Dog of Hospitalized Elderly Man Escapes After Man’s Wife Dies

Jerry Hyman's wife of 68 years died while he was in the hospital recovering from a fall that resulted in several broken ribs. He was...



Jerry Hyman’s wife of 68 years died while he was in the hospital recovering from a fall that resulted in several broken ribs. He was heartbroken when he couldn’t get out for her funeral services. The 89-year-old man’s one solace: His best friend, a German shepherd named Rocco, would be at his side when he finally returned home from the hospital.

Hyman’s son, David Hyman, said the the man and his dog shared a special bond. “The two of them were connected at the hip. He loved my dad and my dad loved Rocco. Rocco slept at his side no matter what room he was in,” he told a Memphis TV station.

But shortly before the elder Hyman was to be released, Rocco escaped when some workers left a gate open. Hyman’s daughter-in-law, Kalisa Hyman, says Rocco had become lethargic from missing his two dearest people. “I think he went to go look for them. He doesn’t understand why mom and dad aren’t here,” says Kalisa. (This is the kind of thing Dr. Fox was discussing in Monday’s interview.)

Watch the following news video and then please read on.

OK, before you get you Kleenex out (uh-oh, it may be too late with his son becoming so emotional about Rocco’s loss), I have great news in the form of a late-breaking update: Rocco has been found! That’s all I know. WREG, the TV station that produced the news story above, has a little tiny update line under the video saying that shortly after the story aired yesterday, Rocco was found! I can’t find further details anywhere at this point.* But it doesn’t matter. What counts is that Rocco will have Jerry Hyman back in his life soon, and that Jerry Hyman will come home to his best friend.

I love happy endings. (Or as happy as possible, given the circumstances…)

*Ah, here’s an update, straight from his daughter-in-law, Kalisa!

I love that you picked this up and shared his story. Im telling youNicholas Sparks couldnt write this stuff if he tried.

Yes, Rocco is home. We received SO MANY calls from the caring people of Memphis everything from dog-sighting tips to offers to put up money for a reward. One lady offered to activate her pet network and another lady called and said, My husband and I are driving around that area looking for Rocco now.

He was found about a mile away. A kind lady had taken him into her back yard and given him water. Dad is coming home from the rehab hospital on Monday. I know they both will be happy for the reunion.

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