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National Dog Party Day 2024: When It Is & How Its Celebrated

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

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National Dog Party Day 2024: When It Is & How Its Celebrated

Not everyone loves a party, and many people find themselves sitting in the corner petting someone’s dog at house parties. What if you could attend a party that surrounded you with lots of dogs instead of people? That’s exactly what National Dog Party Day can be for you, not to mention how fun it can be for the pups involved. What exactly is this holiday, though? And when is it celebrated? National Dog Party Day is celebrated on the 21st of June every year. Keep reading to learn how you can take part in this awesome day!

When Is National Dog Party Day?

In 2023, this day occurs on a Wednesday, so it may not be a great day to spend the day partying with your pup if you have to be at work. Luckily, June 21st falls on a Friday in 2024, so you’ll be able to start the weekend on the right paw with your pup.

What Is National Dog Party Day?

three dogs in birthday party
Image Credit: BlessedMama219, Shutterstock

National Dog Party Day is one big party, but it’s intended to allow dogs to party with their canine friends. Even if your dog isn’t a fan of other dogs, you can still spend the day celebrating your dog and doing all the things they love to do. The holiday supports dogs and humans in getting out and socializing with other people and pets, but it’s also focused on providing a safe and enriching environment for your dog.

This holiday was founded by Arden Moore in 2011. Arden is a pet safety specialist, and the day was created simply to celebrate dogs and provide socialization opportunities. As you can imagine from Arden’s occupation, the primary focus of the day should revolve around finding safe and enjoyable opportunities to celebrate your pup.

Ways to Celebrate National Dog Party Day

To celebrate National Dog Party Day, consider setting up a playdate for your dog with their best canine pals. If you need to be able to control which dogs or the number of dogs that arrive at the party, it’s best to host the party at home.

For dogs that love to go for car rides and get out of the house, plan out a day of doing your dog’s favorite things. A walk to the park, a ride to the lake, or a visit to your dog’s favorite agility course or running track are all great ways to get out and celebrate your dog.

If your dog is a homebody or doesn’t like other dogs, that’s ok! There are still lots of fun things you can do together. Try a new game or puzzle with your dog, play with a new toy together, or just spend the day lounging together on the couch.

Dog at Party
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You can celebrate National Dog Party Day on June 21st every year! Spend the day celebrating your dog and take the opportunity to do something special for your pal. While this holiday is a great excuse to set up a puppy party with your dog’s friends, you can also find ways to celebrate with just the two of you if your dog doesn’t like to be around other dogs.

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