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36 Akita Mixed Breeds (with Pictures)

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

Akita dog

36 Akita Mixed Breeds (with Pictures)

The Akita Inu, an ancient working breed native to Japan, is a majestic dog with an air of quiet dignity. Akitas have been employed throughout history as both hunting and guardian dogs and, in Japan today, are symbolic of health, longevity, and guardianship. They’re famous for being protective, loyal, and affectionate toward their families, and for having a natural distrust of strangers and other dogs.

So, what happens when this noble canine is crossed with other breeds? A lot, it seems. In this post, we reveal 36 known Akita mixes, but there could very well be more out there. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the results of these (sometimes rather unusual) breed pairings.

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The 36 Akita Mixed Breeds

1.  Akita x Shiba Inu

Akita Inu puppy outdoors
Image By: Kristina Chizhmar, Shutterstock

Akitas are sometimes mistaken for Shiba Inus, another native Japanese breed developed for hunting. The result of an Akita-Shiba Inu pairing is a medium-sized dog with the hallmark features of both parent breeds—the curled-over tail, foxy face, and dense coat. Shiba Inus are known, generally, for being very alert and intelligent, and they may be a bit less suspicious of strangers and other dogs than Akitas.

2. Akita x Malamute

Another Spitz-type breed, the Alaskan Malamute (Malakita) is a large, hardworking, family-oriented, and loyal dog that has been used throughout history as a sledding dog. A cross between a Malamute and an Akita produces a large dog with a dense, weather-hardy coat that could come in a wide variety of colors.

3. Akita x Husky

huskita lying on the ground
Image Credit: New Digital Age Media, Shutterstock

An Akita crossed with a Siberian Husky (Huskita) creates a truly stunning mix—a dog medium-to-large in size with a double coat and wolfish facial features. Blue eyes are also possible due to this trait being common in Huskies. Huskies are generally very friendly, people-loving dogs, which may balance out some of the Akita’s wariness of strangers.

4. Akita x Poodle

Also known as an Aki-poo, the Akita-Poodle mix is a dog that can vary in size due to the range of Poodle sizes. The physical traits can also vary—the coat will either be straight or curly, the ears could be erect or floppy, and facial features could more strongly resemble those of either parent. Poodles are highly intelligent, vivacious dogs with a good sense of humor.

5. Akita x Labrador

Labradors are famously faithful, energetic, and family-oriented dogs with short double coats that come in three colors—chocolate, yellow, and black. The Akita-Labrador cross (Labrakita) produces a medium-to-large dog with an often medium-length coat and either triangular, erect ears or soft, floppy ears. The fox-like facial features of the Akita may also be present.

6. Akita x Golden Retriever

This mix is commonly called a “Golden Akita.” When it comes to general personality traits, the sociable and extraverted Golden Retriever and the aloof and dignified Akita are poles apart, but this pairing might just create the perfect balance. Both Goldens and Akitas have medium-length coats, but the Golden Akita’s coat might be somewhere in between smooth (Golden) and plush (Akita).

7. Akita x Boxer

The Boxer is famous for being spunky, good-humored, active, and loving. The Akita-Boxer combination (Boxita) is likely to result in a muscular, medium-to-large dog with upright ears and a short or medium coat that’s either on the smooth or plush side (or a mix of both). The Boxita may also inherit the Boxer’s deep chest. The facial expression could be foxy and solemn like the Akita or alert and inquisitive like the Boxer.

8. Akita x German Shepherd

Cross an Akita with a German Shepherd, and you’ve got a Shepkita on your hands. The German Shepherd has a medium-length double coat just like the Akita, and a wide range of colors and color combinations (for example, black and cream) are possible. The Akita and German Shepherd also share a solid work ethic, having both come from working backgrounds, and both are naturally protective, though German Shepherds are considered to be more adaptable.

9. Akita x Corgi

When the Akita is mixed with the clever and affectionate Corgi (Corgita), the result is a medium-sized dog with a short or medium-length double coat, large, prominent ears, and, very possibly, that infamous Corgi “smile”. Some breeders combine the Akita and Corgi with the German Shepherd, which tends to produce a dog with bear-like features.

10. Akita x Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is an ancient Chinese breed that shares many similarities with the Akita. Chow Chows, like Akitas, are notorious for being reserved around strangers but affectionate with family, very protective, and have a real air of dignity about them. A mix of the two results in a physically impressive dog with a medium-length double coat that could either be rough or smooth.

11. Akita x Pug

A crossing of the dignified Akita and the happy-go-lucky Pug (Pugita) may seem an unlikely one, but it does happen. The Pug’s small size and the Akita’s large size combine to make a medium-sized dog that looks like a taller version of the Pug but that may inherit a more serious-looking face from the Akita parent. A Pugita may also be slightly fluffier than a Pug. Pugs are brachycephalic, and the Pugita may inherit this trait.

12. Akita x Saint Bernard

Both the Akita and Saint Bernard (Akita Bernard/Saintkita) are physically very impressive canines, so imagine what happens when the two are crossed. In pictures of this mix, we can see a huge dog with Saint Bernard-like markings, a short coat, and a solemn yet alert facial expression like the Akita but, as with all mixed breeds, physical traits may vary. Saint Bernards are reputed to be the gentle giants of the dog world.

13. Akita x Newfoundland

Like the Saint Bernard, the Newfoundland is another gigantic but gentle and sweet-natured dog. You can expect this mix to be huge (possibly weighing up to 150 pounds) with a medium-length double coat. The coat may be dark like the Newfoundland’s often is, or it could display a combination of colors like the Akita.

14. Akita x French Bulldog

This mix is referred to as a “Bullkita”. Like the Akita-Pug crossing, this is an unusual combination that appears to produce a medium-sized dog with similar facial features to the French Bulldog, though the coat may be somewhat fluffier than a purebred French Bulldog thanks to the Akita genes. It’s important to note that French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, a trait that may be passed on to the Bullkita.

15. Akita x Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is a dog of Chinese origins that looks very different from the Akita but shares the Akita’s reputation for independence and strong loyalty. Mixing the two seems to produce a dog with a smoothed-out body and facial features as opposed to the famous Shar Pei skin folds. The dogs in the available photos, however, have inherited the Shar Pei’s short coat. The curled-over tail is a trait of both breeds, so the Akita Shar Pei mix will inherit this.

16. Akita x Border Collie

The Akita-Collie cross could come in a variety of colors. Many have black and white coats, though these tend to be somewhat fuzzier than those of pure Border Collies. Many seem to inherit the Akita’s upright ears, but some have floppy ears like the Border Collie. Border Collies are highly active and intelligent dogs that need a great deal of mental stimulation.

17. Akita x Pomeranian

The small but spirited Pomeranian meets the quiet and noble Akita in this very unique mix. Likely to be small or medium in size, the Pomkita retains the Spitz-type features and foxy looks of both parent breeds, but the expression may be more wide-eyed and inquisitive than that of an Akita.

18. Akita x Bernese Mountain Dog

The Akita and Bernese Mountain Dog are two breeds similar in size and coat type (medium, double), though coat color possibilities are more limited for Bernese Mountain Dogs. They’re also both famous for having a calm, dignified disposition, but Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally more open to strangers and other dogs.

19. Akita x Bulldog

The proud Akita and kind, sociable Bulldog couldn’t be more different, especially in terms of body type, so a combination of the two is likely to produce some interesting features. An Akita-Bulldog mix may inherit the Bulldog’s short snout and wrinkled skin, and they’re likely to be quite muscular. Note that Bulldogs are brachycephalic due to their short snouts.

20. Akita x Australian Shepherd

To get an idea of what an Akita-Australian Shepherd cross may look like, imagine a dog with the Australian Shepherd’s coat and body type with the Akita’s head and face type and erect ears. Australian Shepherds are very intelligent, trainable dogs that love being kept busy, so they may bring a bit of oomph into the mix.

21. Akita x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Akita-Staffy mix blends one large and one medium-sized dog to create, no doubt, one big softie. Staffies are famous for their friendliness, which could bring a touch of mellowness to the more guarded Akita. Appearance-wise, the Akita-Staffy mix is medium-sized, and many inherit the erect ears of the Akita, but the short Staffy coat.

22. Akita x Pit Bull

The term “pit bull” is an umbrella term often used to describe medium-sized, mixed-breed dogs with muscular bodies, short coats, and long, thin tails. It’s not a specific breed, as commonly thought, though there is a UKC-recognized breed with “pit bull” in the name (American Pit Bull Terrier). Pit bulls are so diverse that a wide variety of physical traits are possible for an Akita mix. Upright ears seem to be common, as do the short pit bull-type coats.

23. Akita x Great Dane

One thing’s for sure—an Akita-Great Dane mix is one impressive dog. The Great Dane brings sheer height to the mix and shares the Akita’s reputation for unshakeable dignity and courage, but they’re also famously gigantic softies, something that’s immediately apparent whenever you meet one of these gentle giants. This mix has noticeably huge ears and legs that go on for miles.

24. Akita x Cane Corso

Like the Great Dane, the majestic Cane Corso is a dog you simply can’t help but notice. When mixed with an Akita, the result is a large, muscular dog with a somewhat doleful expression similar to that of Cane Corsi. The Akita may contribute a bit of fluffiness to the smooth Cane Corso coat. Cane Corsi, like Akitas, are generally protective, though they may be less wary than the Akita. They’re also often very devoted dogs.

25. Akita x Bullmastiff

The fearless and unfailingly loyal Bullmastiff is another breed sometimes paired with the Akita. Together, they make one massive, muscular dog, often with short hair, though this may vary. The Bullmastiff has a very large, almost square-shaped head that seems to narrow out somewhat when crossed with an Akita. In addition, the slim Bullmastiff tail may be more fluffed up than it is in pure breeds.

26. Akita x Blue Heeler

Also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, the Blue Heeler is a dog from a herding background. Another fun fact: the Dingo is among the Blue Heeler’s relatives. Blue Heelers have blue, blue-mottled, blue-speckled, red-mottled, or red-speckled coats, and this coat type may be passed on to the Akita-Blue Heeler mix. Blue Heelers are typically intelligent, hardworking, and agile dogs.

27. Akita x Mastiff

Mastiffs are simply enormous but bighearted dogs that have, quite literally, fought many battles throughout history. They were once put to use as war dogs but, like the Akita, have also been employed as guardian dogs. A combination with the Akita makes a large, powerful, and often short-coated dog with a more slender, less jowly face than the pure Mastiff. Some inherit the Mastiff’s floppy ears, whereas others inherit the erect Akita ears.

28. Akita x American Bulldog

The American Bulldog’s ancestors were English Bulldogs, and these dogs have what we might call a smoother overall appearance than their English cousins. Confident and self-assured, the American Bulldog may be somewhat livelier than the quietly confident Akita. Together, they produce a medium-to-large dog, often with a short coat and more Bulldog-like facial features, but anything is possible.

29. Akita x Dalmatian

Imagine an Akita-like head with a black and white spotted body and a bit of extra fuzz, and you’ve got yourself what’s called an “Akitamatian”. Dalmatians are famous for their exuberance, agility, and high energy, though it’s possible that their Akita genes might mellow them out a little.

30. Akita x Rottweiler

Another guardian breed, Rottweilers sure know how to handle themselves. However, well-socialized Rottweilers make absolutely lovely and gentle family companions and know when to reign in their suspicion of strangers. Some Rottie-Akita mixes have a short coat like the Rottweiler but with an extra touch of plushness from the Akita.

31. Akita x Samoyed

Samoyeds turn heads wherever they go thanks to their gorgeous and fluffy white coats. Akita-Samoyed crosses tend to be fluffy like the Samoyed, but with dark heads and markings in various places on their bodies. Samoyeds are often described as being very sweet-natured dogs with hearts of gold and a touch of mischief.

32. Akita x Great Pyrenees

Black and White Fluffy Border Collie Akita Great Pyrenees Mixed Breed Dog Running in Snow
Image Credit: Stephanie Freygang, Shutterstock

The Great Pyrenees can grow to be larger than the Akita (males in particular), reaching up to 32 inches at the shoulder. Only one color is possible for Great Pyrenees: white. Some Akita-Great Pyrenees mixes have white bodies with darker-colored heads, and some also have a large percentage of dark shades on the rest of their bodies. A white chest is common.

33. Akita x Rhodesian Ridgeback

Akita Rhodesian Ridgeback on the beach
Image Credit: jack_photo, Shutterstock

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are approximately the same size as Akitas but, otherwise, the two breeds couldn’t be more different. The Akita may add a bit of plush and bulk to the slender Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as a fluffier tail. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are typically very active dogs that love their families deeply, though they also often have an independent streak.

34. Akita x Beagle

Though it may seem like an unlikely pairing, the Akita-Beagle blend does come around now and again. There aren’t many photos available, but we can see a dog with a Beagle-like body and face but with coloring more similar to an Akita, though this may vary, as with any mix. Beagles are generally happy, lively souls who enjoy human company very much. They also have a really cute habit of making yodel-like noises.

35. Akita x Jack Russell

Akita Jack Russell
Image Credit: Helena Green, Shutterstock

Cross the spunky, courageous Jack Russell, a terrier breed, with the dignified Akita, and you get a dog of medium size with erect ears, a short coat, alert, cheerful expression, and that infamous curly tail. This is a pretty uncommon mix, but it has been known to happen, as evidenced in a few photos.

36. Akita x Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is truly a sight to behold. With their unique coat color patterns, striking blue or odd-colored eyes, and powerful bodies, being around these dogs is a real experience. These traits may be passed on to the Akita-Catahoula mix. Catahoula Leopard Dogs are known for being assertive, fiercely loyal, and very alert.

37. Akita x Doberman

Like the Akita, the Doberman is naturally protective, a trait passed down from their protection dog ancestors. Doberman Pinschers are around the same height as Akitas, but the Doberman isn’t as big-boned and has a more tucked-in waist. Moreover, the Doberman has a straighter, more rectangular head than the Akita’s curved one.


One thing’s for sure; there are some incredibly diverse Akita crosses out there with a real hodgepodge of physical traits. If you’re considering getting an Akita or an Akita mix, we recommend having a look around local shelters or reaching out to a rescue organization. There is a multitude of very unique mixed breeds searching for forever homes. Some organizations even specialize in finding new homes for Akitas specifically.

Featured Image Credit: Anaite, Shutterstock

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