What Dog Pairs Best with What Font? Now You Know!

It was a riddle we didn't know needed solving, but now we can't think of anything else. We love it when dogs and design intersect!


Dig design? Dig dogs? Here’s a design geek and dog lover’s dream come true from Modern Dog magazine!

Imagining which font would represent which breed, this chart pairs dogs with different typefaces. Do you agree with the chart? Do you disagree? How would you do it?

We’d like to see the Corgis paired with Comic Sans, Akitas with Arial, and Labradors with Stencil.

Speaking of fonts and type, we’ve already seen the Pug alphabet, which has its own font altogether.

We wondered what other breeds might lend themselves to letters, and we found this darling Labrador alphabet — we especially love the exclamation point. It makes us think of all the Labs we’ve seen mournfully eyeing unthrown tennis balls!

These individual dog breed illustrations from Wallfry are as adorable as they are colorful, and while its website suggests these images are intended for kids, we wouldn’t mind one or two or ten of these around Dogster HQ. They are just so doggone cute!

And since we’re talking about different dog breeds, check out British artist Rob Clarke’s minimal and sophisticated dog portraits. And look! There’s another pug!

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