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As I've said before, we have some of the best and most dog-devoted people in the world here at Dogster. Here is one of the...



Small Town Animals At Risk

As I’ve said before, we have some of the best and most dog-devoted people in the world here at Dogster. Here is one of the many essential and successful projects our fellow Dogsters are focusing their efforts on in their quests to help furry companions.

Jan Armstrong wrote:
Pet Abuse and Killing Shelters

Dear Joy,
You are doing a great job on the dogster blog. The dogster blog is giving us awareness on topics that most of us have never given a thought about.

There is a topic that our nation needs to be aware of and I, being a member of the Pound Puppy Project of Dogster, am asking you to consider writing a spot or even a series to address this problem.

As we all know, there are thousands of pet quality animals needlessly put to death. What most do not realize is that this catastrophic event occurs in numberous proportions in the smaller cities and little town of our nation. Monetary donations are made to No-Kill shelters from all across the nation to organizations as the ASPCA and The North Shore Animal League. These donations are a benefit to those animals that are lucky enough the born in places like New York City, Miami, & San Francisco to name a few.

Where is our help? Why are the animals in the smaller cities and towns being forgotton? Why is their abuse and slaughter being swept under the rug? My town shelter calls itself The Humane Society. This name is a misconception. There is nothing humane about the way they treat animals. This shelter does not give veterinary care of any kind (last spring parvo ran through the shelter and 3/4 of the dogs were left to die within hours.), spay/neuter before adoption, or rescue neglected/abused pets. The shelter does not even have adoption fairs to get these animals out to the public. The animals at the shelter are killed after 7 days. That’s it.
What kind of a chance it that to find a home?

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will take this into consideration.
Jan Amstrong
Dakota of The Pound Puppy Project

Here is a little more info on this dedicated group:

The Pound Puppy Project
Spreadin’ Some Real Dogster Love
Welcome to the Pound Puppy Project! We’re a community of Dogsters and Catsters who are on a mission to help make shelters around the world a better place for homeless dogs and cats while they wait for their furever home.

Great group! Great cause! Great Dogsters and Catsters! Check them out!

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