Dogster Pumkin’s Family Competes to Give Back to Rescue Group

Chloe's mom barked in to help support a fellow Dogster in a photo competition. But this is more than just a competition for Pumkin; its...


Family Seeks To Repay Rescue Group

Mocha, Panna and Cannelle
Chloe‘s mom barked in to help support a fellow Dogster in a photo competition. But this is more than just a competition for Pumkin; its a way to repay the rescue group that saved her.

Gale Perkins wrote:

I thought you would share with you about Pumkin and her quest to win a contest to contribute money to the group that rescued her. Here’s what she posted in one group.

Hiya everyone,

Nice to meet you all! My name’s Pumkin; some of you might have read about me in the “Introduce Yourself” thread. Just in case you didn’t, I’ll give you a little bit of background! Basically, I was found tied to a tire in Louisiana.

A wonderful rescue flew me up here and I went into a foster home (you can see my foster sisters here too). The rescue was so very nice to fly me up here and take such good care of me! I had to get a bunch of tests done and it turns out I had these yucky worms called “heartworm” and I had to get even more tests done. Anyways, for some reason, I got extra extra cuddles for a few days and
then I was taken to the testing place again. I got even more cuddles by everyone then the next thing I knew, I was in a wonderful place with lush green fields and wonderful flowers and I didn’t hurt at all anymore.

Anyways, my foster mommy really, really wants to raise some money for that wonderful rescue that gave me a chance to experience love. I guess all of those tests are really expensive, so she entered my foster sisters in a Patriotic Pets Picture Contest. A lot of people have helped and now I’m sooo close to winning (the grand prize is $500!), but I was wondering if you could maybe help my foster mom out and could maybe cast a few votes and, if you have a bit of time, tell a couple of your doggie pals too? You can cast one vote per e-mail address. They will ask you for your e-mail address to confirm the vote, but my foster mom hasn’t gotten any junk mail at all from putting her e-mail in.

This the website. . My foster sisters’ names are Mocha, Panna, and Cannelle (first picture in the forth row). We’re at 250 right now and first place is at 273…only 23 votes behind! I’m kinda worried to maintain it since I think there’s gonna be a surge in a few days before the contest ends, but I’m sure we can do it.

If you guys could please, please do this, we’d all really appreciate it. I’ll be eternally grateful to all of you.

Thank you all so much, you’re all a great pack of pups!

If any other Dogsters are in this competition, please bark in so we can support you too!

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