Dogster Holiday Obsession: Sent-Well Greeting Cards

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You know how you want to send your friend a cute dog card to mark a special occasion — like a birthday but then life happens, you get busy, and you forget? Well, forget no more. Sent-Well not only has adorable pet-themed cards (along with others), the service also offers to sign, seal, and deliver the card. Other benefits of the service: occasion reminders, adding small gifts to the card, and planning/scheduling your entire card sending at once. Military members get a military discount.

Image courtesy Sent-Well
Sent-Well offers holiday cards! (Photo courtesy Sent-Well)

Sent-Well was started by animal lover Nicole Elizabeth. “I felt there was a void in the market for pet-related greeting cards,” she said. “My pets are my kids, and I wanted to showcase cards that celebrate the joy they bring to my life.”

Nicole enjoys giving back. “Two of my favorite projects were for rescues: Second Chance Rescue, in NYC, and for Mac’s Mission (aka Mac the Pit Bull) from Missouri. For Mac’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, 100 percent of the proceeds went to Mac’s Mission.”

Image courtesy Sent-Well
Aren’t they adorable? (Photo courtesy Sent-Well)

Each year, Sent Well works with Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter to do an event called Mutts Mania and sponsor a canine couture fashion show. “This is a big event for us,” she said. “Everyone on the Sent-Well team gets involved, from creating costumes to reaching out to celebrities to join in the fun. Our goal is to showcase shelter pets in their best possible light regardless of breed or age.”

Image courtesy Sent-Well
Aw. (Photo courtesy Sent-Well)

Check out Sent-Well cards and service at Nicole’s site and on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook.

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