Man Fights Dog – For Women’s Affections

"Total gentlemen" Selina Best says strangers initially fear her husband, Greg, and dog, Storm, "but they're both really very sensitive". Photo: Lee Besford There was...


Women Rate Qualities In Men And Dogs

Storm, Selina and Greg and baby Best

“Total gentlemen” Selina Best says strangers initially fear her husband, Greg, and dog, Storm, “but they’re both really very sensitive”.
Photo: Lee Besford

There was no way I could pass up THIS article! It’s from the Sydney Morning Herald and may explain some things.

Kelly Burke, Consumer Affairs Reporter

GOOD looking, intelligent, friendly? If you’re a bloke with those qualities, do not be surprised if she passes you over for a dog.

The virtues women most highly prize in a husband are loyalty, affection, security and reliability.

But if it is a hankering for a cute face or a cutting-edge IQ, women are more likely to head for the pet shop or animal shelter than the local pub.

In the latest in the increasingly bizarre genre of online surveys, the Petcare Information and Advisory Service asked more than 2000 Australian women to rate the qualities they admired in a partner against a pooch.

And loyalty came out tops in both, at 23 per cent for men and 21 per cent for dogs.

In contrast, only about 5 per cent of respondents felt looks and intelligence were the most important characteristics in a man, preferring “cute-looking” and smart qualities in their dogs.

The crucial issues of money and sex, however, were not explored, given the inability of one species to deliver.

Women were more likely to seek security in a man than a German shepherd, despite canines rating infinitely higher in the obedience category.

All this comes as no surprise to Selina Best, owner of a three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier called Storm and a husband of four years called Greg.

Men should not underestimate the power of making an initial impression physically, she warned.

“I first saw Greg at a gym,” she said. “He was hot muscly, not big just really fit-looking. I felt he could protect me, and I found that really attractive.”

But Greg, like Storm, is misunderstood. Strangers had a habit of “freaking out” when meeting either, she admitted, referring to Greg’s imposing physique and tattooed body, and Storm’s pugnacious appearance and the breed’s bad reputation.

“Yeah, they both look like bad boys, but they’re really very sensitive,” she said. “They’re both total gentlemen, and people realise that once they meet them.”

Moreover, both are reasonably obedient.

The survey found that more than 10 per cent of women who own staffies believe their partner looks like one. But when it comes to anthropomorphic obsession among women, it was, not surprisingly, a breed renown for its placidity, loyalty, obedience and competence around kids that won the day. More than 30 per cent of respondents ascribed these attributes to the trusty Labrador.

But somewhere out there is a small proportion of women who believe their husbands look like Rottweilers. Or worse, pugs.

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