Hulk Hogan Seeks Tougher Laws Against Dog Fighting

I'm not a big wrestling fan but I ALWAYS liked Hulk Hogan! He always struck me as a guy with a good heart. And now...
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Hogan Speaks Out Against Dog Fighting

Hulk Hogan

I’m not a big wrestling fan but I ALWAYS liked Hulk Hogan! He always struck me as a guy with a good heart. And now we know that’s true!

This news comes to us from Yahoo News.

Hogan seeks tougher dog fighting laws

By The Associated Press

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Wrestler Hulk Hogan has a new opponent those who organize animal fights. The Miami Beach resident sent a video message Thursday to all 435 members of the House of Representatives. In it, he says laws against dog fighting and cockfighting aren’t tough enough.

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Here’s more from the Humane Society of the US press release.

Hulk Hogan Sends Video Message to Congress: Give the Felonious Legdrop” to Animal Fighters

WASHINGTON — In cooperation with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), World Wrestling legend and television star Hulk Hogan sent a video message to all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives today, urging them to pass the federal Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. The legislation will strengthen the federal penalties for interstate and foreign transport of dogs and roosters for illegal animal fighting, and will also ban commerce in cockfighting implements such as razor-sharp knives and ice-pick-like gaffs strapped to birds’ legs.

“Hulk Hollywood Hogan,” is a fifteen-time world wrestling heavy weight champion and a hero to millions of “Hulkmaniacs.” He may be a tough guy in the ring, but Hogan has a big heart for animalsand says that dogs and roosters have no place in the fighting arena.

Hulk Hogan made the video when HSUS representatives visited the Hogans at their Florida home during the taping of their hit VH1 Show “Hogan Knows Best.” The video is an urgent call to Congress to pass legislation to crack down on illegal dog fighting and cockfighting.

“The laws against animal fighting just aren’t tough enough. The criminals need to get more than a slap on the wrist. Let’s hit ’em with a felonious legdrop,” explains the Hulk in his video message.

“Animal fighting is a bloody and indefensible practice, usually associated with other crimes such as illegal gambling, drug dealing and human violence,” said Ann Chynoweth, director of The HSUS Animal Fighting and Cruelty Campaign. “Current misdemeanor penalties against animal fighting simply don’t work when dog fighters and cockfighters can make thousands of dollars in illegal gambling fees in a single night. The law needs to be changed to give law enforcement the power they need to combat this widespread criminal industry.” The need for this legislation has become even more urgent, as the illegal transport of cockfighting birds has been linked to the spread of deadly bird flu.

Says Hogan, “I love animals and, brother, it makes my blood boil when I think of people forcing animals to fight. I wish I could take these cowards into the ring myself!”

You can see the video by going to the HSUS home page.

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