Dog Is in the Details: Photographer Sharon Montrose Gets Close to Canines

Maybe it's just the tip of tail. Maybe it's smiling eyes and perked-up ears. Whatever it is, this photographer gets dogs.
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We’ve seen a million dogs, but it never gets old. Sure, we could wax philosophical about dogs all day long in a cafe with a cup of coffee and our faithful canine friends snoozing at our feet, but more than that, it’s the heart-racing glee of hearing that perfectly timed jingle-jangle of tags that signals an impending dog sighting that gets us going. The very image of a dog padding alongside her human at that almost lyrical trot-pace is enough to send us squealing, “Look! A dog!”

Photographer Sharon Montrose gets this. Her approach to photographing dogs and other animals is a simple and elegant celebration of their physical presence. Sometimes the frames feature nothing but the tip of a tail, but the image is familar and delightful enough to invoke the same feelings we get when we see the whole dog. That’s how we know we love our dogs.

As Sharon’s charming video I Love My Dog demonstrates, true love is adoring every nuance of our canine friends … from their toes to the tips of their tails.

Photos via Sharon Montrose’s website

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