How Dogsters May Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

As we've seen before here, when the planet Mercury (pictured) stations retrograde - as it's doing now through August 8th - everything seems to go haywire and confusion...


As we’ve seen before here, when the planet Mercury (pictured) stations retrograde – as it’s doing February 23rd through March 17th – everything seems to go haywire and confusion reigns. Appointments are missed, computers crash, cell phones and other gadgets get misplaced, flights are delayed or canceled. Any process you expect to be speedy and efficient will appear to slow down to a frustrating pace, taking much more time than you anticipate.

To avoid scheduling glitches and long, frustrating waits, confirm all appointments with dog walkers, sitters, boarding and daycare facilities, veterinarians, and groomers. If you’re traveling and leaving Spot behind, have a plan B in place, just in case your dog caretaker is called away on an emergency. Always arrange backup such as a friend or neighbor who knows your dog and has a set of your house keys.

But Mercury retrograde is not all gloom and doom! There’s a positive side to this 24-day period too – promise! – and it has to do with looking back and revisiting areas of life with your dog that could use some improvement and organization. Now’s the perfect time for assessing the past, so you’re ready to implement positive changes for the future. Here are some ideas to help make life with Spot more efficient during this confusing and accident-prone period.

Take advantage of this time to organize your dogs medical and ID records. Keep them in a clearly-marked folder so they’re ready whenever you need them.

When does your dog’s license expire? You wouldn’t want to be issued a fine for having an outdated tag on Spot’s collar – what a huge, unnecessary drag. Avoid this by securing all the forms you need, and filling ’em out now.

If your dog requires vaccinations in order to be eligible for the license, don’t just re-vaccinate without doing your homework; over-vaccination can be harmful to Spot’s health. You can (believe it or not) ask a holistic vet to do a titer test so your dog can avoid the cancer risk that comes with excessive immunization. Locate a holistic vet near you, and schedule an appointment.

If Spot takes medications and/or supplements that need to be ordered online or via your vet, survey the supply to make sure you have everything on hand, and re-order the key items you’re running low on. The same also applies to dog food and treats and oral care products – now’s your chance to be sure you’ll have enough for the next three weeks, give or take.

In most parts ofthe country, it’s way too hot now to be thinking of winter. But there’s nothing worse than waiting until chilly weather arrives, then discovering that, say, the zipper on Spot’s thermal jacket is busted. Here we are in a Mercury retrograde phase, so why not take this time to clean and/or make necessary repairs to your dog’s cold-weather gear (including bedding as well as clothing)? Then place the lot in a box marked with your dog’s name and the word gear so it’ll be ready when you need it.

Speaking of gear, make sure all leash and collar clasps are functional and secure – and consider using a climber-quality carabiner clip for extra safety and security, such as any model made by Petzl.

If you feel you haven’t got enough photos of Spot, take this time to capture the K9 with your Kodak. Should Spot ever become lost, the pix you snap now will enable you to make the best possible “Lost Dog” flyer. If you have it ready, you’ll never need it, right? And being prepared could some day mean the difference between never seeing your best friend again, and having him returned home to you, safe and sound.

Finally, since Mercury is the planet of communication and travel and it’s out of phase for the next three weeks, simple sentences will seem difficult to comprehend. That goes double if you’re a dog! Exercise patience if Spot forgets certain important routines, such as housebreaking or refraining from loud barking at night. Try to make a list of dog behaviors you’re not crazy about -pulling too hard on his/her leash, for instance -then tackle each item with a positive attitude by, say, acquiring a training tool to help you.

For chronic procrastinators, a Mercury retrograde period actually offers an excellent, slow-paced opportunity to get important organizational and preparatory stuff done now, so you won’t have to feel overwhelmed by it all later, when life’s pace picks up to normal speed. In no time at all, the news of a Mercury retrograde period won’t raise your hackles- it may even make you wish you had a tail to wag!

Got any Mercury retrograde war stories? Please share them in the comments!

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