Low-Tech Fix for Blind Dog

Dolly may look like she's got her Halloween costume on a bit early, but the plastic cables emanating from her collar aren't fangs or antennae....

Dolly now wears plastic "whiskers" on her collar. They help her feel her way through life. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Dolly may look like she’s got her Halloween costume on a bit early, but the plastic cables emanating from her collar aren’t fangs or antennae. They’re sort of giant whiskers, and they’ve helped the blind dog regain her life.

These plastic whiskers help Dolly feel around in much the same way real whiskers do.

Dolly with her devoted person, Brian Chadwick, who is thrilled that something so simple has made such a difference. (Is it just me, or do they kind of look alike?) (Photo: Daily Mail)

“The effect of the whiskers was almost immediate. Within a few hours she had learnt how to feel her way around the house with her new plastic whiskers,” her owner, Brian Chadwick, told the Daily Mail. Dolly doesn’t need them so much any more now that she has a better feel for things, he said, but she still dons them for walks in unfamiliar places.

Before the whiskers, Dolly, who was blinded by cataracts, would walk into things all the time. It was heartbreaking for Chadwick, who has had her since puppyhood and is as attached to her as she is to him. (She rarely leaves his side, he says.). The diabetic dog’s veterinarian came up with the giant whiskers idea and figured it was worth a try.

Chadwick is stunned at the improvement: “I still cant believe something so simple has helped Dolly so much. Even though shes blind, she lives life to the fullest and is as fun-loving and as lively as ever.”

What a great idea! Have any of you done some clever jury rigging to help your dog’s quality of life? We’d love to hear about it!

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