Howl911 Reveals Connection Between North American and South African Pet Food Recalls has been doing a great job of covering the pet food recalls. Here's a very recent post on Howll911 linking the North American and...

Email has been doing a great job of covering the pet food recalls. Here’s a very recent post on Howll911 linking the North American and South African recalls. In effect, Howl911 asserts that the melamine addition WAS NO ACCIDENT!

I hope that Howl911 is wrong when it says all commercial food is suspect. Maybe its time for the best pet food manufacturers to get smart and start allowing impartial consumer groups to take tours of their plants and review their materials records. At this point, if you ARE one of the “good guys,” you better prove it! We’re all feeling pretty betrayed and raw out here.


This finding–melamine in corn gluten–should seal the theory that melamine was added to wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate deliberately to boost their nitrogen values (a measure of protein content). All three substances are used as a cheap protein additive in pet foods. With this news, Howl 911 believes all pet foods containing additives of any kind from China should be tested for melamine and other contaminates. This finding also vindicates the claims of many pet parents whose pets were sickened or killed as a result of eating non-Menu Foods brands which did not contain wheat gluten. Virtually all pet foods and many treats contain protein additives in the form of gluten (wheat, corn) or from other grain or vegetable sources (rice, soy, whey), and many of these additives are products of China. I am sorry to say, but this newest information–combined with the lack of full disclosure from pet food companies as to where they source their raw materials from– renders ALL commercial pet food suspect.

Johannesburg – Tests have confirmed that Vets Choice and Royal Canin dog and cat dry pet-food products contained corn gluten contaminated with melamine, says the manufacturer.

The contaminated corn gluten was delivered to Royal Canin by a South African third-party supplier and appears to have originated from China.

Our thanks to Carol for sending us this link.

And from another news source:
An independent pathologist, Professor Fred Reyers said the outbreak may not be an isolated incident. He believed there was sufficient evidence to suggest a link between this outbreak and a similar one in Cape Town as well as one in the United States.

Follow this link to Howl911 for much more information.

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