Update on the Search for Dogster Cheyenne

Thanks to Liz Marshall for barking in this update on the search for our lost pack member, Cheyenne. (Joy note -- I have just received...



Thanks to Liz Marshall for barking in this update on the search for our lost pack member, Cheyenne.

(Joy note — I have just received word that Cheyenne HAS BEEN FOUND and is now home! Yayyyy!!! Happy barks!!!! Here’s a link to Cheyenne’s diary with all the details.)


Hi all: Thank you very much for concern about lost dog Cheyenne! HER MOM’S LATEST UPDATE FOLLOWS HERE. Please use the new flier in emailing to your friends and associates. Or print directly from Photobucket. It is much clearer than the first one, especially if printed. It states Reward, includes the Seattle Animal Control Officer’s number, and the imperative not to chase her.

This is the link to Cheyenne’s info on Dogster

Here is a very nice bike map from King County which might be helpful if you are helping to search for her.

Mom Chantelle wrote this update 6/13:

First off – Thank You so much Dogster for making
Cheyenne the dog of the day !!! We got so many great stars , rosettes, and pup-pal requests and also Thanks to all of you who continue to light candles for her on her candle page – I wish I had the time to write each and everyone of you toThank You personally – and I will just as soon as I can.

Two days ago – Monday – there were 2 seperate possible sightings – the first was from a child who said they saw her at the Sunset Park apartments near Bernie and Boys Grocery Store between 1st and 4th Ave Sw at SW 114th – unfortunately i didn’t get too much information -because they called from a restricted number and our call got cut off and they never called back -we were up there within a couple minutes of getting the call and had 3 of us driving the area (My Mom, Husband and Myself) and talking to and giving fliers to every kid and adult we ran into –
no one seemed to have seen the dog or know anything about it – I then got out and walked from the sunset park apts to home (West) – which is not too far – cutting through the Evergreen pool area by the field & track -(Evergreen Highschool) to see if I could spot her in there – I called for her but did not ever see any dog running loose – i then went back and got my car – and drove around for another hour or so – and then got a second call from a man who said he was 50% sure he saw Cheyenne – he even called out to her while i was on the phone – unfortunately he could not follow her because she went through a trail at a dead end on 8th Ave Sw off of SW 125th Street – heading North to 122nd street – I was still in my car and got there literally within about 2 minutes – I immediately parked my car there at the dead end and took Star with me to try and see if she could track or pick up her scent – we walked from there over to the Salmon Creek Park – (had my mom and the owner of the groomers and also an employee came who drove around the area while I walked around with Star ) and searched through there as well as talking to anyone on our way there and back – again – no one seemed to have seen her and Star did not act as if she was on the trail of Cheyenne like she has before when we have been in an area that I was sure she had been – of course Star has not been trained to track – but she does use her nose quite well.

All these areas are just south of the White Center Heights area – which is also on 8th Ave SW and SW 102nd (where she was seen with a woman who was waking her ) who apparently let her go because she thought she was going to get into trouble for having her ???? (according to the pet psychics)

The next day (yesterday) i spent the day with my mom and Star and Zeke walking the entire neighborhood – from Home over to Lakewood Park (the Old Hicks Lake) next to Cascade middle school – over to Evergreen Highschool and then over to Salmon Creek Park and then back through the side streets and then back to home – trying to leave a scent trail back to
home for Cheyenne to follow – trying to go the safest way for her to get home – we are on 12th Ave SW.

Today I went and searched some more – found a dog up the street from our house that looked much like Cheyenne only with shorter fur – who was in a yard – I did go and talk to the owners and I know it was not her – but from a distance it did look like her -they knew all about Cheyenne and will be watching out for her too.

I know many people are helping us look for Cheyenne and we want to Thank You all so much !!!!!! We do want to stress though that from talking to pet psychics and pet communicators -Cheyenne is very overwhelmed – They do feel that she is close to home and also feel that she will be able to find her way home – I am going to continue to walk Star back and forth from the 2 parks and areas around our house back to home in hopes that she will pick up the scent and find her way home soon! – IF SEEN PLEASE REMAIN CALM – get down on her level – even sitting or lying on the ground – do not act as if you want to catch her -as this will most likely make her run – and she is too quick please speak to her softly using her nick name Shy-Shy – or try and call me asap and keep her in sight -PLEASE DO NOT CHASE – this could frighten her and cause her to run into a street and get hit or run farther away and become even more disorientated – PLEASE READ – the THINK LOST NOT STRAY ARTICLE for more information on how to approach a shy skittish dog – She has always been shy since she was a pup – and has now been missing for over 2 months ! –


We do believe we will get her back or she will find home. We will continue to update you with as much information as we can. – I would greatly appreciate your help crossposting this information to other groups and members who are out looking for Cheyenne as I am truely exhausted and need some sleep and still spend most of my time searching found ads, all the classifieds and searching the streets.

THANK YOU : ) CALL 206 -851 – 5294 IF SEEN!!! OR FOUND : )

Chantelle (Shy’s Mom) and Cheyennes Family !

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