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Aww: Internet Sensation Riff Raff Gets a Puppy

Riff Raff the rapper adopts a puppy named Jody Husky. Together they plot to win a Grammy.

 |  Sep 20th 2013  |   6 Contributions

A new canine star in the making strutted onto the Internet earlier this month when the musician Riff Raff took to his Instagram account to announce he had added a puppy to his entourage. Named Jody Husky, the Siberian Husky looks to be in fine form and seems a natural fit for the high-profile life in the spotlight his owner keeps.

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Jody Husky and Riff Raff via the artist's Instagram account.

Not quite sure who the braided-hair and heavily-tattooed figure of Riff Raff is and why his new pup is such a big deal? Well, a brief formal primer would note Raffy's role as rapper signed to producer's Diplo's Mad Decent record label (which will release his upcoming Neon Icon album) and, more recently, as the inspiration for James Franco's character, Alien, in the movie Spring Breakers.

But Riff Raff is better characterized as the world's first and foremost Internet performance artist: His Twitter and Vine accounts are riotous experiences (although at times they can be a little not safe for the stuffy office place).

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But back to the pup! He's named Jody Husky in honor of Riff Raff's own Jody Highroller alias. His first online appearance came with Riff Raff formally announcing, "Jody Highroller and Jody Husky aka the Neon Puppy up early working on a Grammy." (Neon Icon is the title of Riff Raff's soon-coming debut album.) His black and white markings are a sobering contrast to Riff Raff's propensity to favor day-glow fabrics. Riff Raff has also become fond of posting up Vine videos of his new pal, including this one showing him zipping around on a skateboard after an "eight hour nap in the Netherlands."

Giving fans a glimpse into his daily life, Riff Raff then posted up a solo portrait of his pup and commented how, "Jody Husky wakes me up at sunrise everyday like a Versace alarm clock." Looks like true puppy love to me.

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