14 Dogs Who Demand a Belly Rub NOW

Our fingers are twitching after seeing these photos of touchable dog bellies. Proceed with caution.

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At our house, the pups order belly rubs in bed on a daily basis. Dolly rolls over onto her back, going into the full stretch that serves as my cue to pay her tummy some attention. Spot likes to provide a moving target, fully expecting me to rub his belly while he scratches his back against the bedspread.

With that in mind, I put together the following list of dogs who demand a belly rub NOW.

Dolly thought bubble: Get to work, lady.

Me: Yes, ma’am.

This Chihuahua uses telepathic powers to get belly rubs. And his tongue. That tongue!

Like my Spot, this adorable dog prefers to multitask. He will chew on his toy while I rub his belly.

Another multitasker, this pup will slobber all over my hand while I rub his belly.

Over on the Paws Abilities blog, a trainer discusses how to tell whether your dog wants a belly rub right NOW: Look for soft eyes and a loose, wiggly body, but avoid reaching out to a tense dog with wide eyes.

No, sir, it is not. Right away, sir!

I am powerless when it comes to Scottie puppies. Seriously, they wrap me around their little paws and get belly rubs for days.

Bulldog thought bubble: You, over there! Yes, you. Get over here and rub my belly.

Yes, I do want to rub your tummy. And I also want to smell your sweet puppy smell while I’m at it.

Frenchie thought bubble: My humans never give me belly rubs anymore. So, I will stare at them with my soulful brown eyes until they realize the error of their ways. I am not above being passive-aggressive to get a belly rub.

The dog demanded the cat give him a belly rub, and the cat, amazingly, complied.

If you insist!

Boxer thought bubble: I got the back covered, now you rub my belly.

You got it. Keep your second and third wish within my budget, though, please.

Let’s hear from you, readers. How do your dogs let you know it’s time for a belly rub? Please share in the comments — with photos, please!

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