Tails of Devotion

When Community Dog Randi told me Dogster was going to be featuring "Tails of Devotion" I thought great! Now I can cry more! And boy...


Share Your Story Of Love Through Tails Of Devotion

When Community Dog Randi told me Dogster was going to be featuring “Tails of Devotion” I thought great! Now I can cry more! And boy was I right! And that’s a GOOD thing!

As you may have guessed, I get all weepy over people connecting with their dogs. And when they write it down, well, let’s just say, I keep a lot of tissues around and try not to read those poems or what have you before I have to be seen in public. Until big, red noses and runny make-up are fashionable I’ll have to restrict my tearjerker reading to late nights.

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog since the beginning may remember I blogged on “Tails of Devotion” a while back. So I thought I knew what I was in for when I started reading Dogsters’ entries. I WAY underestimated how talented Dogsters are and how moving the entries would be!

Just like you, I want to read through the entries. Some are short and cute. Some are longer and make me weep openly (which really upsets Beatrice and Star). Some are like gentle hugs. But all of them will touch you. Once and a while, I’ll pull out one of these Dogster Tails and share it with you. Like this one for Lyle.

Lyle’s mom’s Tail is not one of the weepy ones. Its more like a pat on the head or a good cuddle. But it touches you. And that’s a good thing too.

Deep Thoughts, by Lyle
My Tail of Devotion for Lyle

I originally thought that the “Tail of Devotion” would allow me to tell all of the Dogsters why I love Lyle. But now I see I’m supposed to tell Lyle why I love him, which is a bit more challenging. I see it as a dialogue:

Me: Hey, Lyle, c’mere, buddy.

Lyle: Hi there, nice lady. Do I know you?

Me: Ah, yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ve met.

Lyle: Oh. Okey dokey. You got anything to eat?

Me: In a minute. I want to tell you something. I want you to know how much I adore you.

Lyle: More than chicken?

Me: Yes, Lyle, more than chicken. You are such a sweet, uncomplicated soul and I love that about you.

Lyle: What does uncomplicated mean?

Little Bit: She means you’re simple, stupid.

Lyle: Hey! This is my Tail of Devotion! What are you doing here?

Little Bit: I can’t help it if I read faster than you.

Me: Dogs! Focus! Lyle, what I meant was that you are simply joyful. You show me what kind of happiness I might attain by uncluttering my mind and focusing on what makes me happy.

Lyle: Chicken makes me happy. Is this the part where you say what a good dog I am?

Me: You’re a very good dog, Lyle. You can always make me smile, no matter what crazy dumb stuff you might do.

Lyle: The dumb stuff rings a bell.

Me: I love you for your enthusiasm. I love you for your joy.

Lyle: Blah, blah, blah. Are we done yet? Can we eat?

Me: Yes, Lyle, we can eat.

You can write your own Tail of Devotion by following this link. Who knows? The next time you check out the blog, you might see yours featured here.


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