PuppyPurse or Puppy Curse?

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/pets_animals/PuppyPurse_or_Puppy_Curse_PICS'; The PuppyPurse looks like a BabyBjorn infant carrier gone horribly wrong. And it may well feel like one too, to the hapless...


The PuppyPurse looks like a BabyBjorn infant carrier gone horribly wrong. And it may well feel like one too, to the hapless dog who ends up in a PuppyPurse. We wonder what the contraption does for a dog’s circulation — or self-esteem. You can just hear a PuppyPursed dog in therapy now. “I am not an object. I am not an accessory.”

But no matter. It’s really all about looks. “Like a star stepping off of the silver screen, your pup will make a sterling impression wrapped in this sleek, shimmering stretch PuppyPurse — proof positive that gold isn’t all that glitters! Next stop: Hollywoof!” declares the purse’s promotional literature for the Silver PAWlish model, pictured above.

Here's a dog who is obviously thrilled that he's about to become somebody's handbag.

The PuppyPurse people say their strapping invention is perfectly safe for dogs: “Our veterinarians simply love PuppyPurse, and those on The Rachel Ray Show and Good Morning American Weekend pronounced it safe and a great way to carry a small dog. It’s also great for small dogs that have physical infirmities. Just make sure to get the right size for your dog!”

The right size would seem to help. When I saw that PuppyPurses go all the way up to XXL, I thought of my dog Jake. He’s about 95 pounds, which qualifies for XXL in most dog products. But alas, his chest measures 36 inches around, and XXL PuppyPurses are made for chest sizes of under 20 inches. So by this logic, Jake would need an XXXXL. And thank god for my shoulders that they just don’t make ’em that big. Anyway, I don’t think Jake would feel comfortable with me opening him up and groping around for my hairbrush or car keys.

Do any Dogsters have experience with PuppyPurses? Does your dog like them? Are they fashion statements, major conveniences, or literal pains in the butt (check out the hiney straps on the little guy below)?


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