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8 St. Patrick's Day Limericks as Written by Dogs

Q: How do dogs celebrate St. Patrick's Day? A: With really bad poetry!

 |  Mar 17th 2015  |   9 Contributions

Most humans celebrate St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and drinking artificially colored beverages. How do dogs celebrate St. Patty's? They write limericks, of course.

Dogs are known haiku masters, but their passion for poetry doesn't stop there. You may not know this, but dogs are great at rhyming. They'd never let on and only allow us to hear them speak simple woofs; however, their poochie poetry is nothing short of masterful. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, a few well-versed canines have decided to share their original limericks with us.  

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"Who's ready for a serious party?" Lab in Green Hat by Shutterstock

There once was a Boxer named Pete, 
Who had an obsession with feet;
And when he sniffed toes,
He dove in with his nose,
'Cause nothing ever smelled quite as sweet.

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"Which way to the good times?" Scottie in St. Patrick's Day Costume by Shutterstock

Max was a fine Border Collie,
Who took twenty minutes to pee;
It was never a race,
To find the right place,
And that's why he sniffed every tree.

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"Feelin' lucky?" Maltese With Green Hat by Shutterstock

There once was a fine man named McGuire,
Whose dog stole from a full clothesline wire;
He snagged every pair,
Of Miss Brown's underwear,
So she opted to buy a clothes dryer.

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"What? I'm totally Irish." Bulldog Puppy on Leash by Shutterstock

Rex always sat at Ms. Morgan's heel,
When she sat down to eat every meal;
When she got up for more bread,
He grabbed her steak and fled,
And thought she made too big a deal.

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"This IS my party face." Cranky St. Patrick's Day Dog by Shutterstock

Bo slept in the front doorway a lot,
Soon it was his favorite spot;
His whole family swore,
Instead they'd use the back door,
Bo had all his humans well-taught.

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"Ready for some shamrock-n-roll!" Boston Terrier With St. Patrick's Day Headband by Shutterstock

Sarah O'Malley knew Maxwell shed,
Still he constantly napped on her bed;
On all her clothes fur would stick,
And she gave not a lick,
In fact, his fur blessed her dress when she wed. 

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"Pucker up." Old English Bulldog With Bow Tie by Shutterstock

A feisty young Dachshund named Bruce,
Thought he as was big as a moose;
The neighbor dog who was buff,
Liked to call Bruce's bluff,
But the little dog thought him obtuse.  

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"All this partying makes me sleepy." St. Patrick's Day Puppy by Shutterstock

Does your dog write limericks? Give us a verse or two in the comments!

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