10 Dog Holidays That Actually Exist

Wait. Ugliest Dog Day? Who knew? You should have! As our list proves, every dog has her day.

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Countless dog owners can attest that their four-legged friends love getting in on the holiday action, but did you know that there are certain days, weeks, and even months set aside to celebrate the many contributions of the canine world? Peruse our picks for the 10 most intriguing holidays for dogs.

1. Seeing-Eye Dog Day (January 29)

Some of the most noble pups in the service animal realm get a day to shine at the top of the year. For providing a window onto the world for their humans, these dogs deserve even more than that.

2. Dog Training Education Month (February)

Dog owners are encouraged to spend each day in February working on training issues. This can mean improving existing commands or developing some new ones, all with an eye toward raising kinder and gentler pups.

3. Sled Dog Day (February 2)

This holiday was established to further commemorate the 1925 Alaskan rescue mission that inspired the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. If there were any justice, these brave dogs would get to enjoy putting their paws up as they were pulled along for a day.

4. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (February 23)

It’s strange that the only global holiday on our list here is dedicated to dog treats. If you asked them, dogs would probably prefer something like an International Steak Appreciation Day, but that’s just a guess.

5. What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day (March 3)

The wackiest canine-related holiday of the year happens on this day. It’s fun to imagine what sort of housework our dogs could help us with if they did grow those opposable thumbs.

6. National Dog Bite Prevention Week (March 15-21)

This week, on the cusp of spring, helps to educate about the often-painful warning signal that a dog is angry or in some form of distress. Neglect and improper care can exacerbate the problem.

7. Prevent Lyme in Dogs Month (April)

An annual vaccination should help keep the potentially deadly tick-spread Lyme disease from grabbing hold of your dog. The month of April is traditionally earmarked to get the word out about this simple preventive measure.

8. Ugliest Dog Day (June 22)

Here’s a celebration of all the gorgeousness quirks and flaws that make a canine a true individual. Pooches who have faces only their mothers could love should be made to feel exquisitely beautiful on this day.

9. AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day (September 22)

Responsible dog owners should really be celebrated every day. But here’s an official excuse, courtesy of the American Kennel Club, to commemorate all of the loving and caring duties that make someone a great lover of dogs.

10. National Mutt Day (December 2)

December brings a little boon to Goldendoodles and their lovingly mixed ilk. It’s a special day to give those pups that might have missed the purebred train some extra love.

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