Olympians at the Gate

It's time for the Beijing Olympics folks. Of course, if you've spent more than ten seconds on any NBC channel, you already know that. The...


It’s time for the Beijing Olympics folks. Of course, if you’ve spent more than ten seconds on any NBC channel, you already know that.

The Olympics are a time when childhood dreams turn into reality for thousands of athletes, and a chance for a few of them to have their faces on a Wheaties box. I know I’ll be watching, along with the kids’, as the drama unfolds.

Since we’re dog lovers here, I’ll take this opportunity to highlight some Olympic caliber records you aren’t likely to see challenged during the 3,600 hours of NBC’s coverage.

– In 2004, citizens of St. Joseph, Illinois witnessed Olympian hopeful Tigger recording the largest ear wingspan (27.25″ not counting the head) ever documented. He thanks Bugs Bunny for inspiring him to forgo social norms and grow his ears so long.

– On the night of October 7th, 2006, Cinderella May broke the canine high jump record with a leap of 5′ 8″ (172.7cm). It has yet to be determined where the greyhound learned to do the Fosbury Flop.

– Quebec City, Canada was the sight of one of the most amazing achievements in canine and automobile history. Here, on September 1st 2004, a border-collie named Striker managed to record the fastest time ever in the ‘rolling down a non-electric car window’ category. His 11.34 second performance broke the mythical 11.5 barrier most experts thought would never be broken.

– Jimmy Connors never did it, neither did Andre Agassi or even Chris Evert, but a golden retriever named Augie didn’t have any problem achieving it. What was it? The world record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth. On July 6th in 2003, in Dallas, TX Augie managed to open two cans of tennis balls and stick five of the six balls into his mouth all at one time. Now that’s a dog that could use a DogPause Bowl.

Although those records are impressive, I know there must be some fuzzy muzzle record holders in this audience. For instance, Copper holds the ten second record for most tail wags across a person’s face. I have the red lashes on my noggin’ to prove it.

So tell me, do you have a record holder who shares your house with you? If so, what’s the record?

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