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How Much Does It Cost to Own a Pit Bull? (2024 Update)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Does It Cost to Own a Pit Bull? (2024 Update)

There are only a few pleasures in life that may beat having a pet, and once you have chosen to add one to your life, it’s time to face the reality of caring for the animal and the costs. A Pitbull is a misunderstood breed, but any Pitbull owner will tell you that you have made the best decision.

You have likely studied its history, its temperament, and care needs, and now that you are ready, you need to know how much it will cost. It can be easy to underestimate the cost of owning a Pitbull because people tend to focus more on the price of the dog and forget about the initial set-up costs and ongoing monthly expenses which can be $150-$400 per month.

We are here to help! In this guide, we’ll help you consider all the expenses to ensure you have the budget to adopt your Pitbull.

Bringing Home a New Pitbull: One-Time Costs

The most obvious one-time cost will be the price of your Pitbull puppy. This cost will vary depending on whether you get your Pitbull from a shelter, rescue center, or breeder. Other one-time costs include your initial setup costs, first checkup, and vaccinations, so there is no one-size fits all answer to this question. However, an estimate is helpful enough, so we have broken it down to help you determine the one-time costs of bringing home a new Pitbull.


It is possible to find a Pitbull for free, but you must thoroughly investigate the source of any free puppies you find. The best possible scenario for finding a free Pitbull is through someone you may know whose dog is having puppies and is willing to give you one. Another excellent way to receive a puppy for nothing is by fostering one. You may only get to care for it for a short time, but some foster posters adopt their animals.

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  • $200–$350

Finding a Pitbull in a shelter or rescue center eagerly awaiting a forever home is not rare. Sadly, the breed has a bad reputation, and fear makes dog lovers apprehensive about adopting them. There are many rescue centers and shelters in various states in America that you can contact to find a Pitbull. Adoption fees are usually between $200–$350 depending on the dog’s age, health, and location.


  • $500–$55,000

The average price of a Pitbull can vary drastically because there are so many types. The price of a Pitbull from a breeder will depend on the kind of Pitbull and its lineage, location, and breeder. Also, resist the urge to search for the cheapest breeder you can. Most low-cost breeders are essentially covert puppy factories.

Always look for a reputable breeder that can provide the dog’s history and allow you to visit their home. Pitbull puppies from a breeder will generally cost you between $500 and $2500 but can go as high as $55,000 if you are looking for a Hulk Pitbull.

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Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $200–$1000

Aside from the price of the Pitbull puppy, there will be some additional costs for your initial setup and supplies. These can include serialization, vaccines, microchipping, a harness and leash, a crate, toys, grooming supplies, food, water bowls, and of course, food. You can reduce these costs if you already own dogs and most of the necessary equipment. However, if this is your first time owning a dog, you must start from scratch.

List of Pitbull Care Supplies and Costs

Spay/Neuter $35–$500
Microchip $25–$60
Initial Vet Visit $100–$300
Crate $40–$70
Brush & Toothbrush $20–$40
Harness & Lead $20– $50
Toys $10–$20
Food & Water Bowls $5–$20

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How Much Does a Pitbull Cost Per Month?

  • $150–$400 per month

After a while with your new puppy, you’ll encounter fewer one-time expenses and develop a more dependable routine of spending. That will usually be your monthly expenses. Monthly costs include food, treats, flea and tick medication, and pet insurance. You will ideally want to feed your Pitbull high-quality food and treats, and if you live in an area with ticks or fleas, you can’t skip preventative medication. However, some of these medications can last up to 3 months. Pet insurance is also highly recommended and will vary depending on the company and your chosen plan.

Health Care

  • $150–$300 per month

Your Pitbull’s health is your top priority and will usually be what makes up most of your monthly costs. You should feed your Pitbull high-quality food and ensure it is well-groomed and protected from fleas and ticks. It is also highly recommended to acquire a good pet insurance plan so that you know any unforeseen expenses are covered and have preventative care in place.

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  • $80–$120 per month

There are many options for premium dog food for your Pitbull. Choose the option that is appropriate for their age and level of exercise. You can chat with your vet about the best options available and if your Pitbull requires a prescription diet.

The cost of food will also depend on whether you decide to feed your dog only raw food, only wet food, or dry food or if you decide to combine all those options. Food costs will also include treats for training and rewards.

Tick and Flea Medications

  • $50–$100 per month

Canines are vulnerable to ticks and fleas, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Keeping them free of these parasites is essential to keep them healthy. Tick and flea medications are available in spot treatments, tablets, and collars and can be a monthly treatment, while some can last for 3 months. Many brands are available, so it’s best to speak to your vet about the safest and most suitable one for your dog’s breed, size, and age.

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Pet Insurance

  • $30–$50 per month

Pet insurance is optional but is highly recommended as it covers you for any unforeseen medical emergencies and allows you peace of mind that your dog will be taken care of. Most pet insurance companies offer basic to premium plans depending on your needs and budget. You can choose a plan that covers accidents, or you can have one that covers accidents, illnesses, and preventative care. Some companies also offer add-on packages so you can customize your plan. The best thing to do is to research and shop around to find the best plan for your dog.


  • $200–$400 per month

Entertainment costs for your Pitbull could include puppy classes, dog parks, agility courses, and advanced training.  Puppy classes are essential for a new Pitbull to learn proper socialization and obedience. These training sessions provide entertainment and mental and physical stimulation and will only need to occur once a week.

They can also be one-on-one sessions charged per hour or a training package. Taking your puppy to new places is also essential to proper socialization and can include dog parks, pet-friendly beaches, and dog-friendly camping reserves.

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Pitbull

  • $150–$400 per month

The monthly cost of owning a Pitbull will vary from owner to owner and greatly depend on your dog’s needs and preferences. There are many ways to save money and reduce costs, but assessing these costs and how they align with your budget before committing to a Pitbull puppy is important. It is also a good idea to go over budget so that you know you are covered for unforeseen expenses that may arise.

Additional Costs to Factor In

If you change jobs and cannot be at home as much with your dog, you may have to consider doggy daycare, or if you go on vacation, there will be costs for pet sitters or kennels. Puppies can be rambunctious, and you never know what can happen. Your new puppy may chew up your work shoes, spoil your new rug, or tear up your furniture, in which case you will need to replace those items.

There may be a medical emergency or issue your pet insurance doesn’t cover, and you may have to pay out of pocket. Another factor that many dog owners think about is if their dog needs to see a behaviorist.

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Owning a Pitbull on a Budget

If you have the means to pay for initial adoption costs for a Pitbull but are on a tight budget for other costs, it is still possible to own a Pitbull on a budget. You can shop around for equipment at a charity or online shop where you can find discounted items. Ask around to family and friends if they have any old dog items that they no longer use.

Researching and shopping around can save you a lot of money and minimize the pressure on you. You could also bring out your DIY skills! You can knit pillows and blankets, or you could turn a rope into a toy that is affordable and long-lasting for your dog to play with.

Saving Money on Pitbull Care

Keeping your Pitbull healthy and safe will save you money in the long run. Always be sure your dog is eating well, exercising, drinking water, getting regular checkups, and is up to date with its vaccinations. Doing this will reduce health risks and keep them happy.

Learn to care for your dog the best you can to save on grooming, training, and entertainment. Grooming and training your dog yourself will save you a significant amount. Skipping pet insurance may be tempting to save a few dollars every month, but you can still have an insurance plan that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Shop around for quotes, and find a plan that suits your budget.

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The initial cost of buying or adopting a Pitbull puppy can vary drastically. It all depends on what you are willing to spend if you prefer to adopt or shop. The minimum cost for a Pitbull will be about $200 but on average, you are looking at about $500–$2,500. The cost doesn’t stop there since your new Pitbull will need its first check-up, vaccinations, and all the supplies to take care of it.

These will cost between $200 and $1,000. Then there are also the ongoing monthly costs you will need to factor in, such as food, medication, and pet insurance. These costs will range from $150–$400 per month. While the cost of owning a dog is an essential factor, it shouldn’t stop you from becoming a pet parent. There are many ways to cut costs and find products at a lower price, as long as it doesn’t prevent you from providing your dog with the proper care.

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