The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Little Miss Lexi

No. 12 on our list of the year's most notable dogs is a tiny gal with a big set of wheels -- and a big personality.


With the holiday season upon us and the year winding down, we’re casting a look back at the most notable, newsworthy, and lovable dogs we wrote about on Dogster in 2014. It’s a little tribute we like to call the 12 Dogs of Christmas — and today we kick off the list with a tiny dog and her set of big wheels.

12. Little Miss Lexi

Back in the sweltering month of July, we profiled Little Miss Lexi, a one-year-old PekingeseMaltese mix who scoots around her New York City stomping grounds on a slick set of wheels.

Despite being rescued from a backyard-breeder situation and not having the full use of her two front legs, Miss Lexi loves to commute with her mom, Mary Fayet, from her forever home in the Bronx to a midtown Manhattan office. As they take the bus and then walk to work, strangers often stop for a chat. “Lexi has a super personality,” Fayet told us. “We educate people that a wheelchair can save a dog’s life.” (She added that Lexi indulges in a daily hot dog for lunch, although she prefers to take her order without the bun and mustard.)

Since then, Facebook updates tells us that Lexi is doing great. She enjoys her charity work for the Posh Pets Rescue organization and has bloomed into something of a fashion hound — her current favorite outfit is a purple, quasi-plaid ensemble that pairs well with her wheels.

Miss Lexi also loves sharing her home with an influx of foster animals. Most touchingly, she’s taken a new addition named Pumpkin under her wing. With Pumpkin also without a full set of fully functioning legs, Lexi has bestowed her free-wheelin’ knowledge on the young pup. “It has been a busy day — I have been working hard teaching Pumpkin to use her wheels,” Lexi wrote on Facebook recently. How’s that for holiday spirit, huh?

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