Take A Bite Outta Crime

This story puts a whole new twist on taking a bite outta crime. A deputy in Hope Mills, N.C. was answering a call from a...


This story puts a whole new twist on taking a bite outta crime. A deputy in Hope Mills, N.C. was answering a call from a woman who wanted to issue a complaint about the neighbor’s dog.

Once the deputy arrives things get a little strange, here are the details from the Associated Press.

In he Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department says a pit bull deflated all four tires of Deputy Lynn Lavallis’ cruiser near Hope Mills on Sunday. Spokeswoman Debbie Tanna says Lavallis parked his car in a woman’s driveway while responding to her complaint about another dog. When Lavallis went to speak with Gloria Bass, the dog chomped into the tires.

You’ll be happy to hear no charges were filed against the dog, but he may be in the dog house because his owner got a $500 bill for a set of new tires.

Another favorite rubbery chew toy for dogs is the well-known Kong. Did you ever wonder how the Kong came about? Well, it begins with a German Sheppard named Fritz, his owner and a Volkswagen Van.

Fritz, a police dog, enjoyed chewing rocks to relieve the stress of the day. This activity wore Fritz’s teeth down, frustrating his owner Joe Markham as well as his dentist, Dr. Christian Szell.

One afternoon while working on his Volkswagen Van, Joe noticed Fritz dining on rocks once again. It had been a particularly harrowing day of capturing criminals and Fritz was taking it out on a tasty piece of basalt. Out of desperation, Joe began disassembling the van he was working on and threw parts near Fritz to see if he could be coaxed away from his destructive dinner.

Radiator hoses didn’t work – neither did anything else until he pulled off a suspension part and gave it to Fritz. The suspension part was covered with a rubbery, ribbed boot. Right away, Fritz was ecstatic. His encounter with the Michelin Man earlier in the day may have had something to do with the immediate attraction; regardless of the motivation the KONG was born!

Our boy Bo (woof) did a review on the Kong, to see how he rated this toy stop by Bo Knows.

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