Recap – Greatest American Dog Week 3

Week three of Greatest American Dog is over and its sure to have folks talking. Heres what I liked about last nights show: Elvis being...


Week three of Greatest American Dog is over and its sure to have folks talking.

Heres what I liked about last nights show: Elvis being allowed to redeem himself and play with the other dogs. He and Tillman going at it had me cracking up. I could watch 60 minutes of just dogs playing. It puts a smile on my face, and I know if I looked across the room at my wife, shed be smiling too.

What didnt I like last night? Its starting to take on that Survivor mentality. After winning the team event, Travis and Brandy voted to put Laurie in the dog house. Heres a woman who, up to that point, had been a kind, loving owner with nothing but helpful tips for others. Why her? The fact Travis saw her as a threat was the motivation. I dont like that tone at all. Im watching because of the human-canine bond. I get enough of the human-human clash in real life.

Maybe it was just me, so I decided to ask my viewing partners their thoughts.

I asked Logan, who he thought should have been given their walking papers. He turned to me and said, Pop, it was team week. You dont throw members of your own team under the bus. Based on that I have to let Laurie and Andrew go. Not only did Laurie throw David and Elvis under the bus, she backed over him a couple of times.

Then it was Coppers turn. Well, I dont like people who cheat. Brandy helped Beacon at the end of the agility run by lifting up that thingamajig. Also, Andrews mom poked a huge hole into one of the hoops that he had to jump thru. Based on that, I would vote Brandy off the show.

After a pause, Copper confessed, The fact her high pitched voice hurts my ears may have influenced my decision.

Finally, the cagey veteran Bo had his say. You need to keep the human personalities out of it. Its all about the dogs and how well they work with their owners. Based on the first three episodes, Elvis was the weakest competitor left. Although I must admit he was amazing on the maze portion of his event. Still, he had to go. Hey Logan, you gonna finish that biscuit?

To the untrained ear it sounded like this:

Logan: Aarff

Copper: Grrrrr

Bo: Woof

Which may also be translated to mean, “We love this show and will be back watching it next week!!”

I’ll be watching too.

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