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I have a one-year-old Yorkie female, unfixed, who is losing the hair around her eyes. Last month I put her on Comfortis for fleas. I...


I have a one-year-old Yorkie female, unfixed, who is
losing the hair around her eyes.
Last month I put her on Comfortis for fleas.
I have not changed her food.
What can be causing this and what can I do ?

Union Springs

I suspect that your dog is suffering from demodicosis, or puppy mange. You can find out all about it on my new website.

What can be causing my dog to constantly lick her
paws and backside?

Woodbridge, NJ

Excessive licking usually is caused by itching. What you ask, causes itching in pets? That information is available on my new website. Check it out!

My nine-year-old mixed breed dog Panda has for the
last couple of years developed a sort of facial
tic – her lower jaw will jerk up and down as if
she was cold and chattering her teeth. She does it
more and more frequently and I’ve even noticed
her doing it in her sleep. Should I be concerned?

Chattanooga, TN

I don’t think you should be concerned. Jaw chattering usually is a form of trembling. Read all about it on my new website.

Dear Dr. Barchas,
I have two miniature Dachshunds. They are mates,
and they are both 10 years old. They are obese.
The male, George, weighs 20 pounds, and the
female, Gracie, weighs 19 pounds. They are both
trained to relieve themselves outside. They very
rarely ever make a mess inside the house unless
we have to leave them home alone for some reason,
although we always try to take them with us when
we go somewhere as much as possible. I have
noticed in the last couple of weeks that Gracie
has begun to urinate in the house, and in our
vehicle. She has NEVER done this before! Both
George and Gracie sleep with us at night, in our
bed. I have had to wash our sheets about four times
in the last two weeks because she has urinated on
our sheets and covers. Do you know what would be
making her do this? Should I be alarmed and take
her to her vet, or is it just because she is
getting older? Thank you so very much!

Louisville, Tenn.

Do I even need to say it? Read about inappropriate canine urination here:

And read about canine obesity here:

Please always feel welcome to search my website for answers to your pet-related questions. It’s completely free! Everyone is also welcome to enjoy the photo galleries, and to submit photos of your own to

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