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Pupbox vs BarkBox: A 2024 Comparison

Written by: Lindsey Lawson

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

pupbox vs barkbox

Pupbox vs BarkBox: A 2024 Comparison

Monthly subscription boxes for dogs have been growing in popularity for their variety and convenience. They are a great option for owners who want to spoil their pooch without having to carve out extra time for shopping and can rely on everything being sent right to their door monthly.

PupBox and BarkBox are two of the most popular monthly subscription services for dogs. What do these monthly subscriptions have in common? They both send toys and treats, and they both cater to your pup’s size and needs. But they differ in pricing and approach. Once you have decided this is the route you want to go, you must choose which company would be best suited for your needs.

Pupbox is typically a more age-specific subscription that is tailored for those bringing home a new puppy. They include training material in addition to toys, treats, chews, and accessories. BarkBox caters to dogs of all ages and sizes and can even be customized to fit your dog’s needs. BarkBox offers fun themes and a wide variety of products and even has subscriptions for “Super Chewers,” those needing dental hygiene products, and even those needing monthly meals.

So, which monthly subscription is a better fit for you and your precious pup? We’ve laid out all the specifics below so that you don’t have to toggle back and forth between the websites to give you a well-rounded view of each company and what they have to offer.

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At a Glance

Let’s look at the key points of each product.

  • Training material based on your dog’s age
  • Training treats
  • Toys
  • Chews
  • Accessories for grooming/cleaning
  • Variety of fun, themed products
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Chews

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Overview of PupBox:

PupBox Monthly Subscription
Image By: PupBox, Amazon
Delivery Frequency Monthly, different plans available
Included Products Training guides, treats, chews, toys, accessories
Satisfaction Guarantee No

While PupBox is known for catering more specifically to puppies, they do also offer options for different life stages. This company focuses on as much training and guidance as it does enrichment. Each PupBox will include an insert with training material that will guide your pup-training adventures. PupBox does offer some different plans that vary in price, basically, the more months you commit to for delivery, the lower the monthly price.

Aside from training material, each PupBox includes 5 to 7 items including toys, treats, chews, and even some accessories such as grooming tools.  Though most popular among new puppy owners, you can still keep your PupBox subscription going as your dog grows. Don’t worry, the training guides included advances beyond typical puppy training.

  • PupBox for Puppies: For the first 6 months of your puppy’s life, PupBox will supply you with soft, plush toys, a lot of chews for teething, and training material that includes some expert advice to get you started on the right foot.
  • PupBox for Young Dogs: For dogs that range in age from 7 to 18 months, PupBoxes fills the boxes with tougher toys for those typical chewing habits, interactive toys for extra enrichment, and some age-appropriate training material.
  • PupBox for Adult Dogs: Just because your dog reaches adulthood, doesn’t mean the training will stop. You can expect some more advanced tricks and training and of course some delicious treats, adult-appropriate chews, toys, and some great accessories.
  • PupBox for Seniors: The senior Pupboxes will include plush toys, softer chews, and a variety of other health-related items that will be perfect for your precious senior pal.
  • A great option for new puppy owners
  • Includes options for adult dogs
  • Includes accessories and training materials
  • Training materials advance with your dog’s age
  • More expensive

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Overview of BarkBox:

Delivery Frequency Monthly
Included Products 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, 1 chew
Satisfaction Guarantee Yes

Your typical BarkBox is going to include two toys, two bags of natural, healthy treats, and one chew. BarkBox also has different pricing for monthly subscription commitments and does offer you different add-ons. In addition to regular BarkBox, the company also offers different varieties including Super Chewer, Bright, and Eats.

All BarkBox’s toys are high-quality and created in-house, which is unique to the company in comparison to other subscription services. They also have a new theme for each month, adding some fun and versatility to your deliveries. It gives you something new to look forward to and keeps your dogs from getting bored with the same old stuff.

Another perk about BarkBox, it allows you to customize your dog’s box to suit their needs. If they are sensitive to certain ingredients, just let them know and you’ll never get anything with that ingredient. They also offer the flexible option of adding extra goodies if need be.

Another thing worth mentioning, BarkBox donates part of its profits to animal shelters and rescues. So, you’re not just spoiling your dog, you’re helping others in need.

  • BarkBox: A customized monthly subscription box that typically contains two toys, two bags of treats, and one chew. You can add more to the box if desired and it will change themes each month.
  • Super Chewer: This box is designed for those with powerful jaws who love to put chew toys to the challenge. Each Super Chewer box comes with two durable (fluff-free) toys, two full-sized bags of treats, and two meaty chews. These are also themed each month.
  • Bright: The Bright box is what you need if you need your monthly subscription to focus on your doggie’s dental care. Each box comes with a one-month supply of dental chews and one month’s supply of doggy toothpaste.
  • Eats: Eats is a monthly meal subscription that comes with kibble, toppers, and even supplements. BarkBox has a team of veterinary nutritionists who formulate a meal plan based on their breed, age, size, and lifestyle.
  • High-quality toys made in-house
  • Lower price per month
  • Fun, ever-changing themes
  • Customizable with other types of monthly subscription services
  • Regular BarkBox is not ideal for heavy chewers

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Pupbox vs. BarkBox: How Do They Compare?


  • Edge: Both

Both PupBox and BarkBox use high-quality treats with only superior ingredients. Both companies have their treats sourced in either the United States or Canada and you can rest assured your dog will be getting top-quality snacks. PupBox does cater their treats to developing puppies when they are between 6 weeks and 18 months of age


  • Edge: BarkBox

We must give the edge to BarkBox in terms of chews, simply because they can cater to the more intense chewers with their Super Chewer box option. PupBox does great with supplying your dog with enriching and age-appropriate chews, but Barkbox takes the cake for being able to handle those powerful chewers as well. Keep in mind, this is not concerning quality, both brands ensure their products are of great quality.


  • Edge: Both

Both companies provide you with age-appropriate toys that are suitable for your dog and do well with keeping them mentally and physically stimulated. BarkBox does make its toys in-house, which is a great perk for consumers in terms of quality, but PupBox also puts a lot of pride in the quality of the products it includes.

We must give it to both these companies in terms of toys.


  • Edge: BarkBox

In overall costs, BarkBox takes the edge. It is only slightly less expensive than PupBox but money is money. BarkBox has lower prices with subscription commitments as well, which is something that PupBox offers too. Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to each. You aren’t getting training material and additional accessories in BarkBox like you do with PupBox, so ultimately, you have to decide what is worth it.


  • Edge: PupBox

In addition to including toys, chews, and healthy, all-natural treats, PupBox does include necessary training guides and accessories in addition to what BarkBox offers. While these additions might not be necessary for all dog owners, it’s always nice to have some extras.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Edge: BarkBox

This is simple, BarkBox has a satisfaction guarantee in place and PupBox does not. PupBox does not offer returns or exchanges but will hear complaints on a case-by-case basis. So, it doesn’t mean they lack in service, but those wanting that additional cushion of a satisfaction guarantee will only find that with BarkBox.

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What the Users Say

Not only did we do our research on each of these companies, but we also dove headfirst into the reviews of other dog owners to see what they had to say about the two. After all, how else do we learn other than from one another?

A lot of dog owners had to choose the BarkBox Super Chewer Box over both the regular BarkBox and the PupBox due to the durability of the toys. Owners with dogs that put a lot of effort into their chewing habits found that the toys just weren’t cutting it unless it was the Super Chewer version of BarkBox. If you have a dog with a powerful bite force or a strong will to chew, try Super Chewer to avoid the quick destruction of toys in regular BarkBox and PupBox.

If you are a brand new puppy owner, Pupbox is ideal, especially if you enjoy reading training material as opposed to in-person or video instruction. BarkBox doesn’t offer the training guides that PupBox does, and a lot of puppy owners appreciate the extra tips.

Reviewers did complain that BarkBox was much more difficult to cancel than expected. They still received charges and deliveries after requesting cancellation. This is something to keep in mind so that you double-check and ensure your cancellation goes through after the initial request. PupBox didn’t have nearly as many complaints about canceling service.

If you want versatility and more exciting subscription deliveries, BarkBox came in the lead in terms of customer reviews. Their fun themes keep people and their pooches entertained. Some did wish BarkBox included the occasional accessory though, like PupBox.

PupBox and BarkBox both get high ratings in terms of quality products. Dog owners with experience with both subscriptions do give credit where credit is due. These companies do their best to give your doggies the best quality products.



If you are a new puppy owner and would like a monthly subscription that will not only provide you with age-appropriate toys, treats, and chews but also add in some training inserts full of guidance from professionals, PupBox is a great choice. You can expect 5 to 7 items in total and while it does come at a slightly higher monthly cost but contrary to popular belief, does have boxes for all life stages.

BarkBox offers exciting monthly themes and will customize the box to your dog specifically. They include two toys, two bags of treats, and one chew in each delivery and come at a slightly lower monthly cost. You do have the option to add more products if needed. BarkBox also offers boxes for powerful chewers, those needing dental hygiene products, and even meal plan subscriptions and offers a satisfaction guarantee.

The winner here is up to personal preference and need. BarkBox may have more versatility, overall variety, and a lower cost but PupBox caters to new puppy owners and their specific needs, so things they offer, BarkBox doesn’t. We can’t make the final choice for you, but hopefully, you have a better understanding as to which option will suit you better.


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