Idaho Dog Spray Painted “Go Home”

The question in my mind is not why someone spray painted the dog but why did the pet parent let the dog roam around the...
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The question in my mind is not why someone spray painted the dog but why did the pet parent let the dog roam around the area? Sure, spray painting a dog is not a great idea but considering the other things that can happen to a wandering or stray dog, and that you can’t really pin a message to the responsible human on the dog, a little spray paint probably isn’t as bad as it could have been. I am NOT saying its okay to spray paint an animal but shouldn’t we be looking at the dog’s human for a little more responsible behavior than letting the dog roam?

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Wandering dog spray-painted ‘Go Home’

CHUBBUCK, Idaho –Animal control officers had to decide if they were investigating vandalism or animal mistreatment after someone spray-painted a dog. A resident reported that he found the words “Go Home” spray-painted on the sides of his large white dog late last month.

The animal had been allowed to roam freely, Capt. Mike Sanders said.

“An animal like that is domestic property, so technically that’s vandalism,” Sanders said. “It’s really not the dog’s fault. He’s just doing what dogs do.”

It could have been worse, Sanders said. Idaho law requires an unfenced dog to be either on a leash or under supervision of its master. And landowners are allowed to shoot a trespassing dog if that dog is harassing livestock.

Sanders said detectives have not determined who spray-painted the animal. They decided to drop the case, partly because the dog’s owner shouldn’t have let the dog roam free.

It’s both inappropriate and unusual to paint a dog, Sanders said.

“It’s a little novel. It’s different in the respect that it sends a message,” Sanders said. “That’s what always appealed to me about this work: It stays interesting.”

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