Fleas and Ticks on Dogs in the Southeast

What do dog parents in the Southeast — including places like Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia — have to know about fleas and ticks on their canines?

Golden Retriever itching.
(Golden Retriever scratching. Photography by Neonci / Shutterstock.

In the hot, muggy humid environment of the southeastern United States — including places like Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia — fleas and ticks are less seasonal because of the steady climate.

Fleas on dogs in the Southeast

Russell Terrier jumping and running in grass.
What pests should dog parents in the Southeastern US be on the lookout for? Photography ©Martin Ruegner | Getty Images.

Pests like fleas can cause consistent problems for dogs year-round, says Dr. Richard Gerhold, assistant professor at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Knoxville.

Ticks on dogs in the Southeast

Mostly, the region has the lone star tick, which is identified by unusually long mouthparts, and one or more white spots on the back, and the American dog tick, which has shorter mouthparts and diffused white spots on the back.

According to the University of Georgia Extension website, the lone star tick bites large animals like livestock, smaller animals like cats and dogs, deer and humans. The American dog tick prefers dogs but also bites cats, larger animals and humans.

Pets in the southeast might also encounter the black-legged tick or the brown dog tick, the latter of which is tropical in nature and can’t survive outside. If your dog gets a brown dog tick, he probably got it from inside a building where ticks have been; for instance, if you move to a new house, Dr. Gerhold says.

Preventing fleas and ticks on dogs in the Southeast

You can minimize potential flea and tick problems in your yard by keeping your grass cut short to ensure that humidity is low, removing leaf litter, keeping the compost pile covered, and not feeding wildlife except for birds, Dr. Gerhold says.

More recommendations for preventing fleas and ticks on dogs:

Thumbnail: Photography by Neonci / Shutterstock.

It’s Flea and Tick Week sponsored by Andis on Dogster.com. Stay tuned for more tips on how to keep your dog and household safe from fleas and ticks!

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