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23 Best Dog Food Affiliate Programs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

23 Best Dog Food Affiliate Programs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Caring for a pet dog is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. They are great companions and help us learn a thing or two about love. In the U.S., the number of pets has increased overwhelmingly to millions, with more and more people choosing to spend on their dogs. This has created a flourishing market for dog products and dog care that can help a person make a pretty good side income if they choose to.

If you have a blog or a website, especially associated with dogs and dog care, you can get into several great affiliate programs and start selling products.

Most of these sites are easy and free to join, meaning you will be on your way to making some money in no time. If you are wondering which some of the best dog food affiliate programs are, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Let’s take a look!


The 23 Best Dog Food Affiliate Programs in 2024


Commission: 15%
EPC: n/a
Cookie Duration: 15 days has been working since 2011 before it was acquired by PetSmart in 2017. By the third time, it had an impressive run, having carved out a market share of 51% of online pet food sales in the USA.

The company stocks a huge variety of pet foods and treats. Apart from selling cat and dog food, the company also advertises itself as a pet medication pharmacy selling a variety of pet medicines for more than 200 health and medical problems

It also offers toys, beds, supplements, and aquariums, making it a one-stop shop for nearly everything you will ever need for your pet. You get nearly everything in one place, making it unnecessary to juggle different affiliate programs to access all pet needs, including toys, medicine, and food.

With, you have the chance of getting at least a 15% commission on all sales, plus a 15-day attribution program.

2. YumwoofYumwoof

Commission: 15%
Cookie duration: 45 days
Estimated EPC: $200

Yumwoof was created by an alumnus of the French Culinary Institute, who decided to create something that would work for his sick dog. With the help of the local veterinarian and pet nutritionist, a diet was created that saw the dog improve dramatically, having a shinier coat, healthier skin, and more energy.

Since then, they have improved the formula and made it available for other pet owners also to have healthier and happier dogs. The Yumwoof food undergoes minimal processing and features natural ingredients with no fillers or preservatives.

If you love dogs and would like to make a decent side income, then Yumwoof is the place for you. They offer a 15% commission on all sales brought in, plus you get to have first dibs on products and services.

The company also donates 1% of its profits to no-kill animal shelters.

They have a good cookie duration of 45 days and an EPC of $200.

3. Best Bully Sticksbestbullysticks

Commission: 8%
EPC: $60.92
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Dogs love to chew on things. Best Bully Sticks are natural treats made from cows and bulls.

Most store-bought treats are made mainly of sugar and fats, which may be sweet at the moment but will have negative effects in the long run for your animal. Bully Sticks are not so much a treat as a tool of engagement for dogs. They’re easy to digest, meaning they pose no health risk for your animal, unlike most rawhide treats.

The Best Bully Sticks runs its affiliate network, meaning you will need to set up an account before you get to work with them

Affiliates will earn up to 8% commission on all sales, plus the program has a high EPC—if you take into consideration they are only in the dog treat business. Plus, the competition in this niche is quite low


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4. Raised Right Pets

Commission: 10%
EPC: $1,398
Cookie Duration: 15 days

Raised Right Pets creates healthy and tasty dog food, using only human-grade ingredients. They even allow clients to track the sources for the meat and vegetables placed in the pet meals, all being FDA-approved.

The affiliate program comes with an unbelievable EPC, which may be because the company is new to the ShareASale affiliate network.

The affiliate program will offer a 10% commission, translating to roughly $74 per sale, which is quite a nice payout.

5. Raw Wild

Raw Wild

Commission: 8%
Tracking Cookie: 120 days
Auto Approval: yes

Raw Wild is a dog food company that offers subscription services. They do not have a huge variety of products, but they offer excellent dog food services. They make dog food based on dog sizes, and pet owners will have to be aware of the size of their dog before making a purchase.

If you want to join the affiliate program, you will first join the site through ShareASale. The cookie duration also offers a long enough time for you to get your money after a customer purchases.

The commission rate may not be so impressive, but if they have a good conversion rate plus the long cookie duration, so you may end up making some money.

6. Ollie Affiliate Program

Commission: $60
Tracking Cookie: $160
Auto Approval up to 30 days

Ollie is a company concerned with providing some of the best nutritious meals for your dog, all made from human-grade ingredients. The only difference with Ollie and other similar companies is that it is a subscription box service.

The company also allows its clients to tailor-make the food according to their preference, the size of the dog, its age, weight, and allergies it may have.

Something nice about the company, apart from producing good food for your dog, is that 1% of its total revenue goes to helping dog rescue organizations

You can expect to earn up to $60 for each sale you make, which is quite a decent payout. This means just getting a single subscriber a day will most likely replace a lot of your income from the day job.

Depending on the kind of marketing campaign you create with Ollie’s proprietary tools, you may end up making a good amount of money on the side.

7. Nom Nom


Commission: $75 flat fee
Tracking Cookie: 30 days
Auto Approval: No

NomNom is a fresh food delivery service for your dog through a subscription service. They will bring your dog and even cat some fresh food right to the doorstep. They offer several options for their meals, including pork, turkey chicken, and beef, with an option for a variety pack subscription.

The company is quite competitive, and its food comes in convenient well-put plans that make it easy for the customer to choose what’s best for their dog.

For affiliates, there are several reasons to join the company, one being a good cookie duration, which increases making money off the initial sale.

As you join the company, you will get a one-time $75 flat fee, which means you do not receive a recurring commission on subscription boxes.

If you have a good marketing plan for selling some of the food and services from NomNomNow, you may end up making a good amount of money with not much hassle.

8. Just Food For Dogsjustfoodfordogs

Commission: 8%
Tracking Cookie: 15 days
Auto Approval No

Just for Dogs is an amazing company that offers a variety of meals for your dog. They have everything from fish to sweet potatoes, venison, and squash, making it one of the food companies with a variety of healthy foods for your pet dog.

The company also offers various supplements and snacks for your furry friend, including the pups.

Affiliate marketers get at least 15 days of cookie tracking, which is lower than you’d want, but being a fresh food company, the conversion rate will make up for what you lose as cookie durations.

They also offer at least an 8% commission on all sales brought in

Having one of the most respected dog food companies as an affiliate partner means that you get to have an easy time selling its products.

Depending on your marketing skills, you may be on your way to making some good money.

8. Keto Natural Pet FoodKeto Natural Pet Food

Commission: $20 flat fee
Tracking Cookie: 90 days
Auto Approval No

Keto Natural Pet Food took the science of Keto foods and applied it to a pup’s diet, which resulted in a meal with around 75% fewer carbohydrates compared to its competition

The great thing for affiliates working for this brand is that you can easily pivot to dog health in the Keto niche.

They also offer a 90-day cookie duration which is quite generous, plus a 20% commission which is quite good too, although the commission is a one-time, flat fee.


Commission: n/a
Tracking cookies: n/a sells a variety of dog-related products, focusing mainly on dry dog food. Apart from dry food, they also offer natural and organic food, freeze-dried dog food, canned food, raw dog food, and more. It offers clients a lot of options when choosing what to get for their dog.

The company is also involved in various other products, including grooming products, treats, toys, beds, and virtually anything related to a dog. The company has been functioning for a while now, with a track record of providing quality goods to hundreds or thousands of customers.

Pepperjam is responsible for managing the affiliate program and will pay out competitive commissions to their affiliate marketers. You must sign up for an account with Pepperjam and get approved before you’ll learn about commissions, conversion rates, etc.

The average order values start at $75, which implies it could be a lucrative program for commissions.

10. Raw Paws

Commission: 10% – 20%
Tracking Cookie: 10%
Auto Approval: No

Raw Paws is one of the companies with the most varied section of dog food on this list. They offer everything from dried food to kibble providing enough options for everyone visiting the site.

The company is quite a good place for affiliates as it provides several incentives for them, including a 10 – 20% commission depending on the volume of products an affiliate moves. There is also the option for a 3-10% coupon bonus. The company has an average order value of $130, which means you get a good amount of money, especially if multiplied across several sales.

Affiliates will also get new month incentives, product reviews, and host giveaways.

The affiliate program is quite easy to join and will not be a hassle to register, after which you will get notified after 48 hours.

The company offers a cookie duration of 30 days, which is enough time to convert your pitches into sales.

11. Petco


Commission rate: 4%
Cookie duration: 7 days

Petco is a one-stop shop for dog owners as it has nearly everything you might need, from grooming products, training services, food products, and other dog accessories. They also have hard-to-find products, which offers affiliates a chance to hear from picky customers.

Petco Affiliate Program does not pay as much in terms of commission, plus their cookie durations are quite low; however, due to the volumes of products purchased from the shop, you still stand a chance of making a decent income on the affiliate program.

The company will only offer affiliates around 4% of commissions for sales brought in, plus a seven-day cookie duration, which puts an affiliate in a bad position for purchasers who take their time to make a purchase.

However, being one of the biggest online pet stores in the U.S. makes it cater to a wide audience, which means you will still make money working as their affiliate.

It is not clear whether you will earn a commission for services such as dog sitting and veterinary care. Contact the manager of the affiliate program. Petco’s market share and brand recognition make this sort of a no-brainer for entry-level and intermediate marketers.

12. Canine Science, LLCCanine Science, LLC

Commission: 16%
Tracking Cookie: 90 days
Auto approval: no

Canine Science does not have a variety of products, yet, they still manage to make returns and survive in the market due to the quality of their nutritional supplements for your canine friend.

It’s more of a niche company and will have a certain crowd of people attracted to it, especially those with rescue dogs or older dogs, as most people will not be adding supplements to their dogs’ diet.

The program offers a long cookie duration of 90 days, giving you enough time to make your cut of the sales from even the slowest purchaser. The company also offers around 16% commission, which is quite key, especially for the niche.

You will need to tighten your belt a bit with Canine Science, as the customer will need a bit of convincing before making a purchase. Depending on your marketing game, you can still make some money from this affiliate program.

13. CherrybrookCherrybrook

Commission rate: up to 12%
Cookie duration: 4days

Cherrybrook started selling grooming products at small dog shows and grew into an international pet supply brand. The company stocks up to 13,000 different products, meaning you have more than enough to choose from and make a buck or two.

They also sell everything from health products, to training, and products. They are also one of the few that allows customers to buy products depending on the breed of their pets.

Commissions increase depending on the volume of products you move from the shelf. The rate is 6%, but if you reach $5,000 a month in sales, you get your commission boosted to 10%; if you surpass the $10,000 mark, you get bumped to 12%

The cookie length is at least 45 days which is average for an affiliate program.

The company is great for affiliate marketers as it appeals to groomers, show dog professionals, and pet owners.

14. Pet Warehouse

Pet Warehouse

Commission rate: up to 8%
Cookie duration: 10 days

Pet Warehouse is another place you will get a variety of food products for your dog. Having thousands of products to choose from, it is safe t say, when it comes to food, it will also have everything except for maybe ready-cooked food that needs to be delivered to your dog.

Expect to find the most commercial diets for your dog from the pet warehouse.

It is one of the few online stores that can rival Petco regarding the number of products. The company comes with around 45,000 different products, with some costing upwards of $3,000. The company is always looking to expand and find new things it can sell, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selling.

Affiliates will get at least a 6% starting commission with the potential for it going upward depending on your work. The average price for the product is $60, so you can expect to make at least $4 per sale.

With the huge number of products available, you can turn that $4 into a lot of money.

The company used to have a 30-day cookie which was revised to 10 days. It is strict about its affiliate marketers and only offers its services to people with websites strictly for pets.

The advantage of the company for affiliate marketers is that moving products will not be hard.

15. TruDog


Commission rate: 10%
Cookie duration: 90 days

TruDog is a family-owned pet brand in the United States. Sadly, the pet owner lost his dog, which inspired him to create a pet wellness brand that creates healthy diets for your furry friends. The company has also diversified and is currently offering more than just pet food. They also sell supplements and have also gone into dental care for your pet.

Suppose you decide to work with the company as an affiliate marketer, you can earn a 10% bonus on all sales and get some VIP rates and bonuses, depending on the volume of sales you have.

The company also offers at least 90 days of cookie duration, adding the possibility of making a sale.

16. CBD Essence

CBD Essence

Commission rate: 40%
Cookie duration: 180days

CBD Essence is a vast range of products that includes CBD edible hemp oil, which helps the dog stay calm when it rains or when they are wet. The company also offers hemp-infused dog biscuits, which can help shy dogs increase their confidence.

CBD Essence is great to work with as an affiliate marketer as its products will practically sell out. They also offer a 180-day cookie duration, which means you have the potential to sell after enticing the customer.

They offer between 20% and 40% commission depending on the volume of products you sell.

17. Wysong


Commission: 16%
Tracking Cookie: 60 days
Auto Approval: by country

Whatever kind of food you are looking to get your dog, Wysong has it, from wet, dry, human-based, or canned food. The company has been in business for a long time and is one of the more respected dog food companies.

It will also provide food for cat lovers and ferrets, making it a great place for bloggers and affiliate markets for niche marketers to pivot to general pets.

Since Wysong approves by country, if you are in a country with no traffic requirement, signing up and starting work is easy and fast.

Affiliates will get at least a 60-day cookie duration which is enough time for slow buyers to become conversions. Plus, you also get a 20% commission on sales brought in.

18. MuttropolisMuttropolis

Commission rate: 12%
Cookie duration: 120days

Muttropolis is an online marketplace that offers a variety of products for your dog, including dog food, which comes in a variety, providing several choices for potential customers. The company also offers natural food products for your dog.

They offer a decent commission on the sales brought in, plus their cookie duration is quite long.

Affiliate marketers get at least a 120-day cookie duration and a commission of 12% for products moved.

The company comes with a power rank of 1000+ and a conversion rate standing at 2.16%, meaning if you have a good marketing game, you can end up making some conversions.


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19. PetmatePetmate

Commission Rate: 20%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Petmate is a fresh food delivery service, that brings tasty food to your dog food. They may not have a lot of options, but they have a high-quality feed that will ensure your dog is healthy and happy. You have the option to choose from beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey.

The company also sells a couple of other products, including high-quality dog apparel, training tools, feeders, waterers, and dog collars, among many more. The company has high conversion rates, which results in more money for affiliates.

Joining the company affiliate program is free, and you get to earn a flat fee of $25 and at least a 10% commission on all sales. Apart from these, the company also offers long cookie durations, promotional materials, and a support team ready with any advice you may need.

The Pet Mate affiliate program is run through the ShareASale affiliate network.

20. Only Natural Pet

Cookie duration: 120 days
Commission: 8%

Only Natural Pet is a company that deals with a couple of dog products, including healthy dog foods. You can also get dog treats, chew sticks, food supplements, and dog food.

Apart from your pet’s diet, the company is also involved in manufacturing medicine and grooming supplies. You can get some natural herbal remedies from their site for people who are not into medicine which comes with many side effects.

For affiliates, the company is a great place to work as they provide a long cookie duration, although their commission is not as impressive at 8%. However, since they mainly sell dog food and a variety of it, if you are good at marketing campaigns, the 8% can translate into a good amount of money if you can drive up sales.

21. Young Again Pet Foodyoungagainlogo_2018

Commission: 6%

Young Again Pet Foods was founded to create pet food for several pets in your household, including your furry best friend.  The company initially worked with nutritionists and developed a diet for reptiles and small mammals before later providing diets for dogs.

It is one of the first companies to create a 50% meat and grain-free diet, with a later addition of gluten-free products.

The company does not add artificial products or fillers, making their food safe and healthy for your dog. On buying their products, you may be a bit disappointed at the size of the bag, which may appear smaller, but oddly enough will last longer compared to its competition.

Affiliates can earn up to 6% commission on sales, which may appear low, but depending on the sales you bring in, one may end up making some decent money. Joining the affiliate program is also free.

One of the downsides of the affiliate program is that they pay your cash after you reach the $50 threshold, which if you do not, your payout gets carried over to the next month. However, the company provides tracking for your sales through click link, which is updated daily

22. BulletProof Dog Products

Commission: up to 10%
Cookie duration: unknown

Bullet Proof Dog Products was initially created to cater to dogs that love to bite by providing them with indestructible rubber toys they could chew on. However, apart from chew toys, the company has recently expanded its inventory to include healthy dog treats for dogs.

They have several treats that increase the number of products affiliates can sell on the site.

They have also brought in skincare products to make sure your animal’s coat is healthy and shiny.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on sales brought in, and with the diversified variety of products, there are increased chances for making several sales.

Their cookie duration is unknown, but reviews show affiliates are making good money from the site.

23. BarkBoxBark Box

Commission: $18
Cookie Duration: 7 days

As you can most probably tell, BarkBox is a subscription service that will deliver some products every month for your dog. It comes with a themed collection for your pet monthly, including dog treats, dog chew, and toys.

The BarkBox prices start at $23 per box and run up to $40. The company has over two million subscribers, just to show the earning potential of the site.

Affiliates can expect to earn around $18 per sale, which looking at the number of subscribers can translate to a good amount of money, as people are seemingly quick to join the service.

The best idea would be to take some time and create an impressive marketing campaign to show people just how good the company is and the number of subscribers it comes with. The only downside is that the commission is not recurrent but rather a one-time fee per sale.divider-multipet

Boosting Your Sales in Affiliate Programs

To ensure you capitalize on sales on affiliate programs, you should be aware of a few things as seen below.

Breed-Specific Content

For one, you should create breed-specific content. Fewer and fewer people are going for general products and want the best for their specific breed. If you create breed-oriented content, you will find a niche for people owning the exact breed you are talking about.

If your products are as good as you say they are, the same people will most likely come back to your site for advice, which will result in potential conversions and more money for you.

Diversify The Products

There are different kinds of dog foods, each having its advantages and disadvantages. You can talk of as much variety of foods to ensure a person going through your site gets exactly what they want. You can also pivot and speak about other products, having got the customer’s attention, which may lead you to sell more than one product.

Focus On Value

Always try and provide value for money, seeking the best quality at the cheapest prices. This creates a sort of trust between you and the client, which translates to increased conversions.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

In a world where reviews count for much of whether the next person will make a purchase, you must be honest with your marketing campaign to help build trust from your audience, which will, in turn, lead to them bringing in even more people to your site which will later translate to more conversions.


Final Verdict

You can now comfortably say you are familiar with several food affiliate programs that can act as a springboard to some passive income, especially if you are good at creating amazing marketing campaigns. The best option is to choose the best programs that you feel will help you make good money and join them to start work.

With many people owning dogs as pets and needing dog food and other dog products, you can never go wrong as an affiliate marketer in this niche. Take that bold step today and begin making good commission as you promote dog well-being.

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