Is Your Dog Your Valentine? Check Out These Gift Ideas!

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This Valentine’s Day, let’s make it official: You love your dog, perhaps a little more than other people will think is normal. But that’s OK. At Dogster, dogs are our valentines, and we like to treat them to something special when February rolls around.

1. Puppy Love Collar and Bracelet


We’ve all been there: envious of the increasingly cute collars out there for dogs and wishing someone would make the human equivalent. Friendship Collar has done exactly that (amazingly, minus the kink), and each collar comes with a matching friendship bracelet for people. Our pick for Valentine’s season, the Puppy Love set, is made of supple vegan leather.

$35, Friendship Collar

2. Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed in Tweed Rose


For the pupster who has everything, consider this gorgeous boat of a bed designed by Cloud7’s Petra Jungebluth (who has designed for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne) in tweed rose. It features a comfortable yet durable hemp-cotton blend to help your dog sail away to slumber and a removable cover for easy washing.

199-499 euro, Cloud7

3. Dash Frisbee

If your dog has an insatiable appetite for the game of fetch, treat her to the latest in Frisbee technology from West Paw Design. Its new Dash Frisbee features aerodynamic design, and its durable outer shell coats a soft, air-injected foam material for fast flight (and floating!).

$17.95, West Paw Design

4. Crazy Wiener Dog Lady Shirt

This February, it’s time you came out — as a wiener dog obsessive! This shirt is for you if you think pups with short, stumpy legs, doe eyes, and bodies that look like they belong between hot dog buns are your definition of perfection.


$39, bean goods

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