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National Spoil Your Dog Day 2024: What It Is & How to Celebrate

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Dogster Team

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National Spoil Your Dog Day 2024: What It Is & How to Celebrate

Mark your calendars, dog lovers! August 10 is National Spoil Your Dog Day, a canine-centric holiday that is as much a treat for owners as it is for pets. What could be a more fitting way to close out the dog days of summer than a perfect excuse to pamper your pup? For the endless comfort and unconditional devotion they happily supply, every pup deserves at least one day to call its own.

You won’t see advertisements for Spoil Your Dog Day or tons of themed products that make holidays like these easy to celebrate. We owners must fend for ourselves to make the day stand out for our four-legged friends. We’ll help you show your pup how much you care with this look at National Spoil Your Dog Day and tips to make it memorable for you and your pet.

When Is National Spoil Your Dog Day?

National Spoil Your Dog Day occurs every year on August 10. If you’re all about your pet, you know this is only one of several holidays sprinkled throughout the year that focuses on our canine companions.

Other popular dog holidays include:
  • National Walking the Dog Day: February 22
  • National Puppy Day: March 23
  • National Hug Your Dog Day: April 10
  • National Take Your Dog to Work Day: June 23
  • National Fetch Day: October 21
  • Thankful for My Dog Day: November 23

The list goes on and gets even longer when we consider all the breed-specific days to commemorate. And if you also have a cat? Your year is packed full of pet holidays from end to end. But that works fine for most folks, as roughly two-thirds of pet owners say they spoil their pets daily!

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What Is National Spoil Your Dog Day?

There’s no secret to celebrating National Spoil Your Dog Day since the instructions are in the name! We love spoiling our pets, often making them the center of the universe for more than one day out of the year. Nearly three-quarters of pet owners let their pets sleep in their beds, while almost two-thirds would break up with their partner if they didn’t like their pet!

You can’t deny that level of dedication. National Spoil Your Dog Day lets us shamelessly show our love for our furry friends. It should be a time for pure fun and enjoyment, a chance for you and your pup to release some endorphins with carefree time together.

Is There a National Dog Appreciation Day?

National Spoil Your Dog Day is one of the most fun days dedicated to dogs, but it’s not the premier canine holiday. Only two weeks after spoiling your dog, you’ll have to prepare for the big one, National Dog Day, held every August 26. Founded by animal advocate and author Colleen Paige, National Dog Day broadly recognizes a dog’s value for owners and others in the community.

Many unique breeds have holidays dedicated to them during the year. National Dog Day focuses on awareness and appreciation for dogs of any age, breed, or background. It brings light to needy animals in shelters and celebrates those that support their human companions in the hopes of improving the livelihood of dogs everywhere.

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How to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day

National Spoil Your Dog Day gives you all the freedom you need to indulge your pet. Put some responsibilities on hold for quality play time, give them an extra treat, or buy that expensive chew toy he’s had his eye on. If your dog comes out of the day with a pep in their step and a wagging tail, you’ll know you’ve done it right.

It’s easy to go overboard with the treats, toys, and all other forms of pampering that truly spoil your dog. But there are plenty of healthy ways to celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day that your dog will equally love.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you this holiday:
  • Offer healthier snacks like dehydrated fruit or preservative-free treats, so you don’t have to feel guilty about giving your pet a few extra
  • Take your dog to the pet store and let them choose a toy
  • Bring your dog to a dog park to socialize with other pets in the neighborhood
  • Bake special homemade dog treats
  • Get a new Frisbee or tennis ball set to play fetch in the backyard
  • Pack a picnic for a fun, food-filled day at the park
  • Take water-loving dogs to the beach or buy a kiddie pool for the yard
  • Get in some exercise at a new hiking spot
  • Beat the afternoon heat and cool down with frozen treats or doggy ice cream
  • Arrange a dog-themed movie marathon to enjoy with your pet
  • Pamper your dog with at-home grooming or an appointment at a local pet spa

While the lighter side of dog ownership should rule the day, National Spoil Your Dog Day can also be an annual reminder for vital vet visits and vaccinations. After all, the best way to spoil your dog is to keep them healthy and ensure they’ll have plenty of doggy holidays to celebrate for many years.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Spoiled

There’s a difference between a dog that only celebrates August 10 and a pup that thinks every day is National Spoil Your Dog Day. A spoiled dog isn’t ideal. Limited boundaries can lead to unwanted interactions with guests and people outside the house and cause plenty of havoc inside it.

Getting used to the new normal doesn’t take much time for owners. We don’t always realize when we’re overindulging our pets. Dogs should feel special, but if your pet is showing the following signs, they might have overblown their status in the household:

  • They’re overweight or obese
  • You frequently carry them or push them in a stroller
  • They’re quick to get comfy on the furniture or bed
  • They get picky about what they eat, often preferring human food
  • They whine or nudge until they get their way
  • They follow you around persistently or experience separation anxiety
  • They seem overly protective

Of course, not every sign means that your dog is truly spoiled. If your dog is well-behaved, it’ll understand boundaries despite a few quirks. It’s up to you to define those limits, and typically that starts with being safe, calm, and compliant around different people and places.

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Science has proven the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of owning a dog. It’s only fair that we repay our pups for all they do with a National Spoil Your Dog Day celebration focused on their total contentment. At the same time, you mustn’t feel like you have to wait on a holiday to celebrate your pet. Life with our dogs is surprisingly short, and while holidays like these are worth recognizing, we need to make every day with our dogs count.

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