Janine Kahn

Janine is the founding editor and editor-in-chief of Dogster and Catster Magazines. She was named a "rising star" in media for 2013 by magazine industry organization Min. In previous career incarnations, she held web editor positions at Village Voice alternative newsweeklies (including SF Weekly and OC Weekly), the Los Angeles Times, and USC Annenberg’s Online Journalism Review.

She has several pompous-sounding awards from her days at the weeklies in a box in her storage unit, but Janine thinks it’s way more impressive that she has her dog tattooed on her skin in four different locations. Janine hates that she had braces on when the video below was shot but thinks you should see it anyway, vanity be damned.

Location: San Francisco, CA (but born and raised in Manila, Philippines)

Where You Can Stalk Me on the Internet: @janinekahn 

What I Do for a Living: I edit stories, editorial calendars, processes and people.

The Furry Members of My Household Are: Moxie, the tallest Italian Greyhound I know.

My Favorite Things to Write Are: Personal, bleeding-heart narratives; ridiculous listicles; general tomfoolery.

My Pet Peeves Are: People who misappropriate apostrophes; bigots and homophobes; retractable leashes.

How I Deal with Dog/Cat Hair: Mr. Mox doesn’t shed very much, and when he does I rarely notice because all my furniture is conveniently the same shade he is.

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: As a theatre kid growing up in Manila, Broadway was once my ultimate goal. But this was before I learned that the stage can be a cold, cruel mistress. Niche journalism, my other love, has proven to be a less temperamental partner.

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