Losing Noah

In February we had a contest to win a "I'm tired of..." bracelet. Dan Hoffman and his sister Carrie Pollare created a wonderful company that...

In February we had a contest to win a “I’m tired of...” bracelet. Dan Hoffman and his sister Carrie Pollare created a wonderful company that has the opportunity to make a tremendous difference for so many causes.

The Im Tired of bracelets were created to fight against the worlds issues that we are all tired of, like animal cruelty, world hunger, global warming, cancer, diabetes and so many more. The fashionable bracelets are made from recycled tires and metals, creating a fun play on the word, tired, and cost just $10, so anyone can afford them. Then half the sale ($5) from each one is donated to charities the company is aligned with that support each cause. Best Friends Animal Society is the beneficiary of the sales of the animal cruelty bracelets.

Carrie Pollare gives so much of herself to help others, she’s a champion to the animal welfare cause. Last year Carrie found out that no matter how many lives you save, sometimes you can’t save those that are the closest. She found out her dog Noah had cancer, they were about to start the fight of their lives.

It all started with an innocent scoot across the floor. At first she didn’t pay much attention to an act all our dogs have been guilty of at one time or another, but after a few more times it was off to visit the vet. What Carrie thought was something minor turned out to be life changing when the vet told her there was a lump in Noah’s anal gland.

After crying my eyes out for the first of what would be many times, I got angry. There was no way this could happen to my “Poppy” (no, it’s not a typo). Hadn’t he had enough pain in his life…homeless on the streets of a Los Angeles ghetto, used as target practice by derelicts with a bee bee gun, and now this is how it would end? And, in spite of those difficult beginnings, my doggie is a beautiful sweet spirit, who I’ve snuggled with every night on my bed for 10 years before we go to sleep…who we call the “con artist” because his communication techniques are hysterical when he wants treats or a walk…who taught himself to “get a bear” (which is the generic name we use for all of his stuffed animals) to calm himself down because he gets so excited when someone comes to the door. So he runs it out, back and forth, until he can greet without jumping. And, at 10 years old, he still has the energy of a two year old pup.

As I’ve said in past posts, these horrific personal experiences are exactly what drives me to make our “I’m Tired of…” bracelets campaign a raving success, to raise money to find cures for insidious diseases, like cancer, whether it impacts humans or animals. It helps give some purpose to my ordeal and, maybe, ultimately bring hope and answers for others. It also gives me the ability to impart what I’ve learned, so that maybe I can help another doggie get diagnosed earlier or get the right kind of treatment. I wear both “I’m Tired of Animal Cruelty” and “I’m Tired of Cancer” bracelets in honor of my Poppy.

Noah was treated with radiation and chemotherapy, eventually he was declared cancer free. The celebration lasted a year, but after a recent checkup things took a turn for the worse. Noah’s cancer was back, he had surgery to remove the nodule. Sadly, Carrie just found out that the cancer has spread, it is just a matter of time.

I’ve decided that now, I’m going to focus on Noah’s quality of his life for however long I have left with him. Tonight, I’ll go to the market to buy him a roasted chicken…his favorite.

Go to The Huffington Post to read Noah’s full story. Our thoughts are with Carrie and her family at this very trying time.

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