We Review the Doggy Dozer Bed by Skydex

The company makes durable materials for the military, but can this dog bed stand up to Ace?


It is no secret among our friends and family that Ace sleeps in my bed. Often, in the evenings when I’m reading, watching a movie, or entertaining friends, she will hop off the couch and walk towards the bedroom with pleading eyes. Lucky for Ace, one of my very favorite things about owning a pet is the snuggling.

But sometimes your dog needs her own bed. Perhaps you don’t share my sentiment for spooning with your pup, but even if you do, your dog needs other places to lounge. We have a bed in the kitchen so Ace can have a comfy place to sit while the humans cook or eat. Another bed lines her crate, where she rests between all the playful moments that make up her day.

Dog owners have seemingly limitless choices when it comes to dog beds. I was excited to test drive a sample Doggy Dozer bed ($55 to $199) because it was designed for dogs that tend to shred their beds. Ace does not have this problem, but I sympathize with owners who have to replace countless beds because I have to replace countless (often decapitated) stuffed toys. The Doggy Dozer bed is made by Skydex, a company that designs highly durable materials for use by the military. From their website: “Skydex manufactures patented geometrically designed materials that mitigate shock, vibration or energy forces for the most demanding military and commercial uses. Our products include blast mitigating flooring in combat vehicles, padding for military helmets, and shock absorbing decking on high speed interceptor boats.” That’s a pretty impressive resume! Equally impressive: These beds are made in the USA.

Doggy Dozer beds are made up of of a zip-off cotton cover with light padding, which envelops a rigid, egg crate-like plastic interior. The beds come in five sizes and are designed to fit standard dog crates. When I received the bed (size medium, $100), I was pleased that it fit snugly in Ace’s crate, much better than the existing bed I had been using. Doggy Dozer beds come in nine different patterns. I chose the bright and cheerful Honey Comb pattern, which I love. Three different fabric patterns complement each other nicely, and I appreciate the small details like piping and a handle.

Unfortunately, the durability of the cover on the sample I received was not up to par. Since there were no instructions on how to launder the cover (the website does state that it is washable), I treated the cover conservatively. I washed it in cold water on low speed, hung it to dry, and put it in the dryer on low heat to help it finish drying (it’s been pretty humid in San Francisco). After I put the cover back on the bed, I noticed the zipper had started to separate from the cover. I’m not sure if washing the cover caused the tear, or if it was defective when I received it. Given the bed is marketed as being exceptionally durable, I was surprised that the cover tore so quickly, and without one bite or shake from Ace herself.

The plastic material that pads the bed seems pretty strong. Ace never put it to the test, but I pulled and twisted it and found it certainly more durable than standard cotton stuffing. Since I have been unsuccessful at teaching Ace to communicate in English, I decided to lie on the bed myself to see what the interior plastic material feels like. There is some give to the material due to its egg crate-like design; it was surprisingly cushy. I think the thin layer of padding in the bed cover helps smooth it out a bit. While it does not feel as soft as typical stuffing, I imagine most dogs would find it acceptably soft for a snooze.

Despite access to the comfy Doggy Dozer, I suspect Ace will continue to request overnight stays in my human bed. Although she takes up most of the space by lying diagonally, and although I often wake to find her drooling on my pillow, I will make room –- how can you say no to that squishy face?

Dogster Scorecard for Doggy Dozer by Skydex

  • Quality: While the bed cover fabric and filling material are of excellent quality, the zipper began to detach from the cover after one washing.
  • Style: I love the colors and details of the Honey Comb pattern, one of nine available.
  • Function: The bed is true to size, fitting snugly into your dog’s crate for some comfy down time.
  • Creativity: Using military-grade materials to prevent your dog from shedding her bed is a fantastic idea.
  • Value: At $55 to $199, I think the durability of the Doggy Dozer cover needs to be improved to make this investment worthwhile.

Bottom line

Doggy Dozer is a new product, and I think its designers are really on to something by combining a stylish cotton bed cover with a tough plastic interior. However, given the damage to my sample bed, it looks like there are still a few kinks to work out.

Dogster readers, does your dog have a tumultuous relationship with his or her bed? Share your recommendations for durable bedding in the comments!

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