Dogs Dumped in Northern Ireland — Seasonal Trend

What the heck are these people thinking? And if they feel so guilty, why don't those who have abandoned their dogs and their responsibilities do...


dog in Northern Ireland

What the heck are these people thinking? And if they feel so guilty, why don’t those who have abandoned their dogs and their responsibilities do the responsible thing and go get the dogs? In fact, get two to make up for being an irresponsible lout in the first place!

This article comes to us from BBC News.

Dogs dumped in seasonal clear out
Malachy McCourt
Nolan Show reporter

There’s been a dramatic rise in the number of people dumping their dogs to get new ones for Christmas.

The animal charity the USPCA said people are kicking their pets onto the street for wardens to lift them and bring them to the Carryduff animal shelter on the outskirts of Belfast.

The charity told BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show that some people are even making guilt calls to the shelter later to find out if the dogs have been re-homed.

Kate Ferguson who has worked for the charity for 30 years says there’s been a 50% increase on November last year.

“It’s very disheartening that people can do this to a pet which has been with a family for several years”

“During one period last month 90 stray dogs were brought here and only was claimed as being lost.”

“I just don’t understand anyone who does this – it seems to be that they are quite happy when the dogs are puppies but when they get bigger the owners turf them out.

There are currently around 60 dogs at the pound.

These include a rotweillers, pomeranians, bull terrier, labradors and a great dane – all waiting to get new homes.

The dogs range in age from just a few weeks old to 14-years-old.

“A lot of the time it is fashionable to have a certain dog like a rotweiller or a pomeranian, but when the trends go the dog goes with it,” said Kate.

“It’s just too easy for people to get dogs or any other animals; they are advertised in all the newspapers and those selling or giving them away don’t care who takes them.

“Many people won’t spend the money on getting their pets neutered and this increases the problem dramatically.

“People think that Carryduff Kennels are just a place to dump their dogs and when it comes up to holidays and Christmas time they just decide to get rid of the poor dog and then they’ll get a new one shortly after.

“We do our best to find a new suitable home for each of the animals that arrive here.

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