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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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Furry Rice Cake Baby, the Furry, Shiroi Kuma, Furry One, Moche, Mochi Fur

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March 5th 2009

being out of the crate, hanging out with his parents :) tummy rubs!

being crate trained, away from where his parents are :(

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his squeaky hedgehog and velcro cord organizer

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wellness puppy wet food

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in the dirt of the flower beds, where not allowed! :/

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I came from a breeder in my parents' neighborhood, a really nice woman with several fun kids. My parents learned about me from an ad with photos that was posted on the door of a local pet boutique shop while they were perusing the farmer's market nearby one day. I guess they thought I seemed to be the most likely to be a lapdog and the 'calmest' of my siblings, so I got picked! But little do they know that I can be a super energetic powder puff.. MuahahahHAha!!

Came from a litter of 5, one sister and 3 brothers. great grand dad was a champion show dog! What does my name mean? Mochi is 'rice cake' in Japanese. My mom says I look like a little rice cake snack, since I'm round and white! My dad thought it's a cute name too, so now I'm a Mochi! My left ear folds a little funny, so my mom is trying to train it. But my dad likes my floppy left ear -- he says it gives me character! :D

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Super Licker!

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June 12th 2009 More than 6 years!

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taste-sniff test and i don't like lunch

June 20th 2009 2:42 pm
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a few days ago, my mom started to transition me off of the royal canin, and onto wellness 'just for puppy' dry food.

for fun, she put a few bits of royal canin on one small plate, and then a few pieces of wellness on another, let me smell both, put them down, and waited to see which one i would go after.

i picked the wellness, didn't even touch the royal canin anymore. she thinks that i picked the wellness only because it's new and different, and i was curious and intrigued. she could be right. i am a curious little fellow after all.

as she thought she was running low on the wellness treats, she's been using some of the wellness dry kibble in lieu of the chewy treats to lure me into my kennel and to reward me for going potty. i like them. it's fun crunching on them, eating them a little at a time, since they are round kibble slightly bigger than the tiny triangular royal canin kind.

i still don't eat much in the way of lunch.

i pretty much scarf up the breakfast (right now 1/3 cup of dry royal canin mini puppy 33 kibble) that my dad gives me. at lunch though, i get distracted by toys and whatever my parents seem to be eating that smells yummier, and i nibble every now and then over the course of 30 minutes or so. she has only been giving me half of 1/3 of a cup, because of the treats she gives me throughout the day, and she doesn't want me to get gluttonous. i doubt i'll have that problem though, since i'm not good at focusing on eating so far! :p

she also tried changing lunchtime for me from noon to 12:30 and even to 1pm, but i pretty much treat lunch the same.

sometimes she puts me in my little crate-den to eat so that i don't have distractions, and that usually works. or she just takes the food away after 15 minutes to save for later, since maybe i'm just not hungry.

she thinks i'm also not used to eating lunch, because at my original family's place, my littermates and i just ate twice a day, breakfast and dinner. in a few months, my mom won't have to worry about feeding me lunch since she read that i should only eat twice a month then.

although i do hem and haw over the dry kibble for dinner, i do eventually eat it -- most of the time. if i eat the dry, i also get a bit of wet wellness puppy food, which is so yummy, i gobble it all up super fast! right now, my mom gives me 1/3 cup of dry food, minus about 1/8 cup which she replaces with 1.5 oz of the wellness wet, or 1/4 of a 6 oz can.

ps. one thing she thought was kinda lame was that the wellness just for puppy dry kibble bag put the instructions for how much to feed me on the very bottom side of the bag -- where she almost missed it! she thinks the company should put it on the backside, like royal canin and many others do, where it is more obvious. she sent wellness a feedback e-mail to let them know. she's funny.


pet food ratings

June 16th 2009 9:29 pm
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my mom has been really attentive to what i get to eat.

when she first took me home, she already had some royal canin dry mini puppy 33 food ( ready for me. she gradually began weaning me off of my original family's eukanuba, to get me onto royal canin.

she chose royal canin because it was one of the recommendations of food at the bichon furkids' site, an adoption site for bichons needing homes: a little while ago, though, she started to get uncomfortable with the third ingredient in my dry food being "corn gluten meal," and began considering the other options in that same list of recommendations. (she also wasn't too excited about the 'by-product meals' in eukanuba's list of ingredients.)

the final choices were solid gold's puppy hund-n-flocken dry food, and wellness' just for puppy dry food ( ust_for_puppy.html?page=dog_wellness_dry_just_for_puppy). (wellness is considered OK by BFK, according to a volunteer lady my mom spoke to on the phone once, even though it's not currently in the list.)

the winner was the wellness. she likes going to the nearby pet food express store down the street, and they didn't seem to carry the smaller bags of the hund-n-flocken (she didn't feel like buying a 30-lb bag right off the bat), so she went for the just for puppy, which was available in a 6-lb bag. cost-wise, they were comparable at about $3 a pound.

she took a little pet food rating test online today, at you add or subtract food points based on what sort of ingredients are in the food.

the royal canin came in at about 93, and the wellness puppy one came in at 112! looks like the solid gold was already doing well as it is included in the site's sample runs.

my mom doesn't understand why the royal canin is considered 'premium,' with suboptimal ingredients (like the corn gluten meal), and how come it's so expensive compared to the other choices like wellness, at $5 a pound?!

i'm almost done with the royal canin puppy food, and then she's going to change me gradually to the wellness dry puppy food she already has lined up at home.

i like the canned/wet wellness puppy food a lot though ( ppy.html) -- it's super yummy! for that, i can sit still in front of my dish to scarf it all up! (i get distracted though, eating my dry royal canin, going back and forth to nibble, unless my mom sits by me and coaxes me to focus to eat!)

i also like the wellness puppy treats! ( _puppy.html)

now if only i could get her or my dad to give me interesting-smelling people food!! they're trying really hard not to give in, i know it! but someday..

here is a related interesting article about where some pet food comes from.. eww!!

have you asked your mom or dad where your food comes from?


my first two weeks with new parents

June 13th 2009 12:40 am
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well, it's been two weeks now since my new parents got me from my original family not too far away. i figured i should write an update.

i like my new parents a lot. i tend to be more of a "mama's boy", getting crazy-excited whenever i get to wake her up in the mornings when my dad puts me on their bed to help wake her up with lots of licks and kisses. but my dad plays with me too and helps me go potty throughout the day, and prepares breakfast for me in the mornings.

i'm being crate-trained right now, which means i spend a lot of time hanging out in my very-roomy "room" (aka, my crate), learning to hold my pee and things and to take naps and be a good boy. i do feel comfortable with the crate, but i don't like it sometimes when my parents are in another room far from me, and i can hear their voices but i can't play with them yet until the next potty/playtime. sometimes i whine, but that tactic doesn't seem to work with them! so i eventually relax and play with my stuffed hedgehog, bear, or chew on my nylabone.

i've been having a lot of potty accidents lately -- i don't think my parents are pleased. but they just keep on trying after a little scolding, and understand that i'm just a baby and still learning. but when i do go potty outside on the grass like they are teaching me to, i get to have some wellness treats! and boy are they yummy! (they use those too to trick me to go into the crate when it's time to go back in the crate!)

at night, i sleep in my crate -- but before that, after i potty for the last time for the night, my parents let me hang out on their bed with them a little. then, when i have to go back to my crate, i don't whine or cry like i used to a bit. i know it's time for me to sleep because the room gets dark.

i like meeting new humans. at first, i whined a little, making small, alarmed sounds when encountering strange new people and smells when my mom took me to some places. but today, i went to a motorcycle store, and there was a friendly old man who let me lick his hand and petted me kindly. i was a little shy at first, reaching out forward with my snout to smell his friendliness, but then it was ok. i really want to meet new creatures of all kinds, but i'm still getting used to this whole going around town sort of thing.

also, when my dad's family came and there were 5 people and i was a little overwhelmed at first. but i was happy at the same time too, so i quickly befriended the family members, who really liked me and played with me a lot. there were three small humans among them (kids), and that family has two dogs at their own home, i hear. i get to meet them after all my puppy shots are done!

there is a golden retriever next door named lola who is 2 or 4? who seems really friendly, and i can smell her and i try to reach out to her from under the fence. i try to make whimpering sounds to let everyone know that i really, really want to play with her! but my mom says that she'll try to see if she can coordinate a meeting with the other family so that i can properly meet lola soon. hooray!

i went to the mobile vet/clinic at pet food express the past weekend, and got my second set of puppy shots. i was a good boy, not squealing or squirming or anything, so i got a treat. i also got this snack thing which is supposed to help me not get wormy things in my tummy (eww!), and got something wet on my neck so that little critters called fleas won't bite me. i saw my vet again (my original family goes to the same vet too!), and i was a good boy there too. she said i was cute :)

i like toys now. i didn't the first few days i was at my new home, but then again, i was really confused and a little scared. i like the pink and neon green squishy plastic ball that my parents use to play fetch with me in the yard. i'm getting the hang of this fetch thing, although i still really want to hang on to the ball even though they tell me i should drop it. i also like playing around with me soft doggie bed, dragging it around the house and wrestling with it. i got a new toy recently -- a plastic ball that is attached to a critter (a weasel thing) by a string that moves around on its own! it's kinda intense. and i like my other balls and things that have bells in them.

a lot of these toys are my dad's previous dog friend's toys. his name was sebastian, and he was a beagle. he passed away from old age almost two years ago. dad gets sad about him still sometimes :( but it is nice of him to let me use sebastian's toys and crate! i will put them all to good use. and i'm glad that he let my mom bring me home and be the new puppy of the house.

it's late and i'm sleepy now, so i'll have to write more another time.

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