“Patiently, he waited” — Poetry from the Pet Poetry Group

Thanks to Legalas' furmom for this moving poem! It comes from the Pet Poetry Group. This poem shares with us the beauty of being a...



Thanks to Legalas’ furmom for this moving poem! It comes from the Pet Poetry Group.

This poem shares with us the beauty of being a furmom. What a way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

“Patiently, he waited”

A scrawny white pup, no longer wanted, sits all alone outside
He could’ve run off if he had wanted, for he was no longer tied
But somewhere from inside his heart he knew someone would come
To take him from this lonely life, to a place he could call home~
So patiently, he waited.

The people who once treated him well, now just didn’t care
They went on with thier busy lives as if he wasn’t there
Some days there was food for him, most days there was none
All of his night were spent out in the cold, dreaming of the sun~
But patiently, he waited.

Then one day some people came, with three dogs just like him
They stayed a while and talked a bit, and he played with all of them
He felt so happy and loved that day, and hoped it would never end
But then the people and dogs went home, and he was alone again~
Still patiently, he waited.

A few days later the people returned and took him for a ride
He couldn’t quite control his fear, no matter how hard he tried
Then somewhere from inside his heart, he knew he would be fine
So trusting them, he went along, daring to hope this time~
And patiently, he waited.

They cleaned him up and had him checked, and then they took him home
To a nice warm place where the other dogs were, and gave him a bed of his own
They fed him well, then held him close, and whispered “We love you”
He thumped his tail as if to say “I know, and I trust you”~
So patiently, he waited.

That scrawny white pup is no longer here, a fine dog he’s become
So happy and healthy with a heart of gold, despite where he came from
With three big sisters to keep him in line, and a home with a Mom & Dad
He’s so very thankful he stayed where he was, and we’re so very glad~
That patiently, he waited.

For Legalas~ With Love~ From Mom~ April 26, 2004

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