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Recently I did a follow-up on Dogster's new Together Tag, an innovative pet ID and recovery service. Since we hadn't received our tags yet I...

Recently I did a follow-up on Dogster’s new Together Tag, an innovative pet ID and recovery service. Since we hadn’t received our tags yet I used a review from our very own Dr. Barchas.

He was very pleased with the product, for many reasons, but one that really stood out to me was the fact that anyone with an internet connection can use the Together Tag. Microchips must be scanned with a special device, one not available to the public. This way, when a good Samaritan picks up your dog they will have immediate access to all your dog’s information. Including medical needs or special care.

Lisa and I just received our Together Tags and very much agree with Dr. Barchas. While the tags are in no way a substitution for microchips, which remain the most effective way to identify your pet permanently, they’re an added measure to ensure your dog will be returned home safely.

The tags themselves are great. They are extremely sturdy, and made to weather all outside elements. Last week ABC 7, in San Francisco, did a news segment on the Together Tag. They interviewed Kathryn Lubin who recently got a Together Tag for her dog.

“I’d be completely devastated and heartbroken,” said Lubin.

That’s why she invested $25 in the Together Tag from the people at pet Web sites Dogster.com and Catster.com.

The tag includes the pet name, an ID number and a Web site to go to so your lost pet can get found.

“On his little Web site, if you type in a number, you see his photographs, there are three or four different contact numbers for him, his veterinarian information, his allergies, even the commands he obeys. Anything you could possibly need to know about my dog,” said Lubin.

Watch the ABC 7 full story and interview on their site.

The other great thing, you can go online 24/7 to update your dog’s information. Statistically it’s said only 1 in 5 dogs who are lost are ever reunited with their owner. Not great odds, which is why we ordered the tags.

You can talk with other Dogsters who have ordered the tag at the new Together Tag group.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get tagged!

* Lucy wearing her Together Tag

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