“It Came From the Closet” and Other Horror Movies for Dogs

The films aren't made yet, but Pleated Jeans made the scary-funny posters in advance.


As I was growing up, my family had a dog who, whenever she encountered sprinklers, would dart at them with jaws gnashing, as if the sprinklers were water-spitting beasts clawing through the lawn to attack the house. We soon learned that our Australian Shepherd named Jasmine had to be kept indoors while my dad watered the lawn. We showed her the sprinklers off and on, and yet she never understood that the only danger they posed was to the water bill if the timer broke.

This ferociousness applied not only to our home sprinklers, but to any sprinklers, which made early-morning and dusk walks somewhat treacherous. Jasmine was an otherwise intelligent dog, who spent most of her days sleeping under my desk while I did my homework.

We later had an Akita named Pepper, who, despite her size and her territorial aggression, was absolutely terrified of storms.

The point is, when you’re a dog in a human world, some things make no sense — and that’s terrifying. Which is why these posters for faux horror movies just for pets are so funny.

A seemingly innocuous event — like a bath — can be a chilling ordeal for a pet.

And because there’s no horror greater than an empty food dish …

Via Pleated Jeans

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