I started shaking. Daddy noticed, and Mommy brought me inside and comforted me. I didn't like being out there this time!

Now I'm happy... have a great Independence Day!


Big training day

July 3rd 2009 6:13 pm
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Today was a big training day for me. I'm already really good at Sit, Down, and Leave it, especially when my food bowl is being filled and I have to wait. But Mom has been working on Roll Over with me. I have known what that means for a while, but I haven't always been willing to do it.

Well, today Mom got really excited because she did something that broke through my unwillingness - she got some real chicken treats for me! When I saw those waiting, I rolled over perfectly, promptly, twice in a row. I was busted - now Mom saw I was smarter than I acted, just was waiting for the right incentive! So now I always roll over when she tells me to. I wonder what I will learn next?

There was another thing too. I know she's been frustrated on our walks, because sometimes I walk the way she wants, but I often don't. It's so easy for me to get distracted, and I pull on the leash the way I want to go. Sometimes she resists or tries to get me to do otherwise, but usually I don't pay attention.

Well, today Mom also found a really good loose leash training video. She used the techniques in it, a combination of clicker, treats, and unpredictable movement (I never knew WHICH way she was going to go once I got ahead of her!). I had to pay much better attention, and she gave me lots of clicks and treats for when I walked on loose leash. It was much more comfortable for both of us, and I paid much more attention to her than to all the other interesting things around. I can hardly wait to practice some more! The video is at

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