Dear Abby’s Advice Was Poo; Doo You Think So Too?

We had thought about the kind of post we wanted for our first Dogster blog item. Should it be a riveting rescue story? A look...

Dog scooping the poopWe had thought about the kind of post we wanted for our first Dogster blog item. Should it be a riveting rescue story? A look at the intelligence of dogs? A fantastic photo?

And then we saw yesterdays Dear Abby column, and all bets were off: Our first blog would be about poop. Dog poop, to be precise.

Dear Abby, aka Jeanne Phillips, recently advised her millions of readers that its perfectly OK to dump their dogs plastic-bag-festooned poo in the trash bins of anyone they happened to pass by. That got my hackles up, because I often find poorly tied plastic bags of dog poo in our trash cans. Once I went to smash down a box that was taking up too much room in our recycling bin. It was dark. I mooshed down. I wont go into the gory details, but no amount of soap made my hands feel clean that night.

Dear Abby/Jeanne PhillipsI considered writing to Jeanne, but it turns out I didnt have to. Plenty of people were equally aghast at her advice. Yesterday, Jeanne admitted that her advice got her in the doghouse, and devoted an entire column to the topic.

A man who signed himself Frequent Feces Finder brought up one of the odder but more pungent points. Apparently his trash collectors will only take large trash bags from his bin. The result? after our trash is taken, were left with several bags of strangers dog waste in the bottom of the can. My wife and I have to pull these bags out and add them to larger bags of garbage. Otherwise, theyll remain at the bottom of the can indefinitely. Now theres a visual and olfactory image wed all like to avoid!

We applaud people who scoop the poop too many still dont but its best to deposit your dogs deposits in a public trash bin (after youve tied it securely, of course), or in your own. And of course, theres always the option of composting it, but thats a topic for another day.

What do you think? Do you pop your dogs poop in a neighbors trash receptacle, or do you hang onto it — unsightly as it may be — until youre home or at a public bin? Share your thoughts or your frightful poo tales with us. Wed like the scoop on what Dogsters doo

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